Shinkei Japanese Restaurant serves a wide variety of Japan cuisine such as Sashimi, Sushi, Tempura, Yakitori and many more. Feel free to relax and eat to your satisfaction at Shinkei Japanese Restaurant. continue reading
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Full Shinkei review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/02/shinkei-tasting-session.htmlEstablished in October 2013, Shinkei Japanese Ala-Carte Buffet Restaurant, located near Toa Payoh Library, offers a pretty good Japanese Ala-Carte Buffet. With a variety of over 140 small plates, and pricing comparable to other buffet places, Shinkei Japanese Ala-Carte Buffet Restaurant is worth a visit.It can be slightly hard to locate Shinkei Japanese Ala-Carte Buffet Restaurant, as their signage on the exterior of the building isn't prominent. Ambience within Shinkei Japanese Ala-Carte Buffet Restaurant resembles a traditional Japanese forest tea house, with dark colours of wood and bright spot lighting. The wooden furniture is solid and modern, and they even have several spacious private rooms! Japanese sake casks are used for decor, as is traditional Japanese lanterns.Service at Shinkei Japanese Ala-Carte Buffet Restaurant is efficient. Staff are friendly and welcoming, and appear happy and cheerful. Orders are taken, and fulfilled quickly, and I like that staff also come around to clear away empty plates. While they're not too familiar with dishes when questioned, I like that they had the initiative to check with the chef and give us the answers.Food at Shinkei Japanese Ala-Carte Buffet Restaurant is generally decent, with full flavours. Seasoning and sauces here tend towards the heavy side, but at least the food isn't bland. There are over 140 various items on the menu, from sushi, to tempura, to yakimono, to desserts. Dishes are served in small portions so you can order a variety of items. Pricing is decent as well, budget about SGD $45 per person for the ala-carte buffet here.Rarely served elsewhere in Singapore, the Beer Orion Premium Draft has a light, slightly sweet taste with little bitterness. Almost similar to a fruit beer, this pale golden ale is very easy to drink, with a pleasant mouth feel. Definitely worth trying!I felt the Age Gyoza / Japanese Pork Dumpling was above average, with a nice, meaty bite to the dumpling, and a slightly firm skin that has a hint of crunch. The pork within is moist, and releases a savoury meat juice that coats each bite. Good!The Sashimi Moriawase platter has several hits, and several misses. The Shake / Salmon sashimi, the Maguro / Tuna sashimi, and the Tako / Octopus sashimi were very good. Loved the fresh taste, we couldn't stop eating it! However, the Hamachi / Yellow Tail sashimi, and the Ika / Squid sashimi were firmer in texture than normal, which made it difficult to eat.Loved the Chef's Special Signature Oysters, an off menu item. The oysters are fresh, with the signature briny taste of the ocean, yet clean and refreshing with the daikon radish topping and splash of lemon juice. Excellent!The Seared Tuna Loin is an off menu, Chef's special item. I like that the tuna loin is well seared, and the fresh fish results in a very nice texture. Better than some versions I've had elsewhere, this is worth ordering!Staff highly recommended the Hokkaido Green Tea Gelato, and it didn't disappoint! The thick, creamy gelato is smooth, and has a decent amount of green tea flavour, without the powdery taste normally present in other versions of green tea ice cream. Probably one of the best items I sampled here, I would visit again just to eat this! Very good, highly recommended! continue reading
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Level3 2014-12-11
Shinkei japanese ala cart buffet is priced at $32++ for lunch & $38++ for dinner. We must say that the food is not exactly of premium quality, but considering the wide selection of food, I guess the price is still reasonable. Buta Kimchi Itame (Stir Fried Pork with Kimchi) is pretty good. Tangy crunch & flavorful pork slices, quite appetizing. Gyozas & tako yaki were yummy. The outer skin of tako yaki is thin & crisp, with generous filling within. The octopus meat is quite chewy. We recommend their Garlic Fried Rice, very fragrant & the garlic taste lingered in your mouth. Sashimi Moriawase is so so, we had tasted better  & fresher ones. There were many grilled dishes to choose from but noting too fancy that worth mentioning.Will we go back to the restaurant again? well, probably not unless you are nearby the area & wanted some japanese buffet. continue reading
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Level4 2014-05-20
After weighing several options for Japanese buffer dinner, *Celine and *Charliez and I headed to the newly-opened Shinkei Japanese Restaurant at 600 Toa Payoh Lorong 4, #01-06 / 07 / 10, Singapore 319515 and the number to dial is 6255 5598.It was another simply-furnished, modern Japanese ala-carte buffet resturant done in dark wood and white tones, providing a hearty, relaxing environment for its diners. This humble little place even has a private dining room for large groups or special celebatory events.With more than 140 items on the menu, it was easy to over-order so we ticked a fair number of items on the order chit. The complimentary dishes were some cooked Tuna dish that tasted rather all right and some Wasabi nuts to start us off.The Chawanmushi (steamed egg custard) is something that we could never do without at a Japanese restaurant. Besides the tender chicken cube and gingko nuts, this one came with shiitake mushroom bits that added a strong but tasty flavor to the chawanmushi. It was surprisingly good.Now the best part of any Japanese food is always the Sashimi Moriawase (assorted sashimi platter) - salmon, swordfish, tuna, snapper, octopus, cuttlefish and yellow tail. The sashimi were kind of soft and not too fresh, in my humble opinion. It lacks the firm fresh bounciness of sashimi at other restaurantsBut, the ( Shak Abuei Sashimi (roasted salmon sashimi) was something new to us, and surprisingly very scrumptious - the outer layer was resplendent of the smoky flavor of torched food, while the inside was succulent and raw - a marriage of tastes made in heaven.For more detailed information and photos, please check out:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/05/dinner-at-shinkei-japanese-restaurant.html continue reading
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A selection of 145 dishes are available on the ala carte buffet menu and customers will be spoilt for choice! Crowd favourites are the sashimi, tempura and yakitori dishes.The interior of the restaurant is quite spacious.If you are planning a large family gathering, or dining with friends or colleagues, the restaurant has some private rooms available at no extra charge. You can request for a private room for your party when you make your reservation, but do note that there is a minimum headcount of 10 persons to get a private room.This particular room can host up to 35 people but if the groups are not that big, then the space can actually be divided into two rooms by moving the folding partition across the middle of the room.We were served with 25 dishes for our food tasting session and it was an unbelievable amount of food for a Saturday afternoon!Here are some of the highlights from our meal...Chawanmushi (Steamed Egg Custard) – The egg was smooth and had a piece of chicken, shimeji mushroom and gingko nut in it.Shabu Salada (Pork Salad) – Quite a nice salad which had a fragrant sesame dressing and the pork slices were cooked just right.Sashimi Moriawase (Assorted Sashimi Platter) – The sashimi is very fresh and I thought the presentation looked good with the salmon rose and the wasabi shaped like leaves.Yaki Tori (Chicken in skewer) – The succulent chicken pieces were juicy and well marinated. I think this was my favourite dish in the entire buffet!Tsukune (Chicken Meat Ball) – This ranked second on my favourite list at this buffet. The minced chicken meat was well marinated and there were some crunchy bits in it which felt like cartilage and gave the meatball a different texture, but overall it was a flavour bomb!Satsuma Age (Home-made Japanese fish cake) – Quite a nice fish cake which was pleasing to the palate.Age Gyoza (Deep Fried Dumpling) – I’m not really a gyoza fan but I must say that this fried version was tasty and was still crispy even when we didn’t eat it immediately after it was served! I would definitely order this again the next time I’m there!Agedashi Tofu (Fried Tofu) – Those who love beancurd will like this as it was quite nicely done and I thoroughly enjoyed it! The outer fried layer doesn’t break away from the tofu when you pick it up, unlike at some other restaurants.For a more detailed review on all the 25 dishes which we had tasted, please refer to my blog post - http://jaznotabi.wordpress.com/shinkei-japanese-restaurant/Thanks to OpenRice Singapore and Shinkei Japanese Restaurant for the food tasting! continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-21
a hidden gem newly opened 6 months old japanese restaurant, i am glad to be selected for food tasting too, loves their food especially handmade Yakitori, pork balls and chicken Yakitori very nice (love it very much, can't really find it elsewhere), very fresh sashimi, a very different potato salad surprisingly with lots of ingredients, love their avocado california rolls too (full of ingredients and one of the nice one i ever eat), tempura is very fresh with assorted vegetables, prawns , fish, satisfy every one, their appetiser cold ramen is very unique and nice, Garlic rice is very fragrant, in fact appetiser changes every day so there will be surprises every time you go and eat,for their reasonable price of more than 145 dishes of ala carte dishes to choose from, it is worth to eat, their food is healthy without much seasonings used, natural taste, i love it personally very much. continue reading
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