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Spices Cafe provides a dining experience that reflects the culinary style of the team of dedicated chefs. Incorporating hints of vermillion red amidst the ever stylish black and white, the modern glamour setting of this cafe will provide the perfect backdrop for an excellent meal. Diners can enjoy gastronomic delights of both local and Western cuisine from the extensive menus. continue reading
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Ayam Buah Keluak Chilli Crab Hakka Rice Wine Soup
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For pictures and full review, pls visit:http://madamechewy.com/2016/03/17/harvest-of-the-sea-buffet-spices-cafe/Seafood lovers, this buffet is for you! Concorde Hotel’s Harvest of the Sea Buffet offers a plethora of excellent seafood dishes that almost made it seem like you’re dining straight from the sea!Diners can look forward to a lavish start of Sambal Lobster, Gratinated Cheese Lobster orBraised Baby Abalone with Broccoli & Mushroom (one selection per diner). The sambal crustacean is not for the faint-hearted; its heat will jolt you up instantly.The stars of the buffet are undoubtedly the cooked-to-order crabs, which comes in a range of appealing flavours- Chilli, Black Pepper, Sauteed Saffron, Butter & White Pepper and Salted Egg. I personally love the salted egg flavour, followed by the black pepper. If you prefer something more unique, go for creamy Butter and White Pepper Crabs. What’s even better? You can enjoy unlimited portions of these mouth-watering crabs!Moving onto the buffet stations, the Salad Bar comprises of a variety of salads and cold cuts as well as a section for diners to customise their own greens.The Chilled Seafood Counter, where fresh crustaceans are neatly laid, is a sight to behold.Cooked Food Station choices include: Stir-Fried King Prawns/Braised Sea Cucumber, Chinese Mushroom with Broccoli/Stir-fried Fish Maw with Egg White/Wok-fried Spicy Clam wrapped with Lotus Leaf/Roasted Leg of Lamb with Garlic Sauce/Baked Red Snapper & Mussels in Cream Cheese Sauce/Chicken Piccata with Tomato Sauce/Grilled Vegetable with Balsamic Sauce/Sauteed Sliced Venison with Mushroom & Herb Sauce/Steamed Garoupa with Garlic and Glass Noodles/Stirred Fried Scallops with Asparagus & Fresh Lily Bud.My top picks are the flavoursome Wok-fried Spicy Clam wrapped with Lotus Leaf and healthy Stirred Fried Scallops with Asparagus & Fresh Lily Bud.Grab a bowl of piping hot, fragrant Laksa from the Live Station. Don’t miss the Drunken Live Prawns in herbal broth, which comforts and nourishes simultaneously.Fans of carved meats will enjoy the Roasted Ribeye Beef, complemented with Black Pepper or Mushroom Sauce.Desserts are not the buffet’s strong point, but that’s alright with me, since the fantastic seafood, cooked food and live station offerings made up for it. Not that they are bad, but the sweets just did not wow me. Desserts come in mini portions, to allow diners to sample as many as possible. Options include: Green Tea Panna Cotta, Baked Cheese Cake, Hazelnut Gateau, assorted Nyonya Kueh, Guava Jelly, Mango Mirror, Crème Brulee, Tiramisu, Assorted Fruit Tarts, Chocolate Fondue, Orh Nee with Gingko Nuts, Ice Kachang, Ice Cream and Cheese Platter.Harvest of the Sea Buffet Dinner is priced at:Mondays to Thursdays: $53++ per adult and $22++ per childFridays-Sundays, eve of Public Holiday ad Public Holidays: $58++ per adult and $22++ per childFor the spread and quality, this buffet gives you plenty of bang for your buck! continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-01
See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2014/11/01/lobster-crab-average-buffet-spices-cafe-on-31oct2014/a friend organised the monthly RI schoolmates dinner at spices cafe, concord hotel yesterday on 31.10.2014. it was a really fun evening with a lot of interesting conversation.the dinner buffet came with 1 order only of 1/2 cheese baked gratin lobster (or alternatively abalone). they said 200g though it looked bigger. the preparation though was so-so, the meat didn’t feel bouncy so either it was not a live lobster or maybe slight overdone.the abalone was small c/w say the 2in size & more importantly excellent tasting abalone at ah yat abalone restaurant in a 5-course dinner groupon deal costing only S$28.80.the buffet also included unlimited order of crabs prepared 5 ways – thai basil, pepper, chilli, salted egg & butter baked.the preparations were ok. for me, thai basil & salted egg were best, pepper ok, butter baked so-so. i did not try chilli.the crab were indonesian mud crab type or maybe vietnamese, not the large sri lankan crab. meat was sweet, not very firm, but not falling apart also. i seldom eat crab as they are really expensive in seafood restaurants, so this may make sense if you want to “whack” the crabs.we were too busy talking & having fun & did not even order a second round.the cold appetiser section had oysters(good), mussels(ok), scallops on shell(i did not want to try), salmon belly sashimi (good). i did not try maguro & tai sashimi, prawns & some sushi (looked like supermarket type).i also took smoked salmon (so so, i should say poor actually), and a marinated saba (ok). did not try the prawns & cold pasta.satay was good, and they actually had the pineapple sauce (not so common these days).laksa was good, lemak. as good as any of the “katong laksa” around & the sungei road laksa. i had a second helping, maybe should have gone for a third.i did not touch any of the cooked food.the cheese & salad bar was ok if limited. i took the brie & the blue. the fruits were good. i had 2 helpings of pineapples & watermelon, and they had a lot of dried fruits like figs, apricots & prunes that i liked.overall, i find spices cafe buffet rather expensive, at S$54++pax for friday & weekend dinners. fortunately there was a 3paying 1 free promotion, so we paid about S$49pax nett.i would rate this as slightly above olive tree restaurant @ intercontinental hotel (S$34++ after 1 for 1 promotion) & the lunch buffet at edge @ pan pacific (S$43.50++ after 3paying 1 free) but not by much.for buffet, my favourite is still the semi buffet at equinox (after 50% feed at raffles discounts, that is). the main courses are ala carte orders & of fine dining standard.the same goes for one ninety mezzo lunch at four seasons, another superior semi buffet. one ninety has better quality of buffet spread than equinox, & the main courses are also ala carte orders of fine dining standard. continue reading
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I had a sudden craving for crabs but couldn’t make up my mind on where to eat. Should we go for chilli crabs at Jumbo? Salted egg crabs at G7? Or butter crabs at Mellben? Finally the husband suggested to go somewhere new (so I can try and blog about it too) and he went ahead to book a table for us at Spices Cafe, Concorde Hotel as they are quite known for serving different styles of crabs cooked a la minute. Simply killing two birds with one stone. Perfecto.We arrived at Spices Cafe pretty early as I like to take pictures before the restaurant gets too busy and the buffet line gets too empty. The classic colours of black and white provides a modern glamour setting and a lovely, cosy ambience, perfect for enjoying dinner with your special someone.We were met with friendly service staff who immediately showed us to our table and took orders for drinks. She also gave us a quick brief on the available crabs on the menu and suggested that we try every single one of them which we did.The icing on the cake was when the staff informed us that we would be entitled to a serving of half lobster (200g) each, cooked in several ways (changes daily) which we could pick from.Before we were served our lobsters and crabs, we checked out the rest of the buffet – a beautiful spread of sushi, sashimi and fresh, succulent seafood, salads, cheeses, assorted hors d’oeuvre (mainly seafood), mouthwatering hot dishes and tempting desserts. The spread is not huge but good enough for what we’re paying for.Unfortunately, the shellfish didn’t quite make their mark. The oysters were plump looking but tasted grainy (with sand). The scallops were tasteless. But the prawns were juicy and sweet – very fresh indeed. The sashimi and sushi were normal, nothing great to rave about.What I did like was the delicate assortment of table hors d’oeuvre that were served on porcelain spoons and sauce plates so you can devour in one bite. Shelled mussels, prawns & squids and smoked salmon were used as main ingredients. Fresh vegetables & fruits, tofu, bonito flakes, pasta, etc with different dressings created a good balance of salty and sweet so you get the taste of the sea with the natural sweetness of the accompaniments. They were not only aethestically pleasing, they were appetising.We were mesmerised by the baked cheese lobster and braised lobster when they arrived at our table. Prettily presented and sure looked delicious. The baked cheese lobster was a clear winner with plenty of mozzarella cheese on top so each bite was followed by a stringy trail of cheese behind. The braised lobster was also done to perfection. The yam pieces that were braised together with the crustaceans were so soft and tender.There was also a live cooking station that serves pasta and drunken prawns. The soup used for the drunken prawns was very rich in flavour – you can taste chinese wine, sweet wolfberries and probably some other herbs and aromatics.My two notable dishes from the hot food section would have to be the deep fried grouper with sweet chilli sauce and seafood pizza. I had thirds of the fish and seconds of the pizza which I normally won’t as I tend to skip carbs at buffets. The grouper was deep fried to crisp and the sweet spicy sauce that the chef drizzled over the fish with julienned cucumber and carrots just tasted so good.And these were what we came here for. Crabs cooked in 5 different ways (i) Chilli crabs (ii) Black pepper crabs (iii) Steamed crabs with chinese wine (iv) Butter and white pepper crabs and (v) Salted egg crabs. Don’t expect huge Sri Lankan crabs here. These were likely local mud crabs. Though they were less meaty, they were quite sweet. Having them served freshly prepared and hot at a buffet was definitely a bonus. My favourite was the black pepper crab – strong peppery taste and salty savoury. The steamed crabs were pretty good too because they didn’t have too much seasoning so you could taste the natural sweetness of the crab meat. Be prepared to get your hands dirty of course. Bowls of water with lemon slices will be provided to rid of any smell off our fingers.The thing about eating a crab buffet is we’d take a longer time to eat because of the shell cracking and crab meat digging work. I don’t know if it’s just me but I felt quite full even though I didn’t eat as much as what I’d normally eat at other buffets. I believe it was because of the time used on eating crabs that my brain triggered signals of fullness which was good in a way so I didn’t overeat like how most diners would at buffets.For full review and pictures, please visit http://springtomorrow.com/2013/09/04/harvest-of-the-sea-buffet-dinner-spices-cafe-concorde-hotel/ continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-16
There were a few types of crabs: chilli crab, steamed crab, soft shell crab which all tasted good even though there were quite small. I had a dine in 1-for-1 coupon for this so I went to try it and it was really worth the price! At $52++ for dinner on Friday and weekends, we only paid $30+ per pax since it was 1-for-1. The variety was not impressive but the food was quite good. The quality and freshness of the ingredients were there. Ambience was also good. continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-29
Concorde Hotel was formerly Le Meridian Hotel. There used to be a French Departmental Store called Printemp below. Note that this is not the old Concorde Hotel that used to be in Havelock Road.Outside the entrance to the Spices Cafe, there is a stall selling Nonya ceramic at much cheaper price than Katong. It is good chance to load up on Nonya Gifts.It has a weekday lunch buffet for $28++ for Adult and Senior above 55 pay $22++ If you pay by UOB card you pay for 3 for every 4 dinner. It is really value for menu and they have a wide choice of food which consist of local flavors and Nonya dishes.When we are seated, they asked if you would like a Adult Bib to prevent getting your clothes dirty. You can also order unlimited coffee or tea which is included the buffet. I tried the laksa which a staff cooked on the spot for me. I love the not very spicy laksa and the taste was yummy, but I have to save room to try other food. Luckily the portion is small. I also picked the winter melon soup which you can tell has been cooked for hours. I also try the Ayam Buah Keluak, note that the Buah Keluak is served in a separate bowl with the black nutty paste removed from the shell.There is a lot of choices which I cannot finished trying. I tried the made on the spot popiah and kueh Pi Ti which were not bad. The otah had spicy and non spicy fish cake version which was not fantastic. I tried the Black Pepper Crab which was good as the Black Pepper sauce has the right kick with the crabs.For Dessert, there is fruits, Ice Kachang, and Nonya Kueh etc. I picked the Ang Ku Kueh and Mini Apong and hot Longan Tea.There is 2 version of the Ang Ku Kueh, the commonly available red color ones with green bean filling and a black salty version which is seldom seen locally. Mini Apong are like mini crumpet with some blue color. It is served with a banana sauce. This is not a commonly seen Nonya snack at local stall. I also enjoy the hot Longan Red Date Tea.If you go on the 2nd or last Monday of the month, there is also free entertainment thrown in. There is a blind guy playing the keyboard and a lady singing old favourite and you are welcome to dance the Joget (Peranakan Dance) after the meals.ServicesStaffs were very friendly, and attentive. They remove empty plate when you finished so that you can go to the buffet table to take new plates for other dishes. They even bother to save you money. I have 5 adults during my New Year Eve lunch of which 2 are Seniors. They charged my UOB card for 2 Adults and 1 Senior (free 1 Adult) , so that the extra person charge is Senior instead of an Adult. The total bill for 5 persons came to about less than $120. This was a really good deals and New Year Eve turn out to be last Monday of the Month which they still had free performance. It is one of the cheapest New Year Eve celebration.This is a good Weekday place for group gathering for senior as they can eat Singapore & Peranakan Food and a nice outing for them. It is cheap and decent food for company gathering. Remember to reserve in advance as it is popular. continue reading
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