Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya offers Japanese Yakiniku fare D.I.Y. style. Turn meat or seafood skewers over the restaurant's unique charcoal grills. Alternatively, there are pre-grilled food items on the menu as well. continue reading
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See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2015/12/20/4pax-family-lunch-sumiya-on-20dec2015/son was back from london for holidays.we decided to have a sunday family lunch. mikuni was fully booked so we went to sumiya on 20.12.2015. ^^came to sumiya a few times, most recetly with a RI friend on 30.10.2015.then the bara kaisen don set was still S$18.80 & the wagyu don set S$30.80. price had gone up since. the bara kaisen don set still ok at S$20.80, but the wagyu don set went up very steep, now at S$38.80!it was excellent though, the beef was so wonderful, very marbled & tasty! :-)c/w the realtively poor S$50 wagyu & onion don at ginzawa that was much below expectations.2 of us had the bara kaisen don set, wife had the anago don set (forgot to take photos) & youngest daughter had the ex S$38.80 wagyu don set.the bara kaisen don just just as good. sashimi cuts were very fresh & tasty.salad was usual.there was chawanmushi. it was ok but btw item for the set.we all agreed my own chawanmushi was better – smooth, tasty.side today was sweet potatoes. nicely sweet with good bite texture.& we all liked the mochi.very nice cream inside, not so sweet la so quite edible!had a great family lunch. continue reading
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Level1 2015-06-16
Hi fellow foodies,I like to share my experience with all of you on my recently food hunt. I was lucky to have a chance to try one of the top favourite chirashi recommend by OpenRice Sg. I was spoil with the wide choices and I chose Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya partly I was "Wow" by the food photo accompany it and also coz OpenRice mention that it was the "Holy Grail" of Chirashi. Sumiya is located at level 12 Orchard Central. Prior reservation is recommended. The Chirashi is actually one of the 12 lunch sets promotion and its call "Mixed Bara Kaisen" Don. As you can see from the set lunche menu pic attached above. Upon arrival I was greeted warmly and immediately taken to my seat. I was there around 1.30pm and there was already a large lunch crowd. I was seated on the high table bar stool section. Basically Sumiya dinning area consist of 3sections. The high table, the main dinning area and the low table area.The wait staffs were attentive and I immediately gave them my order. MsYoko, hope I get her name right, was very helpful. She mention that all their seafood donburi (Rice Bowl) items use warm steamed white rice And for the mix Bara Kaisen Don that I am having, she recommend to pair it with sushi rice instead. oh did I mention that the set lunches comes with free flow hot or ice cold green tea. At last my Chirashi arrived!!  Like they always say:" Camera Eat 1st". Wahahaha. I can only say wow! As I busy snapping away the beautiful display infront of me. Ok there you have it. Beside being mention as the "Holy Grail" of Chirashi by OpenRiceSg, I would also like to call it my little " Happiness in A Bowl". Hehe. Mouthful after mouthful of pure delights and I notice I was giggling occassionlly cos I couldn't contain my excitement of delicious food. The Mix Bara Kaisen Don lunch set comes with the usual sides nothing to scream about. But the dessert was a delightful green tea Mochi, which help to calm me down after all tat excitement. HahaHa. One of the better Mochi I've had. Thanks all for reading this review hope u enjoy it , salivating it and dreaming it. Haha. Cheers! continue reading
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Level2 2015-04-21
Sometimes, I come across something so good, that every bite felt soul shining and that I momentarily lose myself in my food. Lunch at Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya @ Orchard Central is just that and perhaps abit more.Hidden in a little loft at Orchard Central, this gem of a restaurant is one of Orchard’s best kept secret that I almost didn’t feel like sharing.Sumiya is offering an awesome lunch set deal where you can get a Mix Bara Kaisen Don set for a steal of $18.80 and other equally irresistible options.The delectable set is food-coma inducing, with a generous bowl full of assorted sashimi cubes, avocado and blanketed with toboki and salmon roe. It comes with sesame sauce should you need that additional umami kick but its hardly required here. Completing the set are other side kicks like chawanmushi, an appetizer, miso soup, salad and mochi. This set is a force to be reckoned with.Less belly bursting but still delicious is the Ni Anago Don Set (Simmered Conger Eel) with delicately simmered conger eel. Look Ma! I can’t see my rice!A hearty choice would be the Teriyaki Chicken Don set. Tender morsels of teriyaki chicken makes a satisfying lunch. I’m not sure how long the lunch set promotion would last, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be visiting Sumiya again and again. continue reading
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For full review and photos please visit http://look-see-eat.blogspot.sg/2015/03/utage-set-dinner-for-two-at-sumiya.htmlAlthough Sumiya brands itself as an izakaya, it really ... isn't. The menu is heavy on sashimi and sushi, with particular emphasis on 'fresh' bluefin tuna. Anyway we decided to just go for the middle road option of three different set menus - the Utage Course at $128 for two:- Edamame- Salmon Avocado Monaka- 5 Kinds of Premium Sashimi- Char-Grilled Chicken with Crazy Salt- Double Steamed Rice with Grilled Eel and Salmon Roe- Snow Crab Clear Soup- Deep Fry: Shrimp, asparagus and tuna meat- Dessert of the DayFood overall was mixed, with some good dishes and some bad. Quantity and variety was spot on for $75/pax but quality was a little lacking. continue reading
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Overall, it was a good meal. Even though it was slightly expensive, the food was fresh and the service decent. If you are craving for Japanese charcoal grilled food at a restaurant with a great view, you should definitely check out Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya! continue reading
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