SERENITY offers the most authentic Spanish flavours and culture delicious cuisine, charming ambience and attentive friendly service. Some must-tries at Serenity include the delectable Authentic Spanish Tapas & Soups, Spanish Rice (Paella) Dishes, Spanish Noodle (Fideua) Dishes, Cochinillo - the Spanish style suckling pig and Sangrias (Spanish Wine Cocktails) which are highlights and the signatures of the restaurant. continue reading
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I shall not go into details about the concept - authentic Spanish fare in a serene, Mediterranean setting and polite staff. Lots of artifacts line the inside of the restaurant, and there is a huge alfresco area for those who prefer Sentosa's sea view.The Paella Valenciana (SGD$53.00), serves 3-4 pax, and requires cooking time of about 30 - 45 minutes - is made up of saffron, chicken, chorizo, tiger prawns, squids, mussels and bomba rice. It was aromatic with saffon's distinctive spicy pierce, and rather tasty of crustacean goodness - I would've preferred it more crispy and dry in texture.Next, the star of the night, which we had to order at least a day in advance with 50% paid deposit - the Chonchinillo Asado (SGD$338.00) aka Suckling Pig - we ordered the whole pig and it could be shared between 6-8 persons. The crispy suckling pig came with roast potatoes on the side, as well as 3 types of sauces.  Having been marinated with sherry wine, white wine, herbs and vinegar and slowly roasted for 6 hours, the suckling pig was tender on the inside and fragrant with infusion of wine and herbs into its flesh. The skin was so crackling good that it was being sliced through using merely a plateFinally, homemade Spanish Churros (SGD$10.80) served with hot chocolate. Instead of being light and crispy, this one was doughy and somewhat too solid for our liking.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit: http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2016/04/dinner-at-serenity-spanish-restaurant.html continue reading
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For the complete review, click here:http://www.chubbybotakkoala.com/2015/11/serenity-vivocity.htmlIn the recent food tasting session, we (Chubby Botak Koala + other food bloggers) sampled a tapas size of Spanish Suckling Pig. As it was tapas size, it left you with a sensation of wanting more. So we decided to organise a suckling pig theme makan session. Serenity got our pick, due to their location and reputation. Thanks to Running Man for booking and putting a down payment for the whole pig, so we all can reap the benefit. Cochinillo Asado ($338) Spanish style roasted suckling pig - whole. Good for 5 to 8 pax. Served with the au jus from the pig, brown sauce, tomato jam and potatoes. The suckling pig are roasted as whole and served as a whole. Like other traditional Spanish restaurant ritual, the suckling pig will be cut using saucer to show the crispiness of the skin and the tenderness of the meat. Normally, the saucer dispose by breaking it on the floor. In Serenity, the guest will be invited to break the plate in the bin with a stone in the middle. A nice ritual. The skin is the paper thin crispy skin and flavourful. The meat are juicy and succulent. The best way to eat the meat dipped in au jus (broth from roasting) and brown sauce. As Serenity uses European Suckling Pig, there was a hint of boar taint in the pig. While we waited for Cochinillo Asado to be ready, we started with some tapas. Pulpo a la Gallega ($19.80). Grilled Spanish Octopus (directly imported) garnished with paprika, flake salt and extra virgin olive oil on a bed of potato. It is thingly sliced, tender and a little springy. Meanwhile Chipirones Fritos Con Aioli ($18.80). Fried Baby Squid With Aioli sauce was crispy but over coated with the batter. Tasted a bit more chewy compare to the grill calamari. Salteado De Coles De Bruselas Con Jamon Serrano ($18.80). Sautéed Brussels Sprout With Serrano Ham. One of the vegetable that I missed from my time in Australia. Looks like a miniature cabbage, it has a strong bitter taste. By the cooking with Serrano Ham, the bitterness was reduce substantially. A good dish indeed. After we finished with the suckling pig, we had Paella Valenciana (Valencian Paella - $53). The flavour of the Paella rice is very robust, derived from the stock used. The Spanish Chorizo intensified the flavour in the dish compare to the mild flavour of the seafood. I find the rice is a bit overcooked, as Paella rice was supposed to be al-dente texture instead of soft. Since we all have stuffed ourself silly with the main and tapas, we decided to order the Churros ($10.80) to try. It is part crispy, chewy or doughy and the chocolate sauce was thin but without a solid chocolate flavour in it. Lucky we only order one, and the dessert is definitely not worth the price. Give this dish a miss. The décor of Serenity is similar to the traditional houses in Spain, as been shown in the food and travel channel (I have not been to Spain yet). Service is very lacklustre. While we received a cheerful welcome by the receptionist, it was followed with grumpy, uptight and uninterested service style by the manager inside. However it turned for the better, when the suckling pig came out. He mellowed down and very informative about the suckling pig and its ritual. Well, I just chalked it down to him having a bad day. Overall, it was definitely an experience to remember. It was a great fun with great company. For a pig lover, a Spanish Style Sucking Pig is a must try as it has a different texture compare to the Cantonese Suckling Pig. Cheers!! Aclamaciones!!  continue reading
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[ Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant ]Serenity was located at Vivocity, serving authentic traditional Spanish food in a spacious cosy unit at #01-98. Sitting quieting next to one of the mall's entrance, i don't see much activities inside for so many times I walked passed.Visiting the restaurant the first time with a few other foodie friends, immediately I realize why the place was so quiet after looking through the menu. Per pax spending is min. $70. We were the only customers that weekday night.Started off with appetizers, we orderedA) Coles Salteado $18.80- Sauteed Brussels sprouts with bacon bits. These greeny babes are fresh and really crunchy. The garlic and saltiness from bacon bits goes well the vegetable, making the natural bitterness of sprouts very minimal.(B) Chipirones Fritos $18.80- Fried calamari served with mayo dip. These deep fried creatures are not oily and great choice as a snack, especially when beer is available on the table.(C) Pulpit A La Gallega $19.80- Octopus slices drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled paprika powder. Initially before I eat it, I thought the meat will be hard and tough. But to my surprise, they were so tender! Yummy!Followed by the mains, we orderedA) Paella Valenciana $53- Saffron, Chicken, Spanish Chorizo, Tiger prawns, Squid, Mussels and Bomba rice.(B) Paella Seafood $58- Saffron, Fish, Tiger prawns, Squid, Mussels and Bomba rice.For both paella, bomba rice was shimmered till soft. Although so much seafood and meat were cooked together, the saffron infused bomba rice wasn't as tasty nor flavourful which we thought it would be. Only the chorizo gives us the additional flavour. It's kind of disappointing but luckily the seafood portion were generous and fresh. But dear future customers, to avoid the long wait, it's recommended to place order for these paella first as waiting time is at least 30-45mins.The highlight of today's meal isC) Cochinillo Asado $338- All of us were like "Wah Wah Wah" when this spanish suckling pig was served. Placed on a big wooden tray, this sexy pig was accompanied by roasted potatoes, brown sauce and cinnamon jam. As told by the floor manager, the pig was slow roast for more than 6 hours with many different types of spices, herbs and alcohol.The climax was when the manager uses a ceramic plate to cut the suckling pig into smaller parts. The purpose of using the ceramic plate to cut was to indicate how crispy the crackling skin was. After the cutting ceremony, the ceramic plate was smashed in a wooden box to signifies chasing away the bad luck.Time to dig in the meat! The skin was so crispy, you can hear the *crack* *crack* *crack* sound when we sink our teeth in it. Flesh was very tender and easily pull off from the bones without needing any strength. So juicy and savoury! Definitely worth the calories!Come in a group as the whole pig can be shared among 6-8 persons, together with other dishes ordered.Lastly, we had desserts to end the nightA) Churros $10- 6 Golden cinnamon fingers served pippin hot with warm dark chocolate dip. Tastes cakey and nothing to brag about. It's the kind of dessert that you can do without.Verdict: Overall experience here was pleasant. Staff were really attentive (Probably because we are the only customers) to our needs. Best dish was the suckling pig! But bill wise, the prices was too steep, not suitable for casual dining. continue reading
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Level4 2015-08-27
Stepping into Serenity with a dimly lighted ambiance and spacious seating arrangements exuding posh yet promoting casual and intimate dinning experience.Sangria White ($16). I’m more of a white wine than red wine person as white wine usually have a sweeter finishing note. This sangria cocktail is indeed refreshing with accompaniment of mixtures of citrus fruits for a heavy tasting meal which follows after.Pulpo Gallega ($19.80). Grilled octopus marinated with paprika spices, garlic, flake salt and extra virgin oil. There’s some hits and misses to this tapas dish. The octopus slices were grilled to perfection with meat so juicy and tender yet having the right chewiness on your teeth. But they could really hold back on their serving of salt, as the dish falls on to the saltier side with apparent presence of cluttered salt unevenly marinated onto the octopus. I would really love this dish if not for the cluttered salt.Chipirones Fritos ($18.80). They are actually simply known as fried calamari with alioli as dipping sauce. These chipirones have really crispy batter yet not oily on the outside and remains tender on the inside. A very addictive simple tapas dish to go with any beer.Coles Salteado ($18.80) is also better known as Sauteed Brussels sprouts with serrano hams. Brussels sprouts was fresh and crisp with savory flavors from the serrano hams but by nature, brussels sprouts has that tinge of bitter astringent aftertaste. More hams would be appreciated please!Seafood Paella (Serves 2, $58). I would find their paella disappointing with the fact that it comes from a spanish restaurant. The paella rice was overly soggy to begin with and there’s no distinct seafood flavor in the rice. The flavors of the ingredients were not infused and absorbed into the rice. Despite ordering two different kind of paellas, their taste and outlook were that similar that we could not really differentiate them apart except for the fact that Paella Valencia, is a little saltier in taste due to the incorporation of chorizo. Nonetheless, there was generosity in the amount of ingredients used and the seafood were fresh and not overcooked.Suckling Pig (Serves 6-8, $338). Cute little piglet at an exorbitant price yet able to leave our stomach and taste buds feeling all satisfied and worthwhile. This piglet is marinated with sherry wine, white wine, vinegar and herbs and slowly roasted for more than 6 hours. Be aware that prior reservation is needed for the suckling pig! You’re not able to order on the day itself when you dine. The piping hot suckling pig is brought to the table on an enormous wooden platter with coupled of potatoes, and the piglet is portioned into smaller pieces with the use of a small plate to show how crispy the skin was roasted till and how tender the meat is. As the plate slices through the crispy skin and meat, you get to witness the tender and juicy pork before even savoring it. Traditionally, Spanish will throw the plate used to cut the pig on the floor or into a wooden box believing it will throw all the bad luck away. Don’t you feel like salivating and drooling just by looking at it now? The suckling pig comes with 3 sauces – Brown sauce, jam with cinnamon and au jus (juice drippings from the roasting process). If you like it savory, pair it with your brown sauce; if you like it sweet, pair it with the jam sauce; and if you like to taste it’s natural flavors, have it with the au jus! The taste is still lingering in my mind up till today!‘Crime Scene of the suckling pig’ Churros ($10.80). Their home-made churros were quite decent and good, not too sweet nor too starchy. Perfect taste and mouthfeel after a dip into the chocolate sauce.A delectable dining experience with the delish golden crispy suckling pig. https://poohlovesfood.wordpress.com/2015/08/27/serenity-spanish-bar-restaurant/ continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-29
Sangria Dark - $16 We started the meal with an alcoholic drink, Sangria, which typically contain fruit, rum & wine. It had a strong bitter aftertaste, hinting a slightly strong alcohol content. Then again, it's a classic spanish drink to try if you havent, helped to set the mood for an authentic spanish dinner, especially with the live band performing in the background. ^_^ Tortilla Espanola - $7.80As a starter, we had the Tortilla Espanola, which is potato omelette. I luv potato mash, chips, fried, wedges, anything so my opinion mostly prob is skewed. It was a simple dish but satisfying, both the taste and to fill the stomach. Corn Chips - $15Corn chips to kill the time while we waited for the paella. The sauces were great!Paella Valen (meant for 2 pax) - $43Finally, our main was ready! Beautiful dish with the colours. The seafood was fresh and succulent. The only disappointment was the portion, which surely didnt do the price justice.We spent close to $100 for these dishes, which I thought was kinda overpriced. Great for the experience but failed for the pocket. HahaVisit http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg for more review! ♥ ♥ ♥ continue reading
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