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Senjyu is a refined casual premium dining Japanese offerings combined with a touch of elegance and modern creativity.The combination of these natural flavors engages all senses to elevate the ultimate dining experience. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-02
Recently the Sakae Sushi outlet has been closed and is replaced by a newly opened Senjyu. Senjyu is a well known Japanese restaurant from Kuala Lumpur. Similar to Sakae Sushi, there is a sushi conveyor belt in the restaurant. But the decoration is a big change from the previous. Gone is the white and green colours, replaced with a black and gold look, giving it a stylish and classy feeling. Even the menu is black in colour.Currently the restaurant is having a Christmas Menu Set for 2 persons promotion which costs $58.90++. I decide to order to share it with mom.Asparagus Sarada (Usual : $9.99++)Mixed field greens with asparagusWe are served a bowl each. I like the soyu dressing used in the salad which opens up my appetite. Chawan Mushi (Usual : $4.99++)Steamed egg custard with assorted seafood ad chickenWe are also served a cup each. It is filled with juicy shrimp, chicken pieces and mushroom. Tastes great.Beef Bacon Maki (Usual : $9.99++)Crispy beef bacon slice and beef bacon bits topping on avocado and cucumber sushi rice rollI am disappointed as the roll breaks quite easily. The crispy bacon maki combination is quite interesting and tasty.Sashimi Moriawase (Usual : $15.99++)3 varieties of chef's selectionThere is swordfish, tuna and salmon. Tastes fresh.Tempura Moriawase (Usual : $15.99++)Deep fried battered assorted seafood and vegetablesI feel that the batter is not crispy enough.Roasted Turkey BreastRoasted turkey breast with creamy mushroom sauceWe are served a plate each. The sauce tastes nothing like the stated mushroom sauce, instead it has a hint of curry. A funny combination.GohanSteamed riceMiso ShiruWhite bean paste soupWe are served 2 bowls of the soup. I feel that the soup is a bit too light in taste but mom feels that it is just right as it is not salty.Ogaru Matcha Ice Cream (Usual : $4.99++)Green tea flavoured ice creamWe are served 2 bowls of a scoop each. The ice cream tastes average.We are also served 2 Christmas drinks made with Calpis soda, kiwi and strawberry. The glasses are beautifully decorated with coloured sugar and candy canes. Tastes not bad but I could barely taste the fruit.Plain water is chargeable here at $0.50++ a glass. Wet tissue is chargeable too. Overall the meal costs $70.61. Overall the food is not bad, surrounding is much better than before. But service has much to improve on. We have a hard time getting the attention of the staff. The food is served almost all at one go which makes the table very packed. The table is not cleared when serving the dessert which made the packed table even worse. I think the staff is trying to do less work by clearing all at one go. continue reading
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