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SEOUL YUMMY is a casual dining establishment that provides exceptional Korean food, service, and experience. We want to immerse locals and foreigners alike in this fun and colorful world, giving them feelings of joy and great memories to go with. continue reading
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11:30 - 22:00
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Army’s Stew with Spicy Octopus & Assorted Seafood Royal Doekbokki Dak Hanmari Andong Jjim Dak Ginseng Chicken
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Level4 2018-07-18
Seoul Yummy ... a restaurant chain serving Korean food which gained their foothold in Singapore for quite sometimes and this is actually my 1st time eating it. Yes! can say i'm SuaKu (mountain tortoise) and i'm really excited about it. Oh Yeah....I've heard so much about Army Stew and keep imagining about the luncheon meat and ramen in spicy soup broth. Lolz... Happened to be around Singpost area for dinner, can't really decide on what to eat as there are plenty of restaurants in the area. Excitedly took out and my hp and check for promotions on app.The waiting time is short as i've made my reservation an hour earlier. Thus cutting short the waiting time. Also, it's way past dinner time hence not much of a crowd. Ordered a army stew ... the food I've been dying to try. The taste of the soup broth is ok initially, but the longer it boils, the saltier it becomes. Can't really drink the soup toward the end as i have 1/3 pot to go. It's unlike steamboat broth where the service staff will top up the soup to make it less concentrated. For the beef wise, it's fatless... lean meat which taste chewy and tough despite not being fully cook. However, the marinated pork taste awesome. It's quite tender even being cook in the stew for quite sometimes. Love the luncheon meat, fishcake and ramen. Fish cake texture is not the floury kind where we usually eat in Singapore. Overall, a good dining experience with friendly service staff. Reasonable price ... even more reasonable after the discount! :-)   continue reading
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