Suki-Ya truly brings the popular ‘House of Hot Pot’ concept to life, offering a heart-warming dining experience at an affordable price. continue reading
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Shabu Shabu Sukiyaki
Review (6)
Level4 2013-11-12
We had the sukiyaki and tonyu miso soup as soup base. Sukiyaki was mildly sweet and made all the food cooked in it a little sweeter. I preferred the tonyu miso soup though, it was milky and a little sweet. It tasted delicious I thought. For Suki-ya, they have a wide selection of mushrooms and vegetables which made me feel healthier. Their shitake mushroom was the best in my opinion. They offer free flow of pork, beef and chicken. The pork was the tastiest of all these meat.They have a variety of balls like lobster, mushroom, fish. The most shiok one was chicken and cheese balls. For dessert, they have ice cream. I want to recommend the peach tea flavor ice cream. I have never seen such a flavour before and it actually tasted like real peach tea. pretty interesting. continue reading
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Level2 2013-08-28
I went to the Suki-ya on 22 August to celebrate a friend's birthday at the lunch time. According to normal pricing on weekdays, $16.90++ for lunch (80mins) and $20.90++ for dinner (100mins). $2 addition is required if it is on the weekends/ public holidays. If you're a student, the price you get is $11.90++. There are costs for the unlimited supply of drinks. $1.50 for tea either hot/cold and $4.90 for soft drinks (Pepsi, Mountain Dew and 7-UP).There are 3 types of meat. Chicken, Pork and Beef. The meat are thinly sliced so it will cook fast in the boiling broth. There are 4 types of broth. Kimchi, Tonyu Miso, Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki. We chose the shabu shabu and sukiyaki broth. The sukiyaki broth is a beef based soup and is slightly salty than other broth. (those who don't consume beef for other reasons.) The shabu shabu broth has a clearer taste and sweet taste.On the top is the shabu shabu broth and the bottom is the sukiyaki broth.Beside the meat, there are other foods which are at the Healthy Bar. There are varieties of vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, meat balls for you to make your broth with more flavours and make your meal healthier. For those who are worried that there aren't any carbohydrates food, there are rices, udon noodles, cellophane noodles and ramen noodles. There are eggs for those who likes to dip their meat into it (I like eating this way), making hard boiled eggs or simply pour the egg into the broth to enhances the flavours. There are many dipping sauces, sesame seeds sauce, ponzu sauce (shoyu with vinegar), miso tare (soybean paste sauce), and my own DIY sauce (chillies, ponzu sauce, spring onions and sesame seeds) For dessert, if I'm not wrong, the fruit of the day is by random. On that day, there are watermelon slices laid out nicely. There is a ice cream machine there but it was down on the day I visited the store so those who visit Suki-ya the next time, enjoy your ice cream At the end, we paid $11.90 for 6 people. 3 soft drinks and 3 hot tea [ ($4.90 x 3) + ($1.50 x 3) ]. The total bill was about $108. Approximately $18 for each person. It is slightly expensive for students like us but it was a satisfying meal for a birthday party. The service there are good especially an auntie who served us with a bright smile of her and joke with us to make us feel more comfortable. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-06
After doing our usual groceries shopping at Tampines Mall, we by-pass Suki-ya and saw a huge advertisement just outside the restaurant on premium wagyu beef platter at special price of S$6.90++ usual price at S$14.90. My husband suggested that we will have shabu shabu for dinner and its been a while since we last visited this restaurant.For broth selection we chose Shabu Shabu (lightest of the four broth which is a simmered combo stock) and Sukiyaki (a savory sweet soy sauce base). Sukiyaki broth is good for meat dips. The other two broths are Kimchi and Touyu Miso. There are unlimited servings for their premium meats comprising of thinly sliced pork, chicken and beef. To begin with we chose two plates of pork, a plate of chicken and beef and of course one plate of their current promotion for premium wagyu beef platter.At the pickup food station there are a variety of assorted vegetables, different types of tofu, shiitake, lobster and vegetable balls and mushrooms. The choices of sauces are limited but the key ingredient for a good sauce mix is the Miso Tare (soy bean paste). With a little bit of this and a little bit of that added to the sauce bowl you have a new found sauce combination. The Miso Tare spiced up and enhanced all the meat flavours.For noodle lovers, there are a few selection of noodles to go along with your meal.The dinner buffet for adult at S$20.90++.The free flow drink buffet at S$4.90 will be beneficial for a bigger group of diners. My hubby ordered green tea and I ordered the Pepsi but this drink buffet does not benefit me since I drank only one glass. Blurp.Total bill $72.95P.S. Currently there is a promotion for OCBC cardholders, a 10% discount will be given to bill S$80 and above. Too bad we were short of S$7.05. My hubby remarked that we should have ordered another plate of Premium Wagyu Beef Platter and get the 10% discount. Never mind, next round. continue reading
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Level2 2013-01-28
Good place to settle my steamboat/soup craving, but not recommended if you are a slow eater or plan to have a mini gathering/catchup with friends as they limit eating time to 100 minutes.Great variety of vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, meatballs & garnish.Few types of soup base to choose from.Udon goes well with kimchi soup!I prefer beef over chicken! There is pork too."Invent" your own dipping sauce. Raw egg recommended so that the beef will have a smooth texture to it!Love the cheese meat ball but be careful not to bite into it too fast as it can be scalding and spill out.Decorate your own ice cream after a fulfilling dinner. continue reading
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Level3 2012-10-21
100 Minutes buffet never tried before this .I think it is more than enough to fill up the tummy . The beef slices are way too small but it is very thin so that it be cooked easily. My wife and I thought it was just one soup base when we read up from the company home page but guess what there are two , so we chose the Shabu Shabu - Non Spicy and Kim Chi for myself. It was a nice place to go for buffet for $25++ per pax for the weekend and your clothes not smell when you leave the place. continue reading
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