Streats serves popular Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesian and asian street food! Indulge wide array of menu from traditional dim sum, noodles, pasta and palatable Asian fanfares in our halal-certified restaurant. continue reading
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Milk Tea Wanton Mee
Review (6)
Level4 2013-12-31
Feeling hungry so just pop in to order the beef horfun is rather disappointed cos is tasteless. Beef itself is quite ok tender and soft but the gravy is not much taste and I have to add on soya sauce to add the taste. Baby corn, carrot, golden mushroom etc is added. I think wrong choice made... shall order other thing next time. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-15
After finishing the movie screening at Ehub Downtown east , feeling hungry so we decided to dine in Streat Hong kong Cafe. The restaurant is spacious and cosy, the restaurant serve different style of rice , noodles , dishes etc. We ordered their fried rice that come with chicken chop and guo tie. The fried rice was well cooked not oily and grainy and the chicken chop is crispy and tender and the guo tie is crunchy and the filling was fresh. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2013-12-10
Decided to head to Streats HK Cafe for lunch after watching 'Everybody's Business'. Browsed through its menu, there's many selections to choose from. Noodles, Rices, Pastas, you name it, they have it. The previous time I went, I tried its Baked Fish Filiet Rice ($9.90), which is very tasty, the fish was soft, they were very generous on the amount of cheese and also the rice, but this time, it disappoints me. Ordered its Chicken Sausage Fried Rice ($8.50) , Baked Fish Filiet Rice ($9.90), Deep Fried Prawn Dumpling ($4.00), as well as three drinks - Lychee Aloe Vera Green Tea with wolfberries ($4.00), Ice Peach Tea ($3.20) and also its Ice Lemon Tea ($3.20). Chicken Sausage Fried Rice was delicious, with lots of chicken sausages. The colour of the fried rice is also kind of different from the normal ones - their's is black colour, which I guess they added some black soya sauce. As for the Baked Fish Filiet Rice, just like I mentioned above, it really disappoints me. It took 20-25 minutes to prepare it, but when it was served to me, the look of the baked rice already made me lost half of my appetite. There were three pieces of capiscums around the plate, which makes it looks weird. The cheese and fish is still considered acceptable. Finally something that is nice. For the Deep Fried Dumplings, they used real prawns inside and you can find two small prawns hidden inside the dumpling, and it makes a perfect combination with the salad sauce. Also, the cups used to serve the Peach Tea and Lemon Tea is very special, normally only seen in those high class bubble tea shops. Total, I spent $38.61, Food was $32.80, Service Charge was $3.28 and GST was $2.53. Frankly speaking, their service isn't really that great, they are all over the restaurant, but doing nothing. Their service is also really really slow. Actually don't think that they deserves the $3.28, but don't want to spoil their mood, thus I paid for it. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-25
Streats HK Cafe at Downtown East is one of the halal establishments that serve a good variety of HK cuisine to the Singaporean market at reasonable prices. While the restaurant is generally clean and no-frills, there is a wide range of choices for the dishes ranging from rice and noodles to dim sum, fusion-HK/Western creations and an array of drinks (think: ice blends, desserts and the usual milk teas)I ordered their milk tea with glass (grass?) jelly - $3.80. The tea aroma and taste is quite strong -being very different from the super-milky Koi bubble tea or Gong Cha, this one really hits the spot for true tea lovers. It has a slight sappy film though, which wasn't completely unpleasant...Its a matter of preference for this. Opt for the grass jelly for your milk tea -it makes a delicious (albeit seemingly strange) difference! Definitely recommending this to everyone.The thick toast ($4.20) isn't like french toast -the bread quality is more similar to the bread in kaya toast, with two slices sandwiched together. The toast is crusty and well, really toasted (duh!). The honey did not drown the bread in an unnecessary sweetness, the flavour was just right. Coupled with the butter, this makes for a truly delicious afternoon snack. I might add too that the butter wasn't in excess, so dig in without guilt!The noodles (~$10+/-) in this were still springy, and the soup was clear. Its a really light dish for anyone who wants something soupy. They are also really generous with the shrimp wantons and the vegetables so no complaints here. While the shrimp wanton was realllllly compact (the filling was rly stuffed in!) and the soup was of a clear lightness, this dish wasn't particularly stellar. In due fairness, the simplicity of this dish made it extremely difficult for it to score as extraordinary though!The service here is friendly and if you do not wish to rush with the lunchtime crowd or the dinner rush, we recommend dropping by in the afternoon at 4 or so for some tea and toast : ) Great news for NTUC card members too as they are entitled to discounts here! continue reading
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Level3 2013-06-11
Here in E Hub, there's several Halal restaurant and Streats Hong Kong Cafe is one of them. This cafe serves both Hong Kong and Chinese cuisines in a casual style. The open-concept restaurant's cozy ambience is a decent place for a get-together for friends and families. Oh yes, they unfortunately, well for me, do not have any baby chairs. I was given with more than a 100 food items to choose from menu! From baked rice to noodles to Western delights to tea time item like the French toast and dim sums. I eventually settled for Wanton Noodles with Soup and for dessert, I had the French Toast with Honey and Butter. The Wanton Noodle was served within the next 10 minutes after ordering. It's just you mian noodles with 2 stalks of Kai Lan and 4 chicken dumplings. The dish served hot, was not exciting. Personally I think its just bland. Like really bland. Not a dish I would recommend to anyone. I wished they had chopped the Kai Lan into half. I had a hard time getting it into my mouth. The chicken dumplings was just okay. It's the only thing in that dish has flavors. At least my 3 year old niece enjoyed it.Then comes the French Toast. The toast was swimming in honey and lo and behold a very pathetic thin square shaped slice of butter floating on the top of the toast. Well at least it was not going to be bland and plain! The golden brown bread was soft. I was hoping they could be more crispy on the outer layer but it wasnt.I would not make another trip here anytime soon. Spent close to $15 for a dinner meal that just leave my mouth with a bad taste. Not worth it for me really. continue reading
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