Situated at 40 Craig Road on the edge of the Tanjong Pagar Conservation Area, Selfish Gene Cafe presents its customers with the perfect setting to be themselves and enjoy themselves – be it having a morning brunch with girls, catching up over a cuppa with buddies or simply some alone time with a book and one’s thoughts. The cuisine can be described as borderless using French techniques to create simple and unpretentious food. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Roasted Beef Sandwich Scrambled Eggs on Brioche
Review (16)
Level4 2014-09-15
Together with another intern, we decided to hop to Selfish Gene for our lunch towards the last few weeks of internship. Another small sized cafe with limited seating. Almost full-house during lunch hours. A very simple cafe with minimum decorations. I realized quite a number of cafes are including set lunches in their existing menu which is good, as it gives people like us more choices to choose from.So my friend got the lunch special. Pasta Alla Olio with mini soup and salad ($18). Soup of the day was tomato soup. Not the creamy base kind of tomato soup but rather, refreshing, sourish with tad of sweetness. Salad was fresh, crisp and crunchy. The Pasta Alla Olio resembles the one i had before in Miam Miam, feel very chinese-like. I find that the pasta is a lil too oily probably due to the existence of bacon too. After mixing the hidden egg with the pasta, it smooth-ens the overall mouthfeel.& i ordered the Smoked Salmon & Eggs ($15). Norweigan salmon with scrambled eggs and sauteed mushrooms. Creamy and fluffy scrambled egg. Sauteed mushrooms were buttery and aromatic. Generous portion of smoked salmon and it is not too salty, fresh, and goes really well with the scrambled egg and sauteed mushroom. Side salad complements and balance out the dish well. continue reading
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Level4 2014-06-04
Second cafe stop for the gang. The cafe is not very crowded and we are able to find a big table for the group in front of the counter. I think we have the brightest table in the cafe, as we have the view of the sky above us. After looking through the menu, one just orders and pays at the counter. No GST or service charge here. A number tag will be given for each order and remember to give it back after all order is served.THE VALERIE ($11.80)homemade berry compote & cream cheese on toasted brioche with scrambled eggs and mesclun saladThe soft and buttery bread, topped simply with cream cheese and delcious but not too sweet compote, makes it a very yummy breakfast. I wish there could be an additional of brioche as it gone too soon.SCRAMBLED EGGS & BRIOCHE ($10.80)scrambled eggs on thick toasted brioche with mixed saladThe scrambled egg is simply very creamy. One guy simply feels very pleased with himeself after having this. He just wants to have a good sleep after the meal (Maybe to dream further about this dish).Banana Cake ($6)Mini loaf of banana cake served warm with banana, caramel, crumble and peanut butter sauce.It is very soft, and the peanut butter adds a zest to the cake.Orange Yogurt Cake ($4)Orange yogurt cake with orange glaze and candied orange peelIt is a surprising moist cake. I like the orange peel which is not too sweet.Cappuccino ($5)Cafe Latte ($5)The drinks here are much better than the previous cafe which we have visited. I feel awake after my first sip. Shiok man, ready to face the day.Overall this place is a yes for everyone (even for the guys) and we enjoyed the food very much. continue reading
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Level3 2014-01-23
According to owner Gene, it is not that he will never share his food, but rather he will not serve anyone food that he never tasted. Selfish Gene Cafe offers a variety of sandwiches, salads, pastries and coffee.It was pretty packed when I reached so it's always wiser to make a reservation in advance especially if you intend to visit on a weekend. Lucky us, only had to wait for around 10 minutes.B.O.B ($15.80) which I didn't try as I'm not a fan of smoked salmon and my boyfriend didn't comment much on the food either, except that the poached eggs ain't runny? Breakfast plate ($15.80) for myself! I really love their scrambled eggs, not too creamy and not too runny as well as the toasted brioche! Prices here are really affordable, mostly $10-$15 and there's no service charge. If you're around tiong bahru area, it's a definite must to drop by there and have their all day breakfast. continue reading
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Ave and I were searching for a brunch location and decided on Selfish Gene Cafe which has made several appearances on my Instagram newsfeed. This cafe opens seven days a week (they are open on Tuesdays too!), and has a more extensive food menu than drinks. Coffee selection seems limited - they might need to work on that part. Tables are a little too close for comfort - a good way to maximise space for profit, but noise level is disturbing. Not suitable for first dates nor for whiling away long afternoons with friends. Chicken Sandwich - $9.80Despite a terrible ambience (more so, lacking), the mains was really good! I've always had bad experiences with sandwiches in cafes, usually being too dry. But the foccacia bread for this is not dry and it is also very fragrant with herbs! Very lovely especially with mayonnaise dressing. The chicken meat was a little stiff though, but still acceptable. The salad could do with more of the dressing. Well I'm biased against it because it is green.The Valerie - $11.80Averie's pick was The Valerie, blueberry and cream compote atop toasted brioche, with scrambled eggs to go along. Pinched a little from her dish, it was pretty good too! For more food adventures, follow me at http://spherepiece.blogspot.sg/ continue reading
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Level3 2013-10-13
Went there for lunch on a Sunday afternoon, found the place easily with my Google maps haha It was about 10 min walking distance from Tanjong Pagar MRT. It was slightly packed, was lucky to get a table within a minute.Ordered The Valerie ($11.80) and Breakfast Plate ($15.80) as well as a cup of cappuccino. For a person who have a "mild-sweet" tooth like me I enjoy The Valerie very much! ^^ It might seem a bit unbecoming, at least in my opinion initially, to have a combo of berry compote, cream cheese and scrambled eggs altogether with brioche but, awww, I find them matching together perfectly after trying it.The Breakfast Plate was not too bad either for its reasonable price. It originally comprised scrambled eggs but I had it changed to my favorite poached eggs instead, with an additional charge though. The other cafes don't usually charge for that.Coffee was not too bad though I think The Plain which is nearby Selfish Gene serves better coffee. Ordered banana cake ($5.80) for dessert to satisfy my sweet tooth. It was one of the recommended items but I personally would not recommend it. A bit pricey for a small portion of banana cake. However it was not too bad with its combination with some peanut butter sauce topping. I would definitely return for the food. It is a nice spacious cafe in the quiet CBD area during the weekends. continue reading
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