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At Seoul Yummy, they serve good quality Korean cuisine with excellent customer service at great value. They encompass Korean unique culture in their extensive menu which ranges from appetizer to mouth-watering desserts. continue reading
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Budae Jjigae (Army Stew) Bulgogi Fried Saba Fish Kimchi Soup Kimchi with Pork Dumpling
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Level3 2015-01-22
There are lots of choices here. The set meal is very worth it as it comes with dessets and a side dish. Taste wise, the army stew is so so only, despite having chesse in the hot pot, which kinda makes the soup a bit sticky and thick. To me, it has too many flavours and none stand out. Really taste like rojiak. I prefer to have Chinese steamboat.The stewed pork is a real surprise though. The meat is very tender and flavoured. It must have been stewed for a long time. We loved it.The rest of the dishes did not wow us as they were just passable. Service was ok. I dropped a chopstick and asked for a new one. It was swiftly replaced.  continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-26
I have heard much raves about Seoul Yummy and not try it myself yet. Since there are some cravings for Korean food so here i am!Seoul YummyNovena Square 2#03-68Tel : 6397 6939The restaurant offers ala-carte or menu set of korean dishes. They serve Korean army pot, bibimbab and other authentic dishes. Most of the spices and ingredients they used are fly from Korean so to give you the most authentic korean flavour. They also provide the option to create your own meal set or combo based on what you feel like eating that day! The price is quite reasonable and i would say that it is value for money.they also served the typical small korean dishes which are refillable. i love the potato salad and ikan billisfor our main course, we ordered the famous korean army pot combo that comes with 2 korean roasted barley tea, 1 choice of army stew ( seafood or meat), 2 x multi grains rice ( which u can choose to upgrade it to other dishes), 1 choice of appetiser and 1 choice of dessert. the army comes with the instant noodles, korean rice cake so you will probably be super full after that.for us, we opt for a upgrade to the korean glass noodles and choose the potato pancake as our appetiser.the korean army pot, we took the meat one. the soup based is quite strong but a little sweet i feel. overall, is ok for me. the noodles is slightly different from those i had previously. it is slightly thicker and more q. i love the luncheon meat and the fish cake very much!Potato pancake. not much comments as it just satisfied my cravings for korean pancakes. its a pity that it does not contain any vegetables in it. otherwise this will be perfectGlass noodles. i never regret top up for this dish. this is simply too good. i love this. not too oily for my liking.OverallFood : ** 1/2Customer service : **Price : ** ( ultra value for money)Will i come again? YesTotal damaged : 49.90Top up : 8.90Total : 69.20 continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-13
This restaurant is at Squate 2 which have a lot of Korean shops, they offered very good and value for money set lunches. I paid $9.90 ++ for this hot plate BBQ chicken lunch set which includes refillable side dishes. Hot plate chicken and purple grain rice. The chicken is juicy and spicy yummy . I personally like the purple grain rice. The sides includes kimchi, tofu and ikan bilis etc I will recommend this for a good value set lunches continue reading
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Popular Korean Restaurant at Novena, I am sure most of the Korean dish patrons knew about it. Seoul Yummy was definitely an authentic and great choice in my personal opinion, right spot to enjoy. Menu provided was extensive, all the way from starter to ending dessert. Having eye-catching luxury dessert during tea-time, we must treat ourselves better sometimes. Very appealing while it served in front of me, I was surprised to know that the portion was quite huge. Silky Vanilla flavour Ice-cream, it was a pouring of Mango syrup. Fruits and chewy smoothie at the bottom, entire was refreshing indeed. Scoop by scoop, I really cannot resist for it. We spent our own sweet relaxed time here, staffs treated us polite just like other customers although we ordered only one bowl of dessert. For sure, I will have my return again. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-22
The menu offers both ala carte food items, as well as various meal sets with different pricing. Being the lazy kind, I just took the dinner set, mid range one of coz =p The set dinner that I picked was for 2 pax, included 6 side dishes, 1 grilled saba, 1 seafood soup and fried bee hoon.Set Dinner $33.996 side dishes to start the meal.I love the cold tofu with the sour and spicy sauce! Yes, even for someone like me who dun usually take spicy food! Fried Bee HoonWell, it was not exactly called fried bee hoon. But I cant remember the name, and so I named it fried bee hoon since it really looked like one mah. Keke, a bit "土" rite? Nevermind the name, this was yummy, with lotza of ingredients like shredded egg, vege, carrot etcGrilled SabaThat was a generous serving of fish meat, but we still managed to whack everything. A little bit more sauce would be nicer though... kekeSeafood Tofu SoupThis was kinda plain & light, quite a contrast to spicy kimchi. As the name mentioned, the soup came with LOTZA tofu... Tofu was nice lah, but it was a bit too much right?Cheese Rice Cake $7.80 Definitely my favourite dish! Cheese and Rice Cake, both I like!The plate was first lined with rice cakes in their special sauce, and then layered with a coating of cheese. Even though the sauce looked "challenging", it was not spicy at all. Great for non-spicy fans like myself. ^__^ I definitely recommend this dish, something unique I feel. Try it if you are there!To read more and view photos, please visit http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg/2009/03/so-yummy.html continue reading
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