As the name suggest, this ice cream parlour serve its ice cream the S'mores way. Choose from a variety of ice cream flavours such as Thai Milk Tea, Matcha Azuki or Creme Brulee to top the signature S'mores waffles. continue reading
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14:00 - 02:00
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Level4 2016-03-20
S'mores Coffee & Creamery arrived in Upper Thomson late last year and I've been meaning to try them out for the longest time! The have open till 1am on fridays and saturdays woohoo! The shop itself is along same row as Nunsongyee and Habitat. But the bus stop is right in front of it, for those taking a bus to this supper location  The mainly serve coffee and ice cream but they also have 4 main breakfast items that could just satisfy your hunger pangs. As I had arrived on a friday at 10pm, the cafe was rather empty but as time passed, by 11pm, all the tables were filled with young hipster crowds.They offer a wide array of ice cream flavours, but favourites like sea salt caramel, chocolate, mango sorbet, thai milk tea, cookies and cream were available. There's definitely somethig for everyone here at S'mores.The colour scheme of S'mores was a very vibrant and colourful set up. The tables and stools were black with a colourful bright pink wall. The shop was well cooled with the powerful air conditioners on a hot and humid friday night.1. Single Scoop (Thai Milk Tea)They were very generous with their single scoop, check out the size of this! I'm a thai milk tea fan and this literally tasted like a frozen thai milk tea. No joke. The taste was spot on. It was smooth and creamy, with a subtle sweet fragrance of the condensed milk in the thai milk tea ice cream. Every mouthful made me want to dig my plastic spoon back into the cup for more. This is probably my most favourite thai milk tea ice cream I've ever tried. The ice cream didn't melt too quickly either. It held it's shape and form during my "phototaking" session.2. Chocolate Milkshake *must try*This chocolate milkshake was smooth, with a great sugar-rush to perk me up refreshing flavour. It was chilled to the right temperature. The chocolate milkshake itself was extremely thick and I do recommend sharing this. There was a slightly mild milky taste with every sip, but the chocolate was still overpowering the milk taste. This would make a great drink the scorching hot weather. This is definitely a must try for chocoholics!3. S'mores Waffle $5.80 with earl grey and cookies and cream *must try*The presentation of this waffle is very different from other establishments. The buttermilk waffles are very thick and pretty much "well-done" or "toasted". They aren't light and airy or dense. They have a texture closer to that of toasted bread, that stays toasted even when all the ice cream has melted!The toasted marshmallows stole the limelight here. Check out how charred they are on the edges of the waffle! The marshmallows were sweet, slightly too sweet for my friend but for me it was spot on. It wasn't as sweet as the thick chocolate sauce on the bottom waffle.I really enjoyed their earl grey ice cream. I was in love with the earl grey taste that was very sharp in the smooth ice cream. It also paired well with the crispy waffle. The cookies and cream was on the sweeter side, compared to the earl grey, so for me, coupling the cookies and cream ice cream with the waffle that was topped with the chocolate sauce was too much sweetness overdose for me. If I had the choice, I would've just asked burnt marshmallow creme on both waffles.Overall : A great place to hang out for supper, and definitely do try the S'mores waffle, it's totally worth the $ and calories.  Service was also pleasant and friendly! continue reading
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