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STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar is Bay Hotel Singapore's newly opened restaurant which gathers diverse flavours ranging from Italian, French and American to Vietnamese, Indonesian and Singaporean. Pick from as assortment of Asian selections, meats, seafood to pastas & pizzas. If you like some hot soup, individual hotpot is also available. continue reading
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Level4 2016-06-04
The restaurant was located at the first floor of Bay Hotel Singapore, which was just across the street from VivoCity Shopping mall. There was both outdoor alfresco dining, and indoor air-con dining area. When we stepped in the restaurant, it looked another hotel restaurant with buffet counter in the centre. The place was surrounded with cozy booth seating at the sides.Starting from 3 June 2016, the restaurant is offering a new all-day dining menu called Great Singapore Savour. Free Fresh Coconut Malibu for dessert and plus a chance of winning to win hotel stays and more with minimum order of $50 from the new menu (from 3 June till 14 August during the Great Singapore Sale period) .Salted Egg Lava Chicken Breast ($9.90)Cordon Bleu inspired deep-fried chicken breast with chef’s homemade salted yolk paste.An east meet west dish. A great idea. It looked great being golden brown with crispy crust. But when sliced opened, the salted yolk paste failed to flow out smoothly. The chicken tasted slightly more on the dry side. I wish that it could be more moist with a more in depth savoury filling.Cereal Prawns with Wasabi Dressing ($9.90)Deep-fried crispy prawns spiced with cereal and served with wasabi dip.It was a typical zi char dish. The wasabi dip was more like a normal mayonnaise dip with wasabi taste barely there.Shrimp and Eggplant Sambal ($8.90)Local eggplant with fresh shrimp stir-fried with spicy sambal.It was the smallest serving out of all the dishes served tonight, yet it was the first dish to wipe clean by everyone. One even half decided on getting a second serving. The sambal was the thing which gave this dish the kick. It was spicy, sweet and savoury at the same time. Even with just plain rice, it was great.X.O. Scallop & Prawns Fried Rice ($9.90)X.O. fried rice with prawns and scallops wrapped in egg skin.It was served as fried rice in omelette parcel, similar to Nasi goreng pattaya which was commonly found in malay hawker stalls. It tasted quite flavourful.Claypot Assam Fish Head ($18.90)Fish head simmered in assam gravyInterestingly the gravy was not the usual spicy and sour type. Instead it tasted slightly sweet and light, without much spiciness. The fish head was meaty and moist.Fresh Coconut Malibu ($8.90)Fresh young coconut fruit with parisienne of mixed fruits, topped with coconut ice cream and accompanied by fresh coconut juice.It was interesting to have the fresh coconut served with its flesh untouched and shaped like a cup. The ice cream was rich and creamy, balanced nicely with the fresh juicy tropical fruits such as dragonfruit.Overall the food was delicious and reasonable priced. Although located so near to the busy Vivocity Shopping mall, the place was not crowd and offered a relaxing feel. continue reading
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Level3 2016-03-26
This year, Bay hotel Singapore's inhouse Street 50 restaurant collaborates with local farms to give their customers a very different Easter lunch experience. Specialty egg dishes were crafted using N & N farm pasteurized fresh eggs and also quail eggs from Uncle William's quail farm.Easter Day "The Buffet Egg-Xperience" buffet lunch from 25-27 March 2016. Priced at S$38++ per adult and S$18++ per child (6-12yrs old). Plus 15% off adult pricing exclusively for DBS/POSB credit card cardmembers on both 26 and 27 March 2016.That's not all, good news for Street50 customers: For every 4 paying adults, there will be a free Easter Egg Terrarium. Workshop for building these Easter egg terrarium were by well-trained instructors from Gardenasia, renowned for nature-inspired events.We tried out some dishes from the buffet line.(1) Chinese Cold Cut- A typical plate of cold dish (冷盘) which we usually sees on the table in chinese restaurant or during wedding banquets. The highlight here were the fried quail eggs, chewy yet delicious. Rating 2/5(2) 62 degree Soft-boiled Egg with Chicken essence- My most love dish of the night. A 62 degrees soft-boiled egg on a bed of soft, smooth steamed egg base, topped off with Brand's chicken essence. A unique combination which I never tried before but this marriage was wonderful. Delicious and I felt energized after consuming this protein loaded dish. Rating 5/5(3) Potato Salad with Pommery Mayonnaise- A little surprise when this potato salad was served because it didn't really blend in with the chinese dishes before this. Nevertheless, it tasted decent but I wished they were on a bed of romaine lettuce and mixed nuts to have the extra crunch. Rating 2/5(4) Braised Tofu with Crabmeat and Egg White- A lightweight dish with homely taste, comfort food for me. The seafood freshness from crabmeat were the key factor to the savoury gravy and egg white made the whole tofu dish more smooth. Rating 4/5(5) Scotch Egg- Eggs were too well done and texture was very dry. Meat was bland and mustard provided didn't help at all. I suggest to skip this.(6) Over-Roasted Chicken with Quail Egg and Spicy Tomato Sauce- The spiciness of this tomato sauce was mild to me but I do like the smokey aftertaste. Chunks of chicken breast meat were abit dry so it's best to go with more gravy to balance it. Quail eggs tasted great and chewy on its own. Rating 3/5(7) XO Fried rice with Crabmeat- My the other loved dish apart from the 62 degrees soft-boiled egg. You could smell the fragrance of this fried rice even before it touches the table. Fried rice tasted very homely, just like how my mummy would have prepared it and rice texture 粒粒分明. Scoop some sambal chilli from the prawn dish and take together with this fried rice. It will definitely up your taste palate. Rating 4/5(8) Sambal Prawn with Quail Egg- Sambal chilli used for these prawns were good enough to give me the spicy kick! Prawns were also fresh and firm, I totally don't mind consuming more pieces Enough said about the quails eggs as a few dishes mentioned above have them. Rating 4/5** Overall experience was pleasant, most important was great company with a group of foodie friends. Food were decent but could be better. Service was good and price was reasonable. Most fun part was hands-on building my own terrarium and knowing a lot facts about eggs. ** 🚩Street 50 Restaurant and BarBay Hotel Singapore50 Telok Blangah RoadSingapore 098828Dining reservations: +65 68186681www.bayhotelsingapore.comOpens daily 6.30am to 10.30pm continue reading
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Level4 2016-03-18
For this Easter Weekend from 25-27 MArch 2016, Bay Hotel Singpore's Street 50 Restaurant & Bar is eggcited to bring on a buffet lunch menu with some speciality egg dishes curated using the First and Only Pasteurized fresh eggs in Singapore from the N&N Farm and freshly laid qual eggs from Uncle William's quail farm. There will also be a showcase set up by Kranji Countryside Farmers Market to bring together local farmers and artisans to celebrate Easter together with a local twist.The dining room of Street 50 is large enough to accomodate big parties. So this could be the ideal venue for your Easter, long weekend family gathering. The chic finishing with dark brown and white colour theme brings about a very comfy and cosy environment. The staff were very attentive and was always seen walking up and down the customers in hope that they would be needed.Here is their ala carte menu as well, if anything you should try their lemon grass drink. It is very refreshing!1. Combination of Chinese Cold CutsA common sight at wedding banquets would be the cold dish, but Street 50 has changed it up a little with adding Deep-fried quail eggs, along with favourites such as jellyfish, marinated octpus, prawn salad and spring rolls. As a quail egg lover, it was a delight to see my favourite tiny eggs deep fried.The spring rolls were pretty filing despite it's size. One spring roll and I was full, I attribute it to the thickly wrapped spring roll skin. The octopus were generous in size and well marinated, with a sweet aftertaste. The jellyfish was just right for me. It had a slightly chewy, and crunchy bite in every mouthful.2. 62 Degrees boiled Egg with Chicken EssenceI really liked this creation. It is a soft boiled egg in the center and surrounding it is steamed egg, all of this goodness topped off with chicken essence! And everyone knows about the health benefits of chicken essence from BRAND'S. STREET50 is proud to partner with N&N to provide pasteurized egg during this Easter buffet experience. Unlike typical eggs pasteurized eggs requires alot of R&D in the millions of dollars and it requires submerging them into boiling water to kill all forms of bacteria. Hence, you see the colour difference of the egg white, in comparison to the normal eggs. It is more evident in a black coloured bowl. But the outside, it is difficult to guess which is a pasteurized egg. You can only tell once you have cracked it open! But having said this, with pasteurized eggs, you can be more at ease, with eating a soft boiled egg. There are lower chances of getting any digestive problems as most of the bacteria has been killed off before the egg was even cracked open. I do know of friends who are unwilling to eat soft boiled egg, due to the fact that it is still partially raw.Pasteurized eggs contain Omega 3,6 and vitamin E. They are also lower in cholestrol and you can look forward to a healthier and more nutritious Easter Buffet!The BRAND'S essence gives a very strong and appetizing aroma to this simple but delightful starter. This dish will be made available at the Pasteurized Egg Live Station where you can also get omelette cooked in truffle oil, sunny side up or scrambled eggs as well.3. Potato Salad with Pommery MayonnaiseA potato salad dish with quail eggs. Not the most exciting dish, but I loved it nonethteless. The mayonnaise was spread consistently throughout the entire salad. The blend of spices in this salad, certainly brought out an aromatic fragrance which was a delight to my palate as I would usually skip heavy carb dishes like this. The hard boiled quailed eggs tasted fresh and firm with a chewy mouthfeel.  In my humble opinion, I personally felt that the quail eggs subtly complement well with the potato salad.4. Braise Tofu with Crabmeat and Egg WhiteA typical chicken dish with a twist. The nutritious sauce made with crab meat and pasteurized egg white was braised for hours to achieve this consistency. In addition, the crab meat were seen in chunks, that tasted fresh. I really loved the thick and flavourful sauce with its savoury crab meat and tofu. The texture of the tofu was done right for me and neither too soft nor too firm.5. Scotch EggI've only had scotch eggs 3 times in my life but this was a slightly different experience from the other two. The eggs seemed drier and could stay attached to the bread crumb layers, which made it difficult for me to eat it. Served with a mustard sauce, it was difficult to dip it into the sauce without losing either the bread crumb layer or the egg in the saucer. The bread crumb layer wasn't crispy and was rather doughy on the inside.This would be perfect for hard boiled egg lovers. But for me, it was a bit disappointing.6. Oven-roasted Chicken with Quail Egg and Spicy Tomato SauceThis was another quail egg delight for me. The oven-roasted chicken came out smelling so good. The chicken meat seemed okay and slightly dry on the edges, but coupled with the spicy tomato sauce which really wasn't spicy, which is great for non-spicy food eaters like myself. The meat was drenched in a satisfaction guaranteed sauce! The flavour was a bit mild for my liking but I had no complaint other than maybe an enhancement of the tomato flavour. The eggs held up nicely in the sauce. I finished up all the quail eggs in the dish by myself!7. Sambal Prawn with Quail EggI've never seen sambal prawns served with egg, but that doesn't mean they don't go well together. This was an aromatic sambal, flavoured with a belnd of spices. The prawns encased within were fresh and juicy. The essence of the sambal could be tasted in the entire dish, even the eggs. I could easily detect the spiciness of the sambal so this wasn't the dish for me. But it depends on  each individuals' threshold for spiciness. This combination was surprisngly good, in my opinion. It is definitely worth the try.8. XO Fried Rice with CrabmeatServed with subtly with pasteurized egg white, this XO Fried Rice with crabmeat was a very comforting chinese dish. One mouth and I was sold. The wok-hei was evident in taste but not in aroma. The crab meat wasn't really visible in the dish, but you could taste it. This was a good end to the meal and there is a completel gamut of egg-xquisite culinary delights. On top of the eggciting buffet options. With every 4 paying adult, you get to bring home an Easter Egg Terrarium. Try you hard at the alfresco workshop!Here is the exact terrarium that you get to work on. It is alot of fun, and kids or adults can enjoy the experience together!It comes with a packet of loose soil and little coloured rocks that act as a drainage for the terrarium.  We had so much fun building our terrariums and we also had experts guide us on how to place the soil and how to take care of it. It was a fun and educational experience.Check out this pretty terrarium that one of the bloggers did! You only need to water it 5 teaspoons every 2 weeks!Overall : With all the activities that STREET50 has planned. This is more than just a Easter lunch buffet. It's filled with quizzes, fun and games, and even build a terrarium. Expect to spend a little longer testing your knowledge on quail and pasteurized eggs. The food itself is also pretty unique for this season! continue reading
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Level3 2016-03-15
Full review on http://www.nahmj.com/2016/03/15/buffet-egg-xperience-street-50-restaurant-bar-bay-hotel-harbourfront/Street 50 Restaurant and Bar of the Bay Hotel Singapore has curated a lunch buffet, titled The Buffet Egg-Xperience. This year the restaurant has partnered with the First and Only Pasteurized fresh eggs in Singapore from the N&N Farm and freshly laid quail eggs from Uncle William’s quail farm, and together with Gardenasia to bring an array of egg related menu and activities to complement the Easter theme. Gardenasia is the nature-based events management arm of the Nyee Phoe Group that that co-organizing the Kranji Countryside Farmers Market.At The Buffet Egg-Xperience, diners will be entertained with egg-citing quail stories and egg-ducational talks by the renowned Uncle William Ho. He is affectionately known as “The Quail Man of Lim Chu Kang”. He is the co-owner of the game-bird farm, Lian Wah Hang Farm. And that’s not all! Diners could try your hand at the alfresco Easter egg terrarium workshop conducted by Gardenasia’s ‘egg-ffervescent’ instructors.So much so on the activities during the Easter weekend. Now let us look at what are the highlights on food offered at the Buffet Egg-Xperience. There are a good mix of Chinese and Western with the featured ingredients, EGGS! And only pasteurized fresh eggs from N&N Farm are used. As such diners could enjoy the eggs with a peace of mind since the pasteurisation process kill Salmonella or Bird Flu Virus which may be present inside or outside the eggs.On the Chinese selection, first we have the Chinese Cold Cuts comprising Jellyfish, Marinated Octopus, Prawn Salad, Spring Rolls and Deep-fried Quail Eggs. This is a typical Chinese Cold Cuts Combination that is commonly served at Chinese banquet. But what is unique at this buffet is the quail egg was served.The 62 Degree Celsius Soft Boiled Egg in BRAND’S Essence of Chicken is one of the highlights at the Buffet Egg-Xperience. In it there is a runny yolk which I adore. But as there is BRAND’S Essence of Chicken added, it would be a Love it or Hate it dish, depending on one’s prefer for the Chicken Essence. Personally, I detest Chicken Essence. But maybe due to the runny yolk that I am biased over, I find this dish acceptable.Next the healthy and homely Braised Tofu with Crabmeat and Egg White is also part of the buffet. I am not a Tofu fan and am neutral to this dish. But I am in tune with the other diners of the night that the gravy was flavourful.The next dish, the Signature XO Fried Rice with Crabmeat is very well-liked by diners, including myself. Flavourful and yet homely. It reminded me of my mom’s fried rice.For diners who enjoyed spicy dishes, you are in luck. At Buffet Egg-Xperience, 2 spicy dishes were offered. First on the deck is the Oven-roasted Chicken with Poached Eggs in Spicy Tomato Sauce. Lightly spicy with tender breast meat and olive to add an unique flavour to the dish. However, Olive is not an ingredient well accepted by many, hence some may find the flavour not too pleasing.The next dish is my favourite among all the dishes we tried for the night, the Sambal Prawns with Quail Eggs. A little more spicy than the Chicken dish but still at an acceptable spice level for most. Unless one’s spicy tolerance is really low. The sambal was fragrant. It is similar to the typical sambal prawn dish offered in the Peranankan restaurants.Two of the Western dishes spotlights are on the Potato Salad with Pommery Mayonnaise and Scotch Eggs with Mustard Sauce. The Potato salad has always been a crowd pleaser.While the Scotch Eggs with Mustard Sauce, such a classic English dish. I think the minced meat that coated the egg used is chicken. Most of us felt that it tasted so much better when the scotch eggs were eaten with the mustard sauce.In short, there are hit and misses but lots of fun from the activities.For more reviews, visit http://www.nahmj.com/ continue reading
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Bejewelled Christmas by the bayAre you ready for a merry feasting time? Yes, the countdown is on for Christmas and if you haven't made plans yet to stuff yourselves silly, you can check out the line-up of seafood and festive staples made by Street 50 Restaurant & Bar for this Christmas season from 24 December 2015 to 2 January 2016.Entering Street 50 Restaurant & Bar, the first impression was its quiet elegance decked in dark tones and wood accents, with corners and booths for intimate gatherings for friends and family. A long table is available for larger groups. The buffet spread locates itself prominently in the centre, making it easy to reach and refill your plates to your hearts' content.We kicked off the feast with the Salmon Carpacio with Coriander and Pinenut Vinaigrette, delightful pops that packs a flavourful punch, a refreshing and tasty appetizer that preps you for more.The showstopper of the night were these Smoked Oyster and Crab Cake, tantalizingly golden pieces that were generous with oyster and crab meat, topped with tangy papaya salsa! Advice: Grab as many of these, because it is SO popular.Will you dig into this Black Pepper Alaskan Crab Claw with Gingko Nut for some succulent crab meat? It is bursting with crab meat, so it is easy to enjoy crab here without an arms workout! The black pepper sauce really got me reaching for it again and again. Its peppery spiciness lingers as an aftertaste, which I paired up with the Seafood Paella which erred on the side of being dry and tasteless.These Canadian Bay Scallops with Tomato Essence were the most photogenic of the lot, a juicy pop of scallop accompanied with carrots, radish and pickles. These are fuss-free to eat, so I'd imagine reaching for it endlessly on buffets ;) Stack those shells up!The Turkey Breast is a must-have for Christmas parties, so Street 50 Bar & Restaurant has ensured that you won't miss this integral part of the festive season of course! The Turkey Breast was on the drier side, but it is harder to maintain moisture on turkey as opposed to other types of meats, so I guess it can be pardoned with its two innovative sauces - the coriander cucumber and the pineapple salsa! Both are extremely interesting on the senses, with the coriander cucumber being surprisingly delicious and good with the turkey breast. I would think something so green wouldn't be that appealing, but it is the complete opposite of what I thought it would be. The pineapple salsa is slightly spicy and tingly, fruity with sweet and sour notes.If you're looking for your sweet ending to a buffet, grab an Iced Chocolate and the Crepe Suzette. The Crepe Suzette had its crepe soaked in a sauce full with tangs of mandarin orange zest, which proved to be a love-it-or-hate-it sort of dessert. The Iced Chocolate, on the other hand, would probably hit the right notes with most people around, resembling the local favourite drink Milo but with a stronger chocolate taste. continue reading
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