Singapore's very own authentic British Fish & Chip Shop opened to the public on 27th September 2010, serving up freshly battered fish and thickly cut fries. They also have a selection of quality beers and wines for the discerning palate. continue reading
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For full review: http://molly-mia.blogspot.sg/2014/11/mias-review-smiths-authentic-british.htmlI remember walking by this humble looking eatery and peering sideways at the patrons' open packages of fish and chips lying on the tables. And I thought to myself, "The fish and chips I've eaten at Ballarat!"And so, some time later, I dropped by alone on a weekend evening to have some alone time and also, dinner! Love all the comic strips and drawings hung up on the wall, some are actually pretty hilarious. And yes, there's HP sauce for all of you HP lovers out there! I'm not one though. Never a fan of root beer in general except for the scoop of ice cream on it as a float. But somehow I just decided to pick one up while I was there. Haddock Standard & Chips - $19.50And yes, be it dine in or takeaway, you'll get your fish and chips in a paper wrapped up packet like so. And yes, this is the servings of a standard fish and chips. And no, that pair of plastic utensils aren't mini sized. A word of advice, unless you're a huge eater, go for small!If you're a fan of soggy chips (yes, as weird as that sounds, some do love soggy chips), especially FAT soggy chips then Smith's is the place for you. These chips doesn't taste processed at all, and totally looked like pieces chipped off a potato and fried as it is. The only disappointing thing was that Smith's do not have the yummy chicken salt I've had at Ballarat. It'll be good if they bring in flavoured salt to go with the chips. As for the fish, I didn't quite like it as it was a little too moist and bland for my liking. On my second visit, I went for Cod small and it tasted way better in terms of the fish texture and taste of freshness. And if you're the kind of person who cannot eat fried stuff without some dips and gravy, I highly recommend that you get their curry sauce at $2. It's a little pricey for a pretty small tub, but it tasted so good, even just on its own. The savoury fragrance of curry actually goes pretty well with both the soggy chips and mildly flavoured fish. All in all, soggy fat chips with mildly flavoured fish. But somehow, Smith's is still a fish and chips place I will keep on visiting (I've visited thrice so far) because it really tasted (and felt) like the affordable, takeaway fish and chips I've tasted in Ballarat and fell in love with. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-15
Full Smiths review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2014/12/smiths.htmlSmiths Authentic British Fish And Chips, more commonly known as simply Smiths, first opened its doors in Singapore in September 2010. Styled after the typical British English "Chippy", or Chip Shop, commonly found throughout England and the United Kingdom, Smiths specialises in serving classic English Fish And Chips, done in the traditional style. Even though I've patronised them since the beginning, I've only just realised that I've never blogged about Smiths!Ambience at Smiths is casual, resembling a traditional British Chippy. A large glass counter displays the food, while British flags fly from the rafters. Furniture is casual and simple, as befits Smiths dine-and-dash style of fast food. Colour themes of white against wood lend a clean, modern atmosphere, while bright ambient lighting and an open concept lend a sense of homely comfort.Service at Smiths is largely self-service. You order, make payment, and collect your food at the counter. Clearing your own tables is encouraged as well. Otherwise, interaction with staff is mostly limited to ordering, but I find them able to communicate well, and knowledgeable on the various types of fish offered on the menu. Overall, decent service for a fast food / takeaway style place.Food at Smiths revolves around various types of fish in their Fish And Chips. I like that their fish is fresh, and the batter isn't too thick, still retaining a crisp crunch while not being too oily. Besides fish, they also have a small selection of other items on the menu, such as chicken or seafood. Portions are large for 1 person, and prices reflect the good quality of food here, expect to pay about SGD $28 or so per person for a meal.The Beer Adnams Ghost Ship (SGD $11.50) is named for the 600-year-old The Bell pub, located in the village of Walberswick, in Suffolk, England, which is reportedly haunted. A pale, cloudy amber ale, with tastes of malt, hops and bread, an aroma of citrus fruits and apple, with a light, clean texture and slightly bitter finish.The authentic British Fish And Chips typically use either cod or haddock, as these are common across England. Here, it's served with the traditional thick cut style English chips, that have a good potato flavour, on a crinkly wrapping paper that is supposed to resemble newspaper, giving diners the familiar sight and smell of a Chippy. The Fish And Chips Cod (SGD $19.50) features a flaky fillet of cod fish, while the Fish And Chips Haddock (SGD $19.50) features the more firm haddock fish. Both are very fresh and well fried, with a thin, crisp batter.The most common fish used in Fish And Chips in Singapore is dory, and here, you'll be able to get the Fish And Chips Dory (SGD $15.50) as well. This is probably the most familiar tasting fish to Singaporeans, and because it's more readily available here, the cheapest as well. A large, fresh fillet of dory fish is used, coated in the same great tasting, thin, crisp batter. continue reading
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If you are looking for some authentic Fish & Chips Flavours with the taste of British, do head down to the shop houses along Tanjong Katong Road or their other outlets.Smiths offers Take-Away and dined in menu. Both menu were more or less the same.The counter was pretty modern, sleek, metalic finishing with blue LED lights coming out from the under sides. British flags were hanging by the sides too.The place was well ventilated as we hardly smell any greasy smell in the shop even though they were frying and preparing the dish at the end of the counter.While waiting for the chef to fry the fishes in the oil, we had ordered some can drinks, self taken from the fridge. Each can was pretty expensive. It's hardly that we get to see servings of Fish and Chips being wrapped up in paper. It really reminds me of someone who told me that the authentic Fish and Chips in London would have their Fish and Chips wrapped up in newspaper. To make the orders identifiable, the cod fish was indicated with "C" on its wrapper.After having tried so many fish and chips in Singapore, indeed Smiths did have the closest match to the one I had in UK. Our servings were all paired with thickly cut fries. Condiments and sauces were already placed by the side for each table. Just help ourselves with it.Fried to a golden brown perfection, the cod was coated with a thin crispy layer of batter and the fish meat was quite chunky. The length of the fish was about a 30cm long ruler. Furthermore, one can really taste the freshness of the fish. Break open the hot battered fish and enjoy a free facial steaming session. The Haddock was fried to golden brown as well but the size looked different. It is wider in shape. Meat wise, they are moist and fresh too. Dissecting of Haddock Fish in action!Overall, I find that this is a good Fish & Chips fix if we are looking for authentic taste from Britain though it may be pricy. The standard meal may be plain but there are sides available for add-ons. Service wise, its pretty average.For full review and more photos, please visit http://www.umakemehungry.com/2013/11/smiths-authentic-bristish-fish-and-chips.html continue reading
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Level3 2013-10-13
Was in the vicinity today and my bro suggested that we drop by to try the fish and chips at this place! I went for the cod, and till now, am not too sure whether i made the right choice! I think the batter was pretty good, and the fish was fried till a pretty good state. However, i couldn't really taste the freshness of the fish or the taste of the fish! Perhaps i would have enjoyed it more if i'd tried the other varieties of fish! Nonetheless, the fries were pretty crisp too! continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-23
I like western food so Fish & chips also one of my favourite. I packed back to eat and they wrapped in wax paper which I think something different. The fish was quite a big piece and is really fresh but for the fries is a little oily and soggy after packing it back. Sometimes when I pass by in the evening it was quite packed.Beside the fish and chips my colleague bought mushy peas to try something different cos we will always have whipped potato. Thumbs up! continue reading
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