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Level4 2013-08-15
I was there on a Public Holiday so most of the stalls were closed on that day. That was part of the reason prompted me to try the braised duck kway teow from this stall for the first time. Braised duck kway teow has always been a comfort food. If being given a choice, i would very much prefer braised duck kway teow to braised duck rice. And, this is my dearest Grandpa's favourite dish and so eating it has always brought back fond memories. I was their only customer then. It was unexpectedly quiet during the lunch time. I gotten my bowl of braised duck noodle right after i placed the order. A good portion of those thin kway teow was served with beansprouts together with a generous amount of thinly chopped braised duck meat in the braised sauce. It served along with the same type of chilli for the duck rice. I gave it a good toss then followed by my first mouthful. The braised sauce was rather thick and flavourful with a rather slight herbal taste. The portion of kway teow was cooked well to give it the desired softness and not overly mushy. The crunchiness of that handful of beansprouts complemented the texture nicely. The bowl of soup that came along with the kway teow was served hot. It has got the pleasing dark color with a delightful herbal taste too. The chilli tasted rather average with a minimum level of spiciness. It did not make much difference even after added it to my bowl of kway teow as it did not enhance the overall flavour much. The braised duck meat tasted equally good. The duck meat has braised well to give it the succulent texture as well as the depth of flavour. This was a bowl of comforting braised duck kway teow. continue reading
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