Slappy Cakes was founded in Portland, Oregon in 2009 by Ashley Berry; offering fun dining concept where diners can customize their own pancakes with built-in griddles at each table. continue reading
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Country Fried Chicken Pancake Waffle and Duck
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Level3 2014-03-03
What do you like about pancake? Was it the taste, the toppings, or the fun of making it?A basic pancake batter at Slappy Cakes cost $8, you will be provided with a bottle of pancake mix, maple syrup and butter cube. We added two fixings - banana and bacon bits which were at $1.5 and $2 each.It was fun making your own pancake.Can you tell what shapes are those?This is the Classic breakfast ($16.50). The bacon streak was fried to crisp and it goes perfectly with the soft scrambled egg.This was our vegetable benedict ($13.5). Love the 2 poached eggs that were cooked just right. The hollandaise sauce drizzled over the egg tasted slight lemony with smooth and creamy consistency. Below the eggs were sauteed mushroom, caramelized onion, spinach, tomato and toasted brioche. continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-27
Drove up to the Grandstand to try out one of the DIY pancake palours in Singapore! Slappycakes take over a 2 storey outlet offering DIY pancakes and simple mains.Originating from the US and with international branches in Phillipines, Japan, etc, I was definitely excited to try out what they had to offerWe ordered a smattering of side dishes to go along with the wholemeal and chocolate batter that we picked. There was bacon, cheese, mushrooms and blue cheese (not in the picture)We had fun playing around with the pancakes but we found the mixture to be super watery, that resulted in mushy pancakes. The bacon looks overfried, while the mushrooms came with a metallic smell as if it was just freshly taken out from a can. Pretty unpleasant in my opinionWe also order the Eggs Royale which were ok, but nothing particularly fantastic. VERDICTThe food at Slappycakes were pretty underwhelming and I didnt expect the pancakes to be of that quality. The service in that restaurant is reasonably ok, but dont expect happy looking staff cause everyone just look like they are ploughing through their work day.Would I be back again? Probably not. I guess one time as a novelty is more than enough. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-25
I have always wanted to visit Slappy Cakes for an experience of designing my own pancakes! Groupon had a deal which cost $10 for $18 worth of food and I bought it straight away ^^ First, you get to choose a batter. There are a few flavours like buttermilk, wholegrain, peanut butter etc which cost $8 per bottle. Next, you get to choose some fixings and there is a wide range from the sweet and savory list. Lastly, there a few toppings to choose from including maple syrup, mango jam, lemon curd etc. At the back of the menu, there is a list of 7 recommended combinations and we wanted to follow the Peanut + Banana + Crispy Bacon combination. However, the staff came back and told us that they ran out of banana and so we got blueberries instead. For the topping, we got the 100% Maple Syrup. We made a few common round shaped pancakes to eat! I like the combination of pancake and crispy bacon! As we still had some dollars left in the voucher, we ordered mushrooms and fry it together with the bacon! We had a fun time playing with the pancakes continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-05
Pop by here for some pancake business for dinner. This latest addition to the Grandstand allows one to MYO, meaning Make-Your-Own pancakes using built-in griddles at the table with chosen tubes of batter. The non-stick griddle suggests that no oil is required at all!I started squeezing chocolate batter and whole grain batter on the heated griddle. One thing great about Slappy Pancakes is that you can do anything outrageous with your pancakes. Instead of usual round pancakes, I made a Spongebob. We had the 100% maple syrup and lemon curd for topping. But there are many more interesting flavours such as coconut peanut butter, Greek yoghurt and lavender honey.And I loved my pancakes crispy instead of round and fluffy. So I spent a longer time cooking the batter and flattening it like roti prata (see the dark brown "spongebob" on the right). But if you are aspiring to be a professional pancake master, then the classic round pancakes (left) would impress anyone!My friend who did an amazing job with her Chocolate Chips Banana Pancakes (she's a great fan of bananas) and Maple Bacon Pancakes. We initially thought that the selling point of Slappy Cakes is the fun of MYO but it is particular about the flavours as well. Our pancakes taste delicious, which means that the recipe of the pre-mixed batter must have been tested and tried.As much as I like to recommend some delicious combination, I think it is better for you to try and make your favourite flavour. One tip: the chocolate batter is quite sweet on its own so it can do without much adornments.With the pleasant buttery aroma of pancakes, rest assure that you won't smell like you just walked out from a barbecue house after the meal! For full review and more photos, please visit http://dairycream.blogspot.sg/2013/07/slappy-cakes-pancakes-that-slap-me-awake.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-01
This is some kind of a novelty. I heard that in Tokyo and Maui, people queue for this kind of thing. It's madness. You can choose from 5 different type of pancake batter, eg peanut butter, chocolate etc. You squeeze the batter into the pan in the middle of the table and flip it over when one side is cook.add in toppings like chocolate, banana bacon etc.After it's cooked, you can choose maple syrup that kind of sauce to complete your pancake. I say its great fun to do this pancake yourself. You can do it in any shape. Write a word, make a heart shape etc. Taste wise it was good enough. Not superb but just good enough! continue reading
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