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Herbal Soup
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Level4 2014-12-25
The most comforting soups are cooked at home especially by mum, decent and humble. Catching up with hectic lifestyle, I hardly find such lovely soup until I tried this stall. Managed by Food Republic, Soup Guru was the hit choice in bustling city. Offering a wide range of homemade soups, they promised the best soup always. Self-service basis, staff was friendly and speedy to serve us.Large bones were boiled in a huge pot for at least few hours, extracting the maximum flavour into it. Very traditional way of cooking, soups were continually boiled with constant fire to hold the original taste. I opted for herbal soup, hearty warm while it served. Ribs were not too hard or overcooked at the same time brought the sweetness of the soup, taste of soup was finely warm. Old Cucumber played its part to balance up soup, texture was soft while melting at tongue. No MSG guaranteed, soup can be refilled without charging additional cost. I ordered along fried Tau Foo and made it into a filling set. Price wise, it was completely reasonable to have the authentic soup. Just under $10, you may enjoy a homely meal. Welcome to try it out. continue reading
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