Here at Smitten Coffee and Tea Bar, they are dedicated to sourcing for premium quality coffee beans and tea leaves. Their passion is to deliver a perfect tasting cuppa to make your day. continue reading
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Mon - Thu
10:00 - 22:00
Sat - Sun
09:00 - 23:00
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Signature Dishes
Cake Ethiopian Specialty Coffee Raspberry Friand
Review (4)
Level4 2014-02-26
If you are looking for a quiet spot for good coffee this weekend, Smitten might be a good spot for you to drop by. With outdoor and indoor seating, I heard that they do fill up pretty fast over the weekends. Prices are pretty similar to industry players where we (4 of us) paid SGD 5 for a 6oz cup of espresso with milk.I like that it isn't too thin. Definitely a robust cup of coffee, a whiff to the coffee will definitely bring a small to your face. Ordered their affogato and it is pretty much a sweetened up caffeine shot which I enjoyed immersely. The espress shot is super "gao" (thick in hokkien) with the vanilla ice cream offsetting this otherwise bitter shot. Matcha Cake was a little expensive by still a treat for those who like their green tea to be a little sweet. I personally prefer the savor the natural bitter taste of Green Tea, so this cake didnt do it for me.***VERDICTDefinitely worth a return visit, the next time round I would like to pop by to try out their Sandwiches and savoury bites which doesn't exceed SGD 10. Definitely attractive in terms of pricing.Have fun savoring a cup of coffee @ Smitten! continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-10
As our coffee journey continues for the day, we were half coffee-comatosed by the time we reached Smitten. A small cafe hidden in the rather obscure area of Robertson Quay, it's quite an inaccessible place to go if you're taking public transport. Unless, of course, you're looking for a leisurely walk and chill the rest of the day at the cafe.We were smitten by the whimsical touch of the cafe, simple and unpretentious. It was definitely a great ambience for a Sunday afternoon, lazing around at the benches outside, catching the river breeze occasionally.A small shop front that might be easily missed.This menu reminded me of Handburger, but anyway, I still like the proper organisation for easy navigation. Would probably drop by for some of their light bites for another coffee session to try out!Iced MochaUnder the sweltering heat, this was quite a life saver. It may look very milky due to the colour, but the taste wasn't just what it looked like. It was bitter with the dark chocolate they used, somewhat too overwhelming that it masked the taste of the coffee. Just a personal preference though, I'd love to have a stronger dose of coffee in mochas, complemented with a touch of bittersweet chocolate, just like the one I've tried at Oriole. If you're a more dark chocolate person, you would probably enjoy this cup of mocha. AffogatoThis is the first time I see an affogato presented this way. The colour of the coffee looks like curry somehow but I thought it was quite a good brew. The slight bitterness of the espresso was very well complemented with the sweet creamy vanilla icecream. The icecream itself was very smooth and had a strong vanilla flavour to it, not just the essence kind. Perfect for the heat wave, very recommended (if you look past the melted presentation of it).The table beside us ordered this for their kid. It sounds pretty magical from the description and unbelievably cute in the little glass it's served in! Will probably try this out the next time too! continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-30
I was pretty smitten by Smitten Coffee and Tea Bar. Craving some form of latte, I decided to give their Piccolo Latte a go. What a good choice made by me. The latte art is done very well. I can taste the freshly roasted coffee with the fresh milk added in, without getting the bloated feeling that some will get if there is too much milk or low quality artificial milk is used. continue reading
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Level4 2011-11-10
I was there with a friend on a weekday afternoon after our lunch nearby. Was highly recommended by my this friend, was told that they served really nice coffee. I have ordered a cup of hot mocha, and was rather surprised by this pretty little cup of coffee. It looked so pretty and tasted nice too. The taste is quite strong and aromatic! Its my cup of coffee!The place was a little small but it was rather warm and cosy. Felt really lazy and comfortable on a weekday afternoon. What a great place to laze around while sippling my cup of coffee. continue reading
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