Established in 2000 on 21 Club Street, Senso Ristorante & Bar is well-known for its authentic Italian fine-dining cuisine and impeccable service. Senso Ristorante & Bar firmly believes in maintaining its high standards of excellent food, congenial and sophisticated atmosphere. continue reading
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Homemade Taglierini With White Truffle and Parmesan Traditional Carnaroli Risotto with White Shaved Truffles
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Level3 2014-07-11
For more reviews, visit www.ms-skinnyfat.comSenso Ristorante & Bar, Club Street’s favorite Italian restaurant turns 14 this year and i must say it's a feat in our dynamic food scene! To celebrate this milestone, a Best of Senso’s Signatures menu is put together for this occasion. From 1 to 31 July only, sample popular dishes from over the years and also taste exclusive dishes from Senso’s international outlets.The Manzo ($32), Beef Tartare, Roquette & Parmesan, Olive Oil, Chervil and Roasted Potatoes, was a sell-out dish in Crans Montana when it was introduced in 2010. Love the tender and well flavored meat.The menu also features the Sogliola From Mediterranean, Dover Sole Meuniere with Orange Zest, Rucola and Ripened Tomatoes, a special dish from Senso’s outpost in Geneva. Only the Dover Sole is used, the preferred fish for an authentic Sole Meuniere and also the use of oranges from Sicily for that added authenticity.We also had a mini olive oil tasting during the meal and that wonderfully aged (12 years) Balsamic vinegar that tasted like honey. It was amazing with the freshly baked breads.The other dishes are from the Singapore menu. The Green Asparagus and Morels Soup (Singapore 2005) $24 was a light and refined soup, perhaps a little too delicate for my liking.The Risotto (Singapore, 2006) $36, was probably the favorite dish of the night. The salty and creamy risotto paired simply with sweet and succulent grilled tiger prawns. While fresh zucchini flowers from Italy were used in the dish, i found it doing little to complement the already perfect combination. In fact, the fried flowers tasted oily and a little stale.Premium NZ Lamb Rack (Singapore, 2011) $44. The lamb was cooked to perfection with a nice pink center and was good on its own. The olive crust came served as a disk by the side instead and was a little too dry and crumbly.We ended our meal with a deconstructed Tiramisu Revisito (Singapore, 2011) $22. This was specially created by Executive Chef Yves Schmid in 2011. So there's coffee mousse, homemade mascarpone ice-cream with Savoiardi biscotto and coffee milkshake. Good flavors but give me a traditional tiramisu with all that richness anytime.All dishes on the menu are available a la carte, but diners looking for a heartier meal can opt for the three, four or five course menus that start from $88. Wine pairing is also available.The Senso experience was lovely as usual and i really love the atrium section where you get to dine under the stars but in comfort. Great place for a romantic date with your significant other. continue reading
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Level4 2014-06-19
Having heard about Senso Ristorante & Bar for a while, I finally made plans to eat there.This authentic Italian restaurant serving classical fine-dining cuisine sits amongst a row of Colonial shophouses and boosts of a sophisticated, elegant interior complete with a long hallway leading to the dining halls.For main courses, there was the Risotto and Hare (SGD$34.00) - traditional Carnaroli risotto with braised saddle of hare, rosemary, juniper berries and butternut pumpkin. I have never eaten hare meat before, hence it was the first time I tried this delicacy - tasted like a cross between pork and quail meat actually. The risotto was not grainy enough in taste (the way I like it, done in French style), but the taste of the overall dish was fabulous, a blend of saccharine with savoury overtures, in a soft porridge-like texture.We also shared the Senso "Bolo"-bster Lasagna (SGD$34.00) - homemade lasagne with fresh lobster meat and tomato sauce. Flavor-wise, there was the hints of lobster sweetness when we bit into the lobster chunks within this baked pasta dish, but the cheese taste was a tad light, unlike the usual lasagne taste. The texture was also non-sticky, and somewhat dry. The crusts were hard, like how Chinese pan-fried carrot cake's ones are like. Once the knife met the lasagne, it crumbled into pieces. It was a little disappointing.Finally, despite us feeling full, we felt that we were entitled to a bit of desserts, so we had the Lemon Tartlet "Big Meringue" (SGD$16.00) to finish off the meal - lemon tartlet stuffed with red berries topped with meringue. We were thankful that the spiral layers of white above the tart was lemon cream (sourish) instead of sweet icing à la the conventional meringues. The tart was crunchy and flaky, and there were raspberries and blueberries hidden in the womb of this meringue tart, making it a welcoming refresher after the heavier courses earlier on.For more detailed information and photos, please visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/06/dinner-at-senso-ristorante-bar.html continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-05
I can never resist warm, moist bread and I must say this basket is filled with fresh assorted breads and delightful bread sticks. Here, being an Italian restaurant, only serves premium olive oil which you can dip the bread in. The husband loved the olive oil but I really preferred butter instead which was obviously not available here. Eat my bread the French way, that’s my preferred style. Nevertheless, these carbs still tasted good and fresh on their own.This was some scallop tartare on the house. Serving size was too small to properly gauge the taste but it was a nice gesture from the chef. The amuse-bouche varies every night depending on what the chef comes up with.Mozzarella and Parma Ham. What could go wrong? The sharpness and the saltiness all married together in this. However, pan-frying the parma ham had made it a little chewy because this was way done yet not to the crispy stage. Not doing justice to the ham.A perfectly pan-seared piece of foie gras that was creamy and flavoursome but we didn’t think it went well with the poached pear that tasted flat in texture. The balsamic dressing, bitter greens and caramelized pears just didn’t complement the lovely liver.This was too fishy for our liking and the husband thought it tasted a little weird but we couldn’t tell what it was. I loved the grissini though.For full review and pictures, please go to http://www.springtomorrow.com/2014/01/12/senso-ristorante-bar-club-street/ continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-06
Came here for brunch on a Sunday. On Sundays they have a prosecco brunch which means free flow prosecco and dishes. You can order as many ala carte options off the brunch menu as you want and help yourself to dessert and antipasti at the buffet table. Overall the food was ok, nothing outstanding I felt, and some dishes lacked seasoning, but nothing that some salt could not fix. One standout was the rigatoni pasta which was with foie gras sauce creamy and smooth with al dente pasta. continue reading
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Level4 2013-03-03
Grilled Beef Tenderloin served with pumpkin and Horseradish Sauce I'm not a beef lover but this has got to be the best one I've eaten so far!Platter of Mixed Grilled Fish, Seafood and Lobster with Green Asparagus and Grain Mustard Sauce ^ grilled squid is easily chewable GOOD. Hot Dark Chocolate Eruption and Gold Leaves served with Home-Made Hazelnut Ice-Cream ^ the ice-cream was not fantastic though. Tiramisu... awesome wine cream. Love the Riramisu!Do check outhttp://rachelays.blogspot.com for more ^^ continue reading
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