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Review (5)
Level4 2014-02-22
A Saturday afternoon out so I decided to grab the Mister to head over to Scrummy BBQ which is located in the quiet neighborhood of Macpherson. The location is a little secluded and we took a while to spot the flashing signboard.A pity about the storefront cause it hides the beautiful and warm cozy interior of this 2 storey cafe.We were greeted by the warm and friendly owners of the place and very quickly we make up our minds to grab the Ribeye and Grilled Salmon which is really reasonably price at 15.90 and 13.90 respectively.And that is the nett price! Scrunmy's doesn't charge GST and Service Charge, so the prices are what you see and what you get.Soft and well portioned, this isn't a bad choice to go for. However being a picky steak eater, there is a hint beefy smell which it can do without. What I would instead recommend to you will be this:The red pepper sauce which the snapper fillet sat atop was really good. Robust in flavor and a hint of tangy sourness, it matches perfectly with the well cook snapper.Definitely a place I would recommend for a decent lunch meal with friends and family. Perhaps it is because of the location, they are not getting the crowd and publicity which they should be getting. If you are in the area, do hop over to give Scrummy's some support! continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-01
Hidden among a few block of HDB flats in MacPherson, Scrummy Grill & BBQ is offering western cuisine at very affordable prices. Within a few minutes walk from Tai Seng MRT, the restaurant had a very homely and cosy feel. You would able to see a wall full with pieces of cute drawings. My wife and i enjoyed the decor very much. We really felt like having dinner at home. Mushroom Soup ($3.90) It was a bit watery compared to those normal cream of mushroom soup. However, it had a very strong mushroom flavor. You could see and taste the bits of diced mushrooms and fresh mushrooms while drinking the soup! Tortilla Chips with Salsa Sauce ($2.50) A recommendation by the waiting staff. According to him, the salsa sauce was home made and indeed it was. It was kind of sourish and with a little bit of spiciness. There were bits of diced tomatoes and capsicums in the sauce and it added on to the texture while eating it together with the tortilla chips. Simply appetizing! Basey Salmon ($9.90) 3 sticks of juicy & tender salmon belly which was grilled perfectly. The surface might be a bit charred from the grilling, the salmon still remains its softness and juiciness. It also had a mild taste of herbs. You can choose either Pasta or Pancetta Rice together with the fresh salad as sides. The Pancetta Rice is a must try. The texture was not too soft nor hard. In fact, it was quite chewy and comes with a mild taste of saltiness from the pancetta. Rib Eye Steak ($15.90) Perfectly grilled to my preference (I requested for medium), the rib eye steak was juicy and tender despite of the slightly charred surface. The black pepper sauce was very tasty and compliments the steak (Just that it was a little bit to spicy. So for those who cannot take spicy stuff, you may wish to go for their brown sauce). The sides which consists of boiled vegetables and mashed potato. The mashed potato was soft and had a buttery taste. Verdict: The food was great and the service was really good (They do not charge GST & service charge!). With the homely decor and surroundings, it is definitely a place to recommend to friends and family!PS: They are running a promotion (15% off all ala cart items) . Simply just flash the coupon on your mobile (which you could find in their listing on OpenRice Website) to enjoy the discount like I did! continue reading
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I was glad to see that there's a 15% discount coupon offered on openrice for Scrummy. My hubby and his friends frequent this place and highly recommend it. And just nice, I had an opportunity to come down here for lunch with my hubby We were greeted warmly when we entered the air-conditioned restaurant, which is found in a tranquil part of some HDB blks in Macpherson. The restaurant is rather cosy and there are cute drawings by customers (quite a number drawn by kids I think) plastered on the walls. Mushroom soup - $3.90The mushroom soup was pretty good, you can taste the fresh and abundant mushrooms used to make the soup. It was not too creamy, thick or salty - the flavour was just nice. The accompanying pieces of freshly toasted bread were also good. Rosey Beef - $9.90Three juicy BBQ beef (mix of tenderloin & short rib) skewers were served with 2 sides - I chose the fresh salad and pasta. The beef skewers were lightly salted and marinated with herbs. They were grilled till tender and juicy, and you can savour the taste of beef without it being overwhelmed by heavy seasoning. I loved the piping hot pasta which had generous lashings of herbs, chopped garlic and diced tomatoes. The salad was also very fresh and had a tangy lemon-based dressing which was very appetising.Grilled chicken - $7.50The chicken chop was tender and covered with a brown sauce which seemed to have a subtle corn taste to it - quite unique and tasty. The mashed potatoes and fresh boiled vegetables were good too.Prices shown here are nett, there's no service or gst charge. For the quality and freshness of the food offered here, I think the prices are very reasonable and offer value-for-money. I'll definitely wish to visit this place again! continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-15
Decided to take our dinner at Scrummy, we made reservation and checked the Map before going. Both of us were not familiar the area there, we walked here and there also cannot get the correct path yet it actually located walking distance from Tai Seng MRT. Scrummy was a homely for me, the decoration and the atmosphere. Hanging some drawings on the wall, it presented childhood and cheerful. The lightning was appropriate and tables were neatly arranged. Order for her, we waited quite a while for the food. We had option to choose either Rice or Pasta. We exchanged one stick and tried, the pork with a bit fatty portion was tangy. Well-marinated, it was just nice neither not overcooked nor undercooked. It priced at $7.50. My fish was perfectly grilled with a slightly burnt aroma. Salad was refreshing and tasted sour, enhancing our appetite. It would be better if the portion was bigger. Maybe too delicious to eat, I felt my serving not enough. It was $9.90.Traditional dessert, I never thought I can find it at such Western Café. Rich Coconut milk squeezed in, it was obviously fresh coconut milk rather than packet one. Sweet Potatoes, Yam and Jellies were generously given, I like it so much. Only $2.50, it was worth.Complimentary Tortilla, it was going to be added inside Menu soon. Our pleasure to snack it first before it officially to be sold, the taste was nice. Crispy chips, it must accompany the special homemade sauce which was chilled and full of spices flavours. I think the café will be expanded smooth and great in future. The environment, service and their food were up to standard, give them a LIKE. continue reading
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Level2 2013-10-31
The Steak is superb! It was served fresh and super juicy unlike other steak. It has side veggies which is very fresh and the mashed potato is baked nicely. The gravy is not salty, it is complimenting the steak perfectly. The pork barbeque on stick is very tender. It is also served fresh and very juicy. Everything in the restaurant is made to order, it is not precook. The sauces are also self-made. It is not bought off the shelve that is why it gives you the fantastic feeling of freshness and juicy food. Overall rating, you will come back again to this restaurant definitely. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)