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Located on Buffalo Road opposite Tekka Market, Sri Kamala Vilas Restaurant serves Indian cuisine. continue reading
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Masala Thosai Teh Tarik
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For full review, http://uniquelious.blogspot.sg/2014/04/sri-kamala-vilas-restaurant-little.htmlThis place has been around for the longest time. They had already renovated their shop to a air con Indian restaurant. They serve one of the best masala thosai of all time. Other dishes like prata and briyani fare not too bad. If you are lucky, there will be available seats for you, if not, be prepared to wait for seats as they are popular among this neighbourhood.Chewy texture, onions used are big pieces and taste fresh. Overall, the prata is at the chewy side rather than crispyI like this the best. It is one of my favourite and this restuarant provide the best masala thosai of all. The mashed potatoes are at the centre, mixed with spices and other ingredients such as onions. The thosai is soft in the middle but crispy at each end. What is like most is the texture of the thosai, fragrant, soft and delicious. Curry, white and red coconut sides are served and self help able. Fantastic. It tasted very fresh Really must orderThe chicken meat is roasted and sprinkled with chopped onions and garnish.In terms of food, i have no complain on that as i always like the food especially thosai that they served. The masala thosai is always the choice i decided everytime i come here. Other than that, the milk tea is suppose to be nice.For service, the staffs are not so friendly and give a negative feeling. Even the cashier also give an attitude to customers.For price, it really depend on what you order, one prata cost around $1+ which is normal price to other stall. I will only come here if i have a urge to eat masala thosai desperately. continue reading
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So you guys remember the first visit to Sri Kamala Vilas?Well we found out that the thosai was absolutely the bomb there but people kept insisting that we tyr the supposedly delicious Chicken Masala. Sure or not??? Well obviously gotta go back and try right?And this time I brought the family.So my darling wife and I brought Mum, Dad and my brother to try it out.(Don't worry Yana we will go back again okay!)Well anyways I'm not gonna be posting much about the thosai because we already went that route in the first review of Sri Kamala Vilas.I had the Ghee Masala Paper Thosai again of course. Mum had a Paper Masala Thosai and she says it was "nice" and she agreed with the original review that the Masala in the thosai is really good cos its creamy. Dad had a normal Thosai and says that "all Thosai tastes the same lah" (but I saw him take second helping of the sambar!) and my brother had a Ghee Masala Thosai. He actually seems the most enthusiastic and said that "it rocks". Safe to say - they all enjoyed the Thosai too.But, the actual reason we came back was not for the Thosai...After my last post, I received a few messages telling me to try the Chicken Masala there. I'll be honest and say that Chicken Masala is never even on my mind when I go and eat at this kind of place. Come to think I won't even mention Chicken Masala because... well... it's nothing special to me...So my darling wife took the plunge.So that's a pretty big serving of briyani I can tell you. It's just nice for one if you're hungry but I reckon 2 could probably share it. And at first glance I guess you would probably assume it's your normal run-of-the-mill briyani. I mean, this place is known for its thosai and not its briyani right?And I guess it wasn't so bad. Rice wasn't as tasty as some places I've been. The usual raita and pappadum.The dalcha was okay as well but nothing special I'd say. I do however wish they'd use a different achar pickle. This one didn't really have any kick.But I say again... we did not come back for the thosai. Nor the briyani...Now THIS is what I'm talking about. This is what we came to try.So many people recommended this exact dish here. So it must be damn good right...Like I said, I'm not really the type to go crazy for Chicken Masala when we go out to eat.I mean how good can it be right? Well.........THIS WAS THE BOMB!!Okay lah don't say the chicken or whatever lah (because everyone has their own preference on how they like their chicken) but I'm talking about the masala!! OMG!! It's damn nice lah. In fact it was so nice that even after we were done eating I was still dipping my fingers into the masala and eating it on its own. No more rice no more thosai no more chicken. I was just eating the Masala on its own!It's got a very good taste. Super tasty.And I think the best part is probably the fact that it's spicy but it doesn't burn your mouth or put you off the dish. It's the right amount of spice to make you keep going back for more and more and more.Whoever recommended for me to go back and try this - THANK YOU!So there you have it.So many more things to have at Sri Kamala Vilas but I actually have a strong feeling that when we go back we will probably have the Thosai and Chicken Masala again!For the full review and more mouth-watering pics, visit my blog!http://thehalalfoodblog.blogspot.sg/2012/11/sri-kamala-vilas-restaurant-part-ii.html continue reading
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Level4 2012-12-24
This place is guaranteed to make you full! I promise! Indian food is damn awesome!Here is a story of how i came to know this place. I was raised by my grandparents and they brought me here all the time when i was small. We usually had plain and paper thosai followed by some muruku. So tempting! I also had vadai which is some what like an indian donut with chili. this one does not have the prawn.Ok so, what was for dinner one night after a longggggggg day at work? I ordered masala chicken with vegetables and some yogurt. I am not very fancied by all of this except the chicken and the rice. I paid 8.70 and believe me.. this is so worth it! A half pot of rice! followed by loads of curry and masal chicken. I could barely finish anything!The masala chicken was playing a major riff in my mouth and the rice and curry added in the harmony and the solo was the masala tea! Damn this was delightful. I shit you not! The service was extremely good because they were helpful and considering the closing time.. It was time for to go out into the world! Well not really... they served me with great service!I have always been coming here for good indian food and i will always do! continue reading
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Level4 2011-06-25
Onion UthappamSomething like the combination of Prata and Thosai. A bit sour and very fragrant with the chopped onion inside. The gravy is not very spicy, still acceptable.The dhaal is thick and rich in flavour, the red and white gravy is a bit weird for me, though it's a good try.Tomato UthappamSame as the above, but with tomato it's more sour. but it is still a good choice. and a portion like this will be enough for lunch already. forget what this called but it's like fried Prata with some unknown stuff. Nice with fragrant indian spices and a bit spicy. the white creamy sauce is sth like mayo, tasted weird for me.Masala TeaThis is just something you have to try when you go Little india coz this is some kind of India tradisional drink. Normal milk tea with ginger paste at bottom! and actually for those who like ginger, you will find that the combination is not bad. and I find that this has spiciness relief function. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)