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<br>Stuttgart is a piece of Germany in the heart of Singapore, serving up a wide range of German beers and wines. The cafe also serves traditional German food such as their dumplings, snacks and German products. continue reading
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For more review, visit http://www.umakemehungry.com/2015/04/stuttgart-blackforest-boutique-s-cafe.htmlGuten Tag! The way of saying good day in German. Visiting Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique Cafe has always been in the back of our mind. With years working in a German firm, I learn that German Cuisine were not just about beer and pork knuckles though it was being portray in such way.Having visited Germany a year or two back, Stuttgart is one of the place I heard and still yet to be checked on my visited list. All I heard was their reputable black forest and cuckoo clock factory. S-Cafe was decked out with woods, giving a quaint environment. There were even large green pine trees to mimic the forest environment or even those beer gardens in Germany. Atmosphere was generally interesting and definitely relaxing. For those who love nature, this might be a good choice for you.How can the trip to a German Cafe be completed without a sip of their beer? Food was all washed down by the bottle of Engel Radler.While the partner is in need of some caffine to perk himself up with a cup of Iced Cappucino. It came as a little surprise as cookies were given and syrup was added separately.A basket of bread and magarine spread was compliments from the cafe.Braised Beef Short Ribs was introduced by one of the server and that was not from the menu. I guess that dish was available on certain days only. Braised Beef was cooked to its tenderness which allowed meat to be easily removed from the bone and was supported by a bed of mashed potatoes and 2 slices of vegetables. It was crunchy and kind of reduce the smell of the beef Short Ribs. I was told that those vegetables were called watermelon carrot when I asked about them.The more than 100g large slice of Signature Black Forest Cake did not disappoint. It was rich and creamy but not cloying in its chocolate sponge and kirsch soaked cherries. Every layer was well define, given a good texture of what a Black Forest Cake was supposed to be. It's the best so far that I had ever eaten in Singapore. continue reading
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Level4 2014-09-04
After the first time discovering Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Cafe, I suggested to my dear girls *Charmaine and *Micaela to dine there since it is near their office.I was late because of a company event, but nonetheless *Micaela saved a portion of sausage for me from her dish of Lentils, homemade Swabian pasta and Sausages dish (SGD$15.00). The sausage was springy with freshness, and tasted of real veal meat instead of the artificial / mixed-meat flavors of some sausages elsewhere. The gravy was a lovely mushroomy flavor - which *Micaela couldn't help but swipe clean the plate with bread, lolling in the deliciousness of the gravy.I had the Maultaschen Swabian Dumplings with Potato Salad (SGD$15.00) with Tomato Salsa dressing. The potato salad with its tiny cubes of potato was something I have been craving for since the last time I had it. The dumpling skin was made of pasta / dough, and the ground beef inside the dumplings was tasty in a light flavor. There was not an ounce of fatty meat to be found, which scored high points in my book. Topped with the sour-sweet salsa sauce, this dish was simply divine!An Engel Radler beer (SGD$12.00) accompanied my meal, and I liked it more than the Alpirsbacher Radler that I had during the last visit. Light and fizzy with deliciousness of lemonade amongst this pure beer, it was the perfect drink after a hard day's of work.For more detailed information and photos, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/09/dinner-at-stuttgart-blackforest.html continue reading
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Prior to this Between X OpenRice Food Tasting Session, my only experience with German-based cuisine had been a couple of visits to Brotzeit for some schnitzels and bratwursts. My Deutsch foodie experience was thus greatly enhanced during this Tasting Session, courtesy of Between and OpenRice. Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Café is a lovely little German eatery that appears to pride itself on delivering an authentically German experience to its patrons. This was evident throughout my visit.While waiting to be seated, one already catches a glimpse of the exquisitely-furnished café interior. An impressive variety of pastas and spirits sits invitingly on large wooden shelves. Stepping inside, I was struck by the sight of large majestic trees scattered across the eatery, their branches reaching towards the lofty ceiling. Much thought and care was indeed put into the decorations, with a spinning water wheel and a wall of antique cuckoo clocks among the more outstanding features.Water wheel: attention-catching centrepieceWater feature complete with fishShelves upon shelves of specialty pastasAfter getting to meet the fellow OpenRicers present as well as Joash, the General Manager (Singapore) of VCNC (which is behind the Between app), we were ready to choose our dishes from a selection of mains and desserts to accompany a Wurstsalat (SGD 18++), a salad with sausages, onions and gherkins.The Wurstsalat was simple yet satisfying in a understated way. The sausage slices possessed a unique mix of tastes, with a slight sourish tang adding some tart zest to the otherwise salty meat. The accompanying greens and cherry tomatoes added the finishing gustatory as well as visual touches.For my main, I went for the Schwäbische Maultaschen (SGD 25++), which consists of two large pockets of Swabian pasta, each stuffed with savoury minced beef. These were served on a bed of sautéed onions and potatoes. Accompanying these was a mesclun salad complete with bright cherry tomatoes. The two maultaschen were generously sized and appetizingly presented, with the onions, potatoes and salad each adding a distinct dimension to the meat pockets. The pasta itself was soft and subtly fragrant, and provided a perfect foil to the more intense flavours of the minced beef. The maultaschen were well-complemented by the bed of potatoes and onions, whose tangy flavours I presume may be attributed to a vinaigrette dressing. It was indeed a flavourful and well-balanced dish.Flavourful minced beef within!Accompanying my meal was a cappuccino (SGD 10++) which was easily the most frothy and fluffy coffee I have ever encountered. Check out the froth!If you cut through all that fluff (literally), you will find that Stuttgart does really do quite a mean cappuccino. The coffee was thick and full-bodied, with intense aromas wafting up with every (divine) sip. Rounding off the feast was a slice of Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (SGD 12++), a freshly-baked Blackforest cake that was fluffy, creamy, light and rich all at once. The spongy cake layers were interspersed with sweet and gooey cherries, with cream and chocolate shavings holding it all together. The cake was delightfully sweet and intensely flavoured with Kirschwasser, a traditional cherry liquor, making it a wonderful flavourful burst on the palate.While service was reasonably attentive and polite to a fault, it was at times a little slow. We were made to wait uncomfortably long for some of the dishes, but this could be put down to the large group we were in. Overlooking this blemish, the homely ambience and quality of food were indeed top notch, making a visit to Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Café an advisable one. Just be sure to visit only when not in a rush, and go prepared to spend a leisurely evening over some great-tasting German cuisine. Do also take the opportunity to take a few photographs (unintrusively of course), as the café is painstakingly decorated.En Guete! continue reading
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If you're looking for an authentic German culinary experience in Singapore, Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Cafe should be one of the top of your list. I had the opportunity to visit Stuttgart a few years back and had craved for the same dining experience ever since, and I'm happy to say that Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Cafe has made its mark. I am so grateful for this joint-initiative by Between and OpenRice Singapore, enabling me to participate in this food-tasting session and relive those nostalgic Stuttgart memories. The cafe is strategically located near a busy traffic junction, but once ensconced within its cosy interior, one would be hard-pressed to notice the hustle and bustle of the busy street outside.Step into the cafe and you will be in awe of the carefully-decorated dining area. The cafe has trees for pillars and partitions instead of your usual white-washed walls, imparting the impression of dining in the midst of a enchanted forest. There is also a wall of cuckoo houses and a wine vault located on the second floor. Strangely enough, the entire atmosphere is an exact replica of traditional German cafes. I would say that the experience in the cafe was rather similar to what I had encountered in Germany. The German greeting "Guten Tag", which means 'hello', is splayed across the refrigerators, each containing many glass bottles of German beer. Instead of rambling on about the magnificent ambience, I shall bring your attention back to the food and beverages. Cappuccino - SGD10.00In all honesty, the cappuccino is not the highlight of the cafe. In fact, Germany is famous for its beer and not the coffee. The froth had too many bubbles in it and the coffee itself did not even fill half the cup. Being Singaporean, my first instinct was to look at whether there was any latte art. But no, the barista did not make any. Despite the underwhelming presentation, the aroma of the cappuccino was strong and it tasted creamy and smooth.Peppermint Tea - SGD10.00I really loved the Peppermint Tea which was flown in from Stuttgart. Bearing the Hochland brand name, it was extremely fragrant and rather light on the palate. I felt so relaxed after drinking it and had such a good night's sleep after the meal.Wurstsalat - SGD18.00This wurstsalad contains sausage slices with onions and gherkins. The sausage slices tasted more like ham, but the vegetables were really fresh! The cherry tomatoes were juicy and I thought that the gherkins gave a natural sourish flavour. Schwäbische Maultaschen - SGD25.00I really loved this dish of Swabian pasta with meat pockets, served with sautéed onions on the side. It reminded me of xiao long bao (Shanghai Dumplings), except that it is a larger version, uses beef and comes without any broth within. As the Swabian pasta was rather thick, it kept me from feeling hungry even hours later. The beef was so tender and juicy and I think it's best to eat it plain, without any other sauces. Spezialität Bratwurst - SGD25.00Some of the OpenRicers also ordered the specialty sausages, which come with potato salad and sauerkraut. Beef, chicken or pork variants are available. According to them, the portion was not filling enough. I guess the Asian palate is not used to having sausages as a main meal. Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte - SGD12.00We also ordered a slice of their signature Blackforest cake. According to the menu, the cake is freshly baked and there are only limited servings per day. Although the type of alcohol it contains is not stated, I guess it is either rum or brandy.The cake tasted fresh and there was little moisture. I love the chocolate crumbs and the sweetness that accompanied every bite. It was not overly sweet, and the cream added smoothness to the texture. The alcohol part was at the bottom of the cake, hence if you cannot take alcohol, you can easily remove the bottom layer.Here are some tips for OpenRicers who are keen to visit the Cafe.1. It is highly recommended that you bring along a camera because the cafe is really well-decorated. It is not necessary to bring any portable flash as the cafe is well-lit.2. Do ask to be seated near the cashier or the kitchen as it is slightly difficult to get the attention of the staff if you sit in some obscure corner.3. Be prepared to part with some extra cash as there is a pop-up store in the cafe where you can buy goods, such as their tea or their clocks which are flown from Germany.4. Be patient as their service may not be up to standard. From our experience, they mixed up our orders but this may be due to the fact that were 9 of us, hence the large group may have caused some confusion. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)