Conceptualized with the status of Singapore as one of the most metropolitan and globalized city-states, Spize is a melting pot for East and West tastes. It commenced its operations in Bedok and has expanded to River Valley. The restaurant has built a reputation for its quality, value-for-money authentic Singaporean, Thai, Indian, Western & Mediterranean food. continue reading
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Claypot Crispy Mee Super Star Burger
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The Apple & Lemongrass Mojito wasn't really pleasant to drink; didn't suit my palate.The seafood aglio olio was delish! Portion wise, it's quite huge so it's recommended to share with 2 people if you're planning to order other dishes too. They were generous with the ingredients and the seafood was fresh! Spaghetti was al dente too. Quite impressed with this dish.Truffle fries! One can never go wrong with truffle fries. Hot and crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. The taste of the truffle oil was evident. This is a pretty good truffle fries, I must say.The combination of brownie with vanilla ice cream is brilliant. The ice cream complements the brownie so well. Brownie was chocolaty enough for my liking and it's rich. The nuts on it added texture and crunch to the brownie.Ultimate Prata Dessert - Prata stuffed with vanilla ice cream and bananas, drizzled with chocolate sauce & topped with whipped cream. A very unique combination and use of prata in a dessert! Novelty wise, it's worth a try but I doubt I'll have it the second time because it's quite fattening and too rich. Recommended for sharing with at least 5 people. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-18
The first stop of HSS Dinner Dash was Spize. Located along River Valley Road, Spize surprisingly can house a lot of people by lining the entire stretch of shophouses with their distinct orange tables. Of course, you should make a reservation first before you show up with a huge group.Within the restaurant itself, the lighting is quite dim and not conducive for food photography. However, it is a very comfortable lighting to enjoy dinner. This place is quite crowded during lunch time.Apple Cinnamon Prata ($3.50) + Vanilla Ice-Cream ($1.50)You can't choose the flavour of the ice-cream, but luckily it is vanilla which is my favourite flavour. This is really good, the prata is crispy on the outside yet fluffy on the inside. The basic prata exterior is wonderfully done. The apple cinnamon fillings taste like it was made up of pure grated apple slices and no cinnamon flavour at all. Not a problem for me since I don't really enjoy cinnamon. A little too sweet but still within an acceptable range. Overall, recommended!Honey Tissue Prata ($3.50) + Vanilla Ice-Cream ($1.50)Wip ordered this and I pinched a little bit to eat. It was so diabetically sweet I couldn't really enjoy it at all. The tissue prata was densely coated with honey and sugar grains - you imagine the rest. Recommended for Winnie the Pooh bears.Satay - $0.80/ chicken or beef or mutton stick + $1.20/ ketupat The satay sticks were average for me. We ordered a mixture of chicken and beef satay sticks. Both meats were rather dry and not tender enough. The satay sauce was really fragrant though, there was crunchy peanut bits and slightly spicy.Roti John - Chicken & Cheese ($5.80) This is really tasty and flavourful, not to mention sinfully good. The cheese remains half-melted and enmeshed with the chicken slices and buttered bread. It is almost impossible not to like this. An occasional supper like this is fine, I guess. Squid with Black Beans & Curry Leaves ($10 - small)A little spicy, and the flavour is a bit too salty. It will be perfect to complement with rice though.That concludes the first stop! Surprisingly it wasn't too humid nor hot to eat outside because there is an occasional breeze. There are quite a lot of attractive options on the menu so I think it's relatively easier to organize a large group outing here.For more food adventures, follow me at http://spherepiece.blogspot.sg/ continue reading
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Level3 2013-08-20
I had a Roti John at Spize cafe and that makes me want to go for a second round! The roti john looks like the size of a titanic and upon biting into it, the cheese and mushrooms will ooze out and melt in your mouth. The decor of the place at Spize Cafe also is decorated with a nice fusion. The mutton blends in perfectly with the cheese. Thumbs up to Spize Cafe for the good food! continue reading
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Level3 2013-08-11
Chicken/Mutton MurtabakNot only the Murtabak that they are offering were pretty generous in terms of the size and the ingredients that they had stuffed inside, almost every single bite comes with a good mixture of vegetables and meat, which makes it ultra yummy.This drink is a combination of the following, Chinese tea, lime and lemon slices. Trust me, it's a drink that you must try when you are going there for the first time. Although it's pretty sour but it's super refreshing too. Click here to find out more about my food journey @ Spize:http://nekyouto-food.blogspot.sg/2011/07/spize.html continue reading
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Level1 2013-06-13
The portion was a decent size. The mutton too, though the gravy was a bit too oily. The curry side dish was too thin, with only a few limp vegetables and a piece of potato. The rice was just right - not oily and quite tasty and a nice colour. Very rexasonable price - $7+ - which is comparable to food court prices. The place is almost always packed . Dining by the roadside you tend to get smoke from smokers nearby. continue reading
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