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Second Storey Cafe Bar is a casual cafe bar that offers an enticing brunch menu with unique dishes like Jenga French Toast. continue reading
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Level4 2016-04-08
Located literally on a second storey of a shop house is Second Storey Cafe Bar. It shares the second storey with a LAN gaming cafe together with several pool tables. It looks like a very chill out spot for late nights with the boys. But on a saturday afternoon at 2pm, it was rather quiet, and only the cafe was open for business.The interior looked very chillax, with some sofa couches, and fabric and cosy chairs. There were some retro setup on the left corner and also a little fish tank with tortoises in them!The menu had a wide array of options to choose from.  There was brunch options with eggs benny, salads, pizza, pasta, main courses such as pulled pork sandwiches, burgers, waffles both savoury and sweet, different types of fries (pain, truffle, cheese, cheesey beef, hot&spicy) and sides such as beef coney dog, nachos dip and as well as desserts like cakes and brownie.Yeah, that's a lot of food for a cafe with a seating capacity of maybe 40 at most. But then again, maybe the customers that order the food from here, are also gaming at the same time!1. Soya Soba Salad $7Tobiko Roe, poached egg, black and white sesame, purple cabbage, sweet pea and secret dressing. This sounded quite a lot for just $7. I really loved the poached egg except for the fact that someone else stole the honour of bursting the egg yolk from me. The tobiko roe was a great salad topper. The soba noodles were soft and had a slight taste. The dressing was rather diluted and the overall taste of the salad was bland but definitely a healthy food option. 2. Cheese Munchies $6The staff promoted this appetizer to us as fried potato balls with cheese on the inside. She did warn us that there would be like 7 pieces for the price of $6. But we went ahead and ordered it. The outside was very crispy and it wasn't very solid, some parts of the munchie you could see right through it. You could definitely see the cheese on the inside, without having to split the muchie.They were served hot and do let it cool down before taking a bite. They were pretty interesting but definitely not worth the money.3. Cheesey Beef Fries $7I was sort of craving cheese fries or truffle fries due to the fact that while looking through the menu, you could smell the truffle aroma from the kitchen from another order. The serving was pretty decent for the price, but the fries weren't crisp, they were more on the softer side which ended up being soggy within minutes of settling down on our table. The cheese wasn't flavourful enough but you could taste the seasoned beef in the mixture.Ground beef, homemade tomato herbed sauce and mozzarella.4. Chicken and Waffles $9.50 *high recommended*Served with maple syrup, but unlike most establishments, there's no "pouring" of the maple syrup. Rather, the chef drizzled maple syrup onto the chicken and waffle. The waffle itself was crisp and light. It tasted sweet, as if the batter itself was maple infused. The chicken was the highlight on this plate. I could tell that they probably made this in house. The chicken tasted reasonably fresh with a nice black pepper crust. It wasn't spicy, don't get me wrong when I say black pepper. But the batter for the chicken was definitely more than just bread crumbs, maybe a secret mixture? The kitchen did a good job executing the chicken with crispness with a golden brown exterior.It was very crispy and the chicken dark meat on the inside was juicy and succulent. Probably one of the better chicken and waffles I've tried in Singapore!5. Pulled Pork Sandwich $12I loved the presentation of this dish. The toasted stacked on top of each other with the cheese just drooping down ontop of the other toast. The toasted bread was thick and fluffy, it wasn't dense at all, so you couldn't definitely finish this up as a main course. The pulled pork was tender but a bit on the drier side. The pulled pork coupled with that layer of cheese, I was SOLD! I really really loved the creamy and cheesey goodness along with the thick toast. The cheese added substantial flavour to the pulled pork without turning the bread soffy and limp. 6. House Special Pizza $17Ground beef, roast chicken, ham, wild mushroom, olive, bell pepper, pineapple and mozzarella.The thin crusted pizza was crispy and had biscuit-like edges which I loved. But on the areas where the ingredients were, the pizza base was doughy and inconsistent. I strongly recommend to consume it with your bare hands as all the ingredients tend to fall off the pizza very easily as you use your utensils to pick it off the plate. It was slightly difficult to slice it off the plate even with the use of cutlery. The combination of the ingredients weorked well and it was a great savoury experience. Forget the calories, just indulge as one slice is never enough! This portion was enough for 4-6 pax.7. Queen Royale Salmon $15Served with slow poached egg, cream cheese, on home made focaccia toast, topped wtih homemade hollandaise and side salad.I love smoked salmon and this was topped off with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. The fragrance from the homemade hollandaise was irresistable. The smoked salmon was fresh and had a nice but subtle smokey taste. Served along side a generous serving of side salad.Plus points for presentation, I think they did pretty well for this dish. The alluring vibrant egg yolks did most of the job! I'm a huge fan of focaccia but this toast was too hard for my liking. I think they could've gone for the more typical brioche bun. 8. Mocha Supreme Blend $5.50The barista explained that they were using Chye Seng Huat Hardware coffee beans in their coffee and I decided to try a mocha supreme blend, which was basically a mocha frappe with coffee beans embedded in the drink. The ice blend was okay, but the coffee beans though smashed up wasn't small enough to be consumed. I felt like I was drinking a frappe with tons of little chipped up rocks!!9. Earl Grey Float $4.50This was an interesting drink. It was a vanilla ice cream dunked into an earl grey tea drink. You had to wait for the ice cream to melt before you could taste anything other than the plain earl grey drink. For non-sweet drink peeps, this may be for you!10. Iced Mocha Latte $5I loved how this drink was served with a star shaped sitrring to mix the chocolate syrup around. I did enjoy this mocha latte and definitely felt the awakening kick in my brain on this lazy saturday afternooon. I'll attribute it to the Chye Seng Huat Hardware coffeee beans!Overall :  A great location to chill out on a weekend, with entertainment options. The food had some hits and misses but definitely go for the eggs, chicken and waffles and the pulled pork sandwich! continue reading
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