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Known for its signature Miso Ramen, Shin-Sapporo Ramen combines the Japanese traditions and cultural heritage in each bowl of soup following an age-old recipe. continue reading
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Level4 2014-09-18
Full post and pics: http://dairycream.blogspot.sg/2014/09/shin-sapporo-ramen-summer-trio-delights.htmlDuring summer or even late spring, it is common for ramen-ya in Japan to churn out cold noodles in a bid to draw customers who are sweating profusely under hot temperatures of 36-37 degrees. Thanks to the air-conditioners in Singapore, I have hardly spotted any of such cold ramen around but I'm glad Shin Sapporo has pioneered a truly refreshing bowl called " Tenchirashi Ramen" $15.80 that are served with tempura mushrooms and prawns. The room-temperature thin noodles were not as chilled as expected, but slurps down the throat easily thanks to the poached egg that congeals everything together. Saved from the dousing of hot broth, the noodles preserved the touch of al dente and the flavours emerging from the transparent dashi sauce were clean and subtly sweet. Ebi Tofu ($6.80)-- two square cold beancurd topped with bouncy shrimps and greens, served as a very light and healthy appetizer or side dish to share, though the peanut dressing was slightly murky. So I prefer the sizzling Miso Tofu Steak ($6.80) on hot plate as the homemade miso paste were more punchy. Plus, who could have expected some tantalizing deep-fried potato slices at the base?Shin-Sapporo Kara Miso Ramen ($14.80) with sweet, crunchy corns.Miso broth tends to be more intense in the umami factor than shoyu broth and these two bowls of ramen are no exception. The Wakayama Tonkotsu Shoyu ($14.80) pairs straight-thin noodles with a well-balanced seafood and pork broth while the Shin-Sapporo Kara Miso Ramen ($14.80) marries an orangey miso stock with thick-curly noodles. That's what I call attention to details, for not every matchmaking session between the noodles and the broth turn out well. Wakayama Tonkotsu Shoyu ($14.80)I am not a fan of cloyingly rich broth, but somehow I find that both bowls were easier to manage than those I've had in Japan, though I wished the broths were served piping hot and the roast pork bellies could bulk up more meat. But this place is more than a ramen-ya. It also offers rice dishes, Izakaya bites, kushiyaki--you'll need more than ten fingers to count everything. Cream Cheese Crepe with Green Tea Ice cream ($6.80)Don't be too hurry to leave because this place actually offers a good selection of desserts for a ramen restaurant. Instead of the rather incongruent Cream Cheese Crepe with Green Tea Ice cream ($6.80) that composed of cheese sponge encased within paper-thin crisp, this Matcha gateau ($6.80) was a more calorie-worthy dessert for a carbohydrate-laden meal. It's a triple stack of cream-azuki-matcha mousse with a light, gelatinous texture. Good to know that everything is made fresh ala minute, including the highly raved fudgy molten chocolate cake which......I'll save it for the next trip. Summer Menu is available till 31 Oct. continue reading
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