Spanish Doughnuts at Orchard Central specializes in its namesake, more commonly known now as churros. The churros are freshly made on order and served with hot and cold beverages. continue reading
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Level4 2014-07-01
Churros. What are they, and why are they invading your social media space?! Singapore picked up this trend during the last months of 2013, but the obsession with these sticky sweet dough sticks just intensified with the opening of Spanish Doughnuts at Orchard Central.There are two types of churros you can buy - the Original or the Premium. I wanted to try the Original because I haven't had churros (yes, virgin experience!) before, and also partially I was taken aback by the prices. I didn't know some little bread sticks could be so expensive. Original churros were going at $6.90 for three, but once I set them in my mouth... it was really worth it. Imagine the whole crispy oily (in a good way) warm doughnut goodness laced with half-melted sugar, and a dip of dark chocolate - and it is really soft inside too. One and a half is good enough for a serving, any more would be overkill. If you haven't tried this before, it'll be quite a unique experience. I enjoyed mine, and I foresee I'll be craving for it. Well, I'll get Churrosity's version when I'm at Holland V.Spanish Doughnuts seemed rather quiet, but you'll soon realize it is actually packed with people huddled in low-toned conversations. This place is gaining popularity really fast - if you don't want to queue for a seat to try churros, go get them quick! continue reading
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Level4 2014-06-23
Heard so much about this place from friends and various social media accounts that i knew it's a place i must come and try out the churros.I came recently on a Saturday around 5.30pm and all churros with fillings kind were sold out. But it's ok for me as i was keen to try out the original ones for my first visit. So my friend went ahead to order the Choco Churrito's with 3 different chocolate dips ( white , milk and dark ). It tatsed SO GOOD when i took my first bite! Freshly prepared, it's so shiok to enjoy this while it's hot and with the accompanying dipping sauces, best combination. Must try when you are here ok. continue reading
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Level3 2014-05-30
Spanish Doughnut = ChurroNow that's the kind of equation I like and understand. Personally, I had never had a churro until my trip to Australia a couple of years back, and then once more at Grubs at Bishan Park. There hasn't been any looking back since.After all, who can say no to the delectable fried dough pastry dipped in your choice of chocolate sauces?Spanish Doughnuts at Orchard Central caters specifically towards that niche craving with a menu featuring all kinds of churros you can think of! The open-concept layout of Spanish Doughnuts is liberating and welcoming. And while there are the standard wooden tables and chairs, plusher sitting is available along the sides of the cafe. First come first serve is law there. I was early  Menu wise, Spanish Doughnut really kicks up the humble churro a notch. You'll have your standard plain churro fried and sprinkled in sugar icing and served with your choice of chocolate dip (White, Milk and Dark Chocolate).!Tip: Order the Choco Churritos - it's a great platter to share with bite-sized churros and all 3 chocolate dips available instead of just having to choose one!Other than the standard churro, there are those with flavoured custard fillings, and then you have the Premium Churros, each of which are painstakingly handmade. Besides having chocolate or vanilla custard filling piped into the centre, each premium churro is glazed lavishly in different coatings of flavour and texture.  Creme Brulee, Dark Chocolate Bonbon and Hazelnut are but 3 of the many premium flavours available. Unlike their "under-dressed" counterparts, some of the premium churros are served chilled to keep the external glazing in place. So the taste is pretty new.I think Spanish Doughnuts is one of the place to hang out in the revammped area of Somerset, and heck I ca't wait for my next churro outing! continue reading
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Level4 2014-05-29
Opened to much hype, Spanish Doughnuts was almost at its maximum capacity when we visited it on a weekend. For those who had not heard of Spanish Doughnuts before, it is an international brand that originated from Austrailia specialising in Churros. Here, the Churros come in two forms; the Original hot ones or the Premium ones which have fillings in them. For the health-conscious, they would be glad to know that Spanish Doughnut uses Canola Oil to fry their Churros. Other items include Spanish Chorizos; a hotdog bun as well as coffee, tea and even sodas.We decided to go for an Original to test out how theirs would taste like. The Original Hot Churros ($6.90 for 3 pieces) here are churned out via their machine and fried upon order. Unlike American-style Churros, Spanish variations do not come with Cinnamon Sugar. The quality of the Churros here are a bit disappointing; crispy but lacking any taste from the batter, no chewy insides and with the Churro absorbing the oil it was fried in. The chocolate dip was a good balance of bittersweet, but it did leave an oily aftertaste at the end.Creme Brulee is my favourite dessert, so the Creme Brulee Churro ($4.30) was my choice for the Premium Churro. It was however soft, though filled with a subtly sweet custard centre. I loved the bits of crystalized sugar stuffed around the edges of the Churro; replicating the cracking sugar layer of the original Creme Brulee.For more photos and the full review, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2014/05/28/spanish-doughnuts-orchard-central/ continue reading
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