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SPies & All Things Nice is a eatery serving oriental-inspired gourmet pies & offering an array of freshly made savoury and sweet pies. continue reading
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I discovered SPies and All Things Nice; and just couldn't resist its stark white beauty and interestingly-flavoured pies.  The pies are all carefully hand-crafted, and comes in 3 different sizes - bite size (SGSD$2.50), meal size (SGD$5.90) and party size (SGD$35.00), so there is a different pie for a different occasion. The savoury pies consist of chicken laksa, beef rendang, babi pongteh, and seafood laksa. The sweet pies comprise bandung, longan almond, pulot hitam, calamansi and pisang goreng.We had the best of both worlds with the savoury and sweet pies.  Beef rendang - strong in flavour with chunks of tender beef. Chicken laksa - spicy and smokey; tasted exactly like a bowl of laksa encrused in pie. Babi pongteh - savoury meets sweet here, with succulent, moist pork; the favorite of most of them. Longan almond - smooth, sweet and exact recreation of your favorite dessert at chinese restaurants. Pulot hitam - sticky glutinuous rice pudding encrusted, rich in coconut milk flavor.I also loved their Chilli Crab Pie Tees! We got a sneak taste of the Chilli Crab Pie Tee a couple of weeks back. The chilli crab filling was rich in flavour, spicy enough to invoke the senses, sitting rather well with the crunchy tart shells that accentuates its appearance. Remember to get some for your upcoming SG50 stay-home parties or outdoor picnics, or simply drop by to eat them piping hot!For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/08/food-trail-bedok-food-market-newly.html continue reading
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Level4 2015-07-25
Full SPies & All Things Nice review: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/07/spies-all-things-nice.htmlOpened in April 2015 within the Simpang Bedok Market Place, SPies & All Things Nice serves unique gourmet pies and delectable dessert tarts with Asian inspired flavours. Hand made fresh daily in-store, the savoury and sweet pies / tarts offered by SPies & All Things Nice are absolutely delicious!Ambience at SPies & All Things Nice is similar to the rest of the stalls here, on account of the shared casual seating, and clean, bright atmosphere. Love their brand name, which is inspired by the classic nursury rhyme 'What Are Little Boys Made Of?', and spices. The products are clearly displayed and labelled, and the menu is also legible. Walk past the stall, and you'll be drawn in by the colourful Peranakan decor and fragrant aroma of baking!Service at SPies & All Things Nice is decent. Largely self-service, with ordering, payment, and collection done over the counter. The majority of customers get takeaway, but if you can also choose to dine in. Staff, being involved in the creation of pies / tart daily, are very knowledgable about the ingredients and taste of their baked goods, and can make good recommendations. Beyond that, there's very little other interaction with staff.Food at SPies & All Things Nice is all about savoury pies, and sweet tarts. Their pies / tarts are all Asian flavoured, containing local Singaporean or Peranakan spices and ingredients. Generally, I find their pies / tarts to be of excellent quality and taste, much better than most other places. Portions are small, they usually create it mini-sized. Prices are decent and affordable, budget about SGD $5 per person, and sharing is recommended.Their savoury pies and sweet tarts are tasty, and made with fresh premium ingredients daily. Also, their products contain no monosodium glutamate (MSG) or other preservatives. Best eaten fresh and hot!The pretty Almond Longan Tart (SGD $2.50) features chunks of fruity longan set within a smooth, rich almond flavoured custard, topped with candied cherries and crushed almond bits. Tastes very close to the actual Almond Longan dessert, so lovely.The Beef Rendang Pie (SGD $2.50) is very spicy! Tender beef brisket and beef rump is stewed in a fiery concoction of spices, including lemongrass, chili, kaffir lime leaves, and coconut gravy. Savoury, with good meaty / beef flavour, the heat from the spices kicks strongly, and leaves a lingering burn. Get a cool drink with this!A popular favourite, the Chicken Laksa Pie (SGD $2.50) has chunky cubes of chicken and potatoes, stewed in a secret recipe laksa sauce, along with a slice of hard boiled egg. I must admit the flavour is incredibly similar to a normal bowl of laksa, you get the taste of the spices and richness of the coconut gravy. Very good, highy recommended! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)