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At Seoul Yummy, they serve good quality Korean cuisine with excellent customer service at great value. They encompass Korean unique culture in their extensive menu which ranges from appetizer to mouth-watering desserts. continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-26
Over the weekend, I had my dinner at Seoul Yummy at The Central. The restaurant is surprisingly small and I would recommend that you make a reservation if you are coming in larger groups to ensure that there are seats available. We walked in at around 7pm on a Saturday and the restaurant was half filled.The menu is quite comprehensive and there are sets meals as well, which are quite reasonably priced. We ordered a side of kimchi pancakes to share, and our own main menu item. The main dish will come with 6 side dishes and I loved 4 out of 6 of the side dishes which is great since the sides do not go to waste and I could also have second servings.I got the spicy dry Korean buckwheat noodles. The noodles come with spicy sauce, and half boiled egg, cucumbers, beef. The noodles are delish with the spicy sauce and I would definitely recommend it for spicy lovers. The noodles maintain their bite and is not clumpy as well. The ingredients to this dish are simple, but put together, it is a very comforting dish that I would not hesitate to order again. Besides, the kimchi pancake is also very yummy. It is not too oily and the pancake is slightly chewy and savory. The sour sauce accompanying the pancake adds more tang to the pancake. I will definitely recommend this place to my friends! continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-31
Expertise in Korean Cuisine all the time, it was a best place to chill and have fun while taking Korean food. Modern comfy outlet at Bugis+, it was not my first time to visit here. Variety was numerous, I like their décor, service and food provided.Had our sinful dessert throughout the end, I dipped along with Marshmallows. The mixture was utterly nice, never thought of such creative combination. Sweet and heart-melting dessert for me, I will not hesitate to announce and introduce to my friends about this. continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-10
It was Friday, me and my girlfriend decided to just go to The Central for our dinner as it had been a long time since the last time we went there for a meal. We decided to go for Korean food at Seoul Yummy Restaurant after some walking around looking at different restaurants and discussion on what to eat.There are quite a lot of people queuing up to have their meal fix here and we also joined in the queue too. Reason for selecting this restaurant was that they had a very nice display of Korean dishes, their environment looks cozy and of course, there were quite a lot of people queuing for it meaning it must be quite good.Nice interior designWe waited for about 15 to 20 minutes before we were allocated with a table of 4 people. Since all of us were hungry from the waiting and it was already quite late, we looked through the menu and started to order our dishes.We were given 1 sets of Korean side dishes which was refillable but as those side dishes are in a small portion, it seems that we cleared a few rounds of side dishes. I was wondering how come they do not at least cater for 1 set of side dishes for each 2 customer or so instead of 1 table of 4 people to 1 sets of 6 small dishes.This was quite a special dish with cheese additional to it but they served very small portion of it as shown in the photo. Very stingy from my point of view. The fried rice was quite spicy due to mixture of chili while frying it. Overall not a bad dish but could be improve further if it was given more cheese.For Korean meals, I would normally ordered those hotstone type of meal as it can keep the food warm and taste better in my point of view. You can choose between 4 sauce for your hotstone mainly SupaHot Sauce (Very spicy), Bibim Sauce (Original slightly spicy), GG Sauce (Non spicy garlic) and lastly, BBQ Sauce (Non spicy and slightly sweet). I selected the original type of sauce for this meal. Taste wise, I would say it is a standard type of dish except that you get to eat those flying fish roe together with the rice to give a better taste and feelings. Their ingredients were quite ok except the meat portion do not give a lot on it.Another thing to note is that they charge for plain water!!! Up till now, I still do not feel that we should pay for plain water from a restaurant who actually took those from the tap (If they use those mineral water bottle type, I still can accept). So instead of paying them for plain water, normally I will totally do not drink, purchase their special drinks and all will come to the same conclusion: I will not dine at this place again (Unless I do not have a choice on it). continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-17
We decide to meet at Central and since all of us like Korean food, we decide to have dinner at this Seoul Yummy at Level 3.. the food is quite nice and service is also not bad.. nice place to have Korean food.The fried mushroom set. Crispy on the outside but a bit on the oily side. The mushroom they use are fresh and nice.Ddok Bokky - Spicy rice cake, I feel this is a must order when we have Korean food. The rice cake here is soft and chewy and the sauce they use is strong with chili taste and yet not very spicy.Seafood pancake. They use fresh seafood and pancake is nicely fried and not oily. continue reading
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Level3 2013-03-12
I never quite developed a penchant for Korean cuisine, so I must say that I was pretty skeptical when my friend suggested Seoul Yummy for lunch. Tip: If you ever visit during lunch like we did, you might find only the lunch set menu on the table. Do request for the main a la carte menu for a greater variety to choose from.The outlet at Clark Quay was nicely set up, with a casual, comfortable environment. Service was prompt as well, with the waitress serving us banchan (Korean side dishes) within minutes of our order.The side dishes apparently come complimentary with every meal - and the 6 sides available really wakes up the palette with stark contrast in taste and heat all round. Two other starters we ordered:Kimchi Pancake, $6.90 - a staple at most authentic Korean restaurants. The pancake has the consistency of fish otah, slightly more doughy, and an underlying sweetness that is very much offset by spice. Korean Fried Gyoza, $6.90 for 6 pieces - pretty much similar to standard gyoza only smaller, but every bit as savoury!Highlight of the meal would still be my main course, Rabokki aka Korean Rice Cake Noodles, $8.90. In just that one dish alone, I enjoyed the chewy texture of the stir-fried rice cakes with springy ramen noodles perfectly al dente, all dipped in a gelatinous sauce that was both sweet and spicy at the same time. Classically Korean.At just $38 for a 2-pax lunch, Seoul Yummy is just so yummy at a level where my wallet will not hurt. It's under $10 for every dish I had! Will definitely re-visit at a later date. 'Army Stew' perhaps? continue reading
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