<BR> Signature Stone Restaurant (SSR) offers clay pot rice that is uniquely prepared in very hot stone bowl. This bowl is so hot that it could preserve the heat throughout the dining experience and continue to create the rice crisp layer after layer. Carrying both Asian and Western fusion stone pot rice dishes, SSR offers dishes like Stone Pot Chicken, Stone Pot Pork, Stone Pot Salted Fish, the Marinara sauce Rice, Ham and cheese Rice, Herb salmon Rice, Lemonary Scallop Rice etc. Other mouth-watering stone pot soup, noodle,porridge and side dishes are also made available to take the diners' tongues on a journey to gastronomic pleasure. continue reading
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Herb Salmon Rice Marinara Sauce Rice Stone Pot Chicken Stone Pot Rice
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Level4 2013-09-19
We happened to be around Chinatown today and decided to try the stone pot menu fromSignature Stone Restaurant at Havelock Road. I called a day earlier to check on the exact location of this newly opened restaurant and spoke to Christina.From the set lunch menu we chose one Stone Pot Sliced Pork for myself and my son chose the Stone Pot Chicken. We had side dish of Oyster Sauce Chai Xin and Onion Omelette for both of us.Reasonably priced at S$9.90 for each set lunch. The rice served in a hot stone bowl is extremely hot preserving the heat to a maximum level.The high heat has created the rice to be crispy layer after layer. The key point to note is to stir the rice over and over again and not letting it sit with the high heat if you do not wish to have too crispy rice. Both the marinated chicken pieces and the sliced pork are tasty. There were very small bits of salted fish which I think is a bit too hard. Also a reasonably amount of Chinese sausages and chye sim on each stone bowl. Black sauce are mixed to each stone bowl of rice before serving. The Kai Lan dish is within normal standard. Topped with a savory sauce and sprinkled with deep fried onions. It would be great if the stems of the Kai Lan was more crunchy.The egg omelette has a generous amount of sliced big onions which makes the dish fragrant. We chose barley for our drinks and opted for a scoop of Strawberry Ice Cream for dessert.For side dish we opted for the Chicken in Longan and Black Bean Soup. The broth has a combination of three kinds of bones namely pork, fish and chicken. Tasty broth without any MSG. Dried longans added natural sweetness to the soup. Reasonable amount of black beans with assorted Japanese mushrooms and a few slices of liquorice Sticks. Priced at S$6.90 for a small portion. The dishes were presented to us in a food service trolley which I think is very practical and taking into consideration the weight and the temperature of the stone bowls. I guess its also part of safety measures.Christina was very helpful and friendly. Ariel Tan the Restaurant Director shared some thoughts with us on her food menu and suggested that it is better to call in advance to place order so that we can have our food served upon arrival. Normally it would take like 15 to 20 minutes for the preparation.I was given a 10 percent discount for my first visit to the restaurant.By the way, this restaurant accept cash for bills below S$50.00Credit card payment is acceptable for S$50 and above. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-08
Signature stone rice chicken with top grade mushroom and salted fish. Salted fish a bit too little, maybe because i use coupon deal, overall the rice tastes good with premium ingredients used, more shaoxing wine preferred to make it more tastier. Overall still good : ) Signature stone rice chicken and pork with top grade mushroom and salted fish, ingredients very fresh, mushrooms very nice. Pork is nice with a bit of marination. The taste a bit different from stone rice with chicken, we like this one too, very fragrant with premium ingredients. Overall good but more discounts needed as normal price is too expensive to be eaten with service charge. I would like to suggest Kimchi chicken or teriyaki chicken, more creativity to the dish will be able to attract more customers. Overall environment is good and quiet , with nice food. Would recommend to friends. continue reading
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Level3 2013-09-06
Some dishes have a very long history behind it and it ain't an easy task trying to break away from the same old method of preparing the dish and coming up with a new way of preparing it. However...'Stone Pot Chicken'(香香鸡肉)Doesn't this dish looks beautiful to you? There's a nice mixture of different colors. Ingredients like 'Special Marinated Chicken', 'Sliced Salted Fish', 'Sausage', 'Mushroom' and 'Vegetable' have been added into this dish.With a lot of tedious stirring, I finally managed to stir all the ingredients inside the 'Stone Bowl' nicely together. Here comes the nice part about this dish.The taste of this is pretty much similar to a normal 'Claypot Rice' and unlike the normal 'Claypot', this does not have the problem of the rice sticking onto the bowl. Therefore like some of my friends, if you really love the taste and the texture ofthe overcook, crispy rice, you could really savour it till the very last bit over here. On top of the crispy rice, each individual bite also comes with a nice fragrance of 'Salted fish' and a good mix of the sweet ingredients listed in the above. Even though the portion of 'Claypot Rice' that I'm getting over here are much more smaller than the regular ones, but I don't need to worry about the bones of the 'Chicken' and I could really emptied the whole bowl without any wastage.(By the way, as compared to any other types of bowl, the 'Stone Bowl' can keep the food warm for a much more longer period of time, which is a big (+) )For full review and more photos, please visit http://nekyouto-food.blogspot.sg/2013/08/remaking-claypot-rice.html continue reading
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Level2 2013-08-16
It wasn’t too long ago that I was invited to contribute my literature on Openrice, I chanced upon the food tasting open invite, and I took a chance. This brand new establishment is small & cozy, the new kid on the block, located in a localized neighborhood, formerly known to the nocturnal patrons for teochew porridge & other supper treats. The modus operandi for groups dining is advisable to place orders ahead of arrival, as the food is cooked ala-minute. Unlike common claypot practices, Signature Stone asserts & ensures quality in the preparation, as well as the end to end cooking process, before the food is served.The stone carved bowls are lightly oiled prior to stove firing & cooking the order. And because of the consistency of heat transfer, the charred rice can be pried from the bowl with a light tapping of the spoon.To each his/her own, an order of a variety comprising of; bacon & cheese rice, chicken & Chinese sausage, pork & Chinese sausage… with or without salted fish etc. I had the sliced pork & Chinese sausage (without salted fish). As soon as the bowl hits the table, the service staff helps you to fold the rice, very much like bimbibap. This helps to ensure that the ingredients are well mixed, and that the crispy charred rice gets to randomize with the rest of the content.There’s pretty little need to drizzle too much of the sweetened dark soy sauce, as the heat transfer from the stone bowl is a little more intense & enduring than claypot, there’s a risk of spoiling the taste if the sweet dark soy sauce chars.Along with the mains, we were also introduced to the featured chicken, longan & black bean soup. The doneness of the chicken is well done, and the taste suggests it’s cooked the old school slow fire style.I’m not too sure about the wine chicken, as I’m more familiar to the semi sweetened tastes of the hock-chew red wine chicken, and/or Chinese rice wine chicken. The taste packed quite a bit of punch, and has a bit of strong herbal after taste. The onion, cheese & mushroom omelet is an example of a slight push of conventions, the management wishes to modernize its menu, extending to the younger crowd as well.Last but not the least, mango ice cream locally crafted using imported Thai mangoes. No artificial flavoring/ coloring, au natural.For full review and more photos, please visit http://epicuriouscan.wordpress.com/2013/08/15/it-aint-clay-its-stone/ continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-05
Had a great start for the month of august with the invitation from OpenRice. I was invited for food tasting at Signature Stone Restaurant located at Havelock Road.The restaurant is approximately 10-15 minutes walking distance from Tiong Bahru MRT. The restaurant is located in between a row of shophouses facing HDB flats.Signature Stone Restaurant speciality is claypot rice dishes in stone bowls. Besides the traditional chinese version of claypot rice, the restaurant also create modern fusion versions. The western flavors that are quite creative in the list are bacon & cheese, garlic herb salmon, ham & cheese and etc. These are the interesting lists that i was attracted to.If you would like to pay a visit, i would suggest you to call 10 minutes before you arrive to place your order. There is a typical waiting time of approximately 15 - 20 minutes for food preparation. We were given a brief introduction about the food preparation by the lady boss, Ariel. The foods served in the restaurant does not contain MSG at all. The stone pot are brushed with a layer of oil only so that it can have the cripsy rice without being burnt black. I had claypot pork rice without salted fish. It was served in sizzling pipping hot stone bowl. The staff is very helpful in helping me to mix the rice when it is served. They also recommended us to add the black soya sauce to the rice to add on the stronger taste.Other OpenRicers opt for the Bacon & Cheese Stone Pot Rice. It is recommended to eat while the dish is still hote as the rice gets quite dry and hard when it's cool. I personally think that the cheese isn't enough and the taste is kinda bland. But the cheese fragrance smell does attracts us on the beginning of the serving.The lady boss, Ariel also served us Longans & Black Bean Soup which was boiled with 3 different kinds of bone (pork, chicken and fish). Surprise to hear that it boiled with fish bone as most of the broth will boiled with pork or chicken.Understand from the lady boss that the fish bone is able to bring out the sweetness of the broth.The dried longan is soft and juicy and it has the assorted mushrooms and black bean in the soup as well. However, the chicken meat is slightly tough.Overall the soup is delicious and we are quite addicted to it.Wine Chicken soup is also the recommendation from the lady boss as well.This version is not what we usually have as it tasted a bit spicy. There are dried chilies in it hence explains the spiciness aftertaste. It does not have a strong taste of wine. The chicken meats are cut into small cubes and the meat texture is tender and smooth. Onion Cheese Mushroom Omelette is served. I don't really able to taste the cheese in the egg.Dinner ended with mango ice-cream $2.60 which is sourced by the lady boss. It served generous portion per pax and we enjoyed the real fruit taste of mango in it.For more photos : http://hazeldiary.com/?p=1948 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)