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Inspired by the trattorias and pizzerias of Italy, we serve hearty Italian cuisine and like to keep it simple – just like the Italians do. continue reading
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Styled as a casual Italian meets Southeast Asian fusion restaurant, Supply & Demand, which is operated by the Cre8 Group, first opened in the Esplanade in September 2013, with their second outlet in Orchard Gateway opening in May 2014. While it started life as a modern Italian Peruvian bistro and rooftop bar, Supply & Demand, whose name references a business economics term, has since evolved by offering more familiar flavours.Ambience at Supply & Demand is one of the highlights. Industrial chic meets faux greenery, with an eclectic mix of furnishings that resemble both a European countryside home, as well as a streetside cafe. Along with warm decorative lights, wooden shelves lined with books and bottles of wine, faux trees, faux lawn carpets, soft leaf green cushions, and a open kitchen, Supply & Demand exudes a comfortable feel, the sort of place you can linger and pass the day. Love the place!Service at Supply & Demand is decent enough, but forgettable. Staff are friendly, polite, and efficient, quick to seat diners and take orders. Empty / dirty tables are cleared quickly. Staff display very simple product knowledge, though this is alleviated somewhat as the menu has ample descriptions of each dish. But there is very little engagement overall, and seeing as this is primarily an Italian restaurant, I expected a lot more interaction.Food at Supply & Demand is all about classic, rustic, Italian dishes in hearty portions. There is also an experimental selection of fusion dishes, inspired by Southeast Asian flavours that the founders experienced on their travels. The Peruvian aspect seems to have been mostly dropped. Generally, I find most dishes here to be decently executed, with above average taste. Prices are affordable for the quality of food, and good value for money, budget about SGD $27 per person for a meal here (without drinks). No surprise that Supply & Demand is often crowded at meal times!Brewed from barley malts, the Beer Peroni Nastro Azzurro (SGD $9 / $15) is a straw golden coloured pale Roman lager, whose name means 'Blue Ribbon' in Italian. A really light European beer, refreshing and great for summer days!The Polenta Piccolo (SGD $17) features 2 poached eggs over 2 blocks of fried polenta cake, topped with thinly sliced prosciutto crudo di parma / parma ham, drizzled with hollandaise sauce, and sprinkles of grana padano cheese, with a garden salad on the side. I loved how the perfectly poached, runny egg yolk mixed with the polenta cake, which has a nice crisp exterior, and a soft grainy interior. The polenta cake is stuffed with summer vegetables, such as carrot, zucchini, and spinach, and I love its savoury sweet taste.Full Supply & Demand review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/12/supply-demand.html continue reading
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Level4 2015-11-19
For more reviews, do visit www.umakemehungry.comWhile discussing on the venue for our dinner gathering, I pointed out to Supply & Demand at Orchard but was being ignored as my buddies thought I was off the topic instead of suggesting a place for dinner. It was until i repeated quite a number of times then my group of friends realized that there was actually this place called "Supply & Demand" in Orchard Gateway.It's easy to spot the place as it was within a short distance to Somerset MRT Station linking to the exit towards Orchard Gateway. Head up to the escalator into level two and you will find them at one corner.When I was there initally, there wasn't any queue, and it was like minutes away when I went to pick my friend and crowd flew in. Environment was bustling and packed. Interior had illustrated a semi industrial concept with open ceiling that reveal the height and pipping of the place. With its wooden chairs, tables as well as faux trees around, ambiance had changed towards a semi industrial and garden place, relaxing and somewhere where we can spend all night chilling without getting uncomfortable.Though S & D (Supply & Demand) was supposed to be serving Italian Food. They have reserved a page on their menu for S.E.A (South East Asia) Flavours. Patrons get to enjoy familar snacks like Otak, Spring rolls and other dishes etc.Recommended under the S.E.A section, we find no reasons not to order these drumlets. It comes in a pot of 5, these mouth watering crispy drumlets kick start our dinner. Served with addictive Homemade Spicy Dipping Sauce.Find these lip smackingly good starters as you enjoy these drumlets with a dab of chilli. Aglio Olio was perfectly done with its pasta cooked to its Al Dente Texture, it had already won my stomach. There were no doubt on the quality of their incoming dishes. It was stronger in its Garlicky flavours so as to remove the seafood smell from the prawns. It wasn't too greasy and was done up with a classic dressing of Hot Olive Oil as well as Dried Chilli Pepper.What is Italian Cuisine noted for? It's advisable not to leave a Italian Restaurant without trying their Pizzas especially when S & D is famous for! The regular pizza size comes in 9" and you can opt for a larger size at 13". Having it thin crust, it was really hard to say no to them. Spreaded with Tomato sauce as its based with Mozzarella and Parama Ham, the pizza is topped with Rucola Salad (with rocket leaves) and shaved Parmesan cheese drizzled with olive oil. Crust was baked till a textural bite like what we got from biting a biscuit, this style is true to its namesake.Main courses were prepared differently daily base on the decisions of the chef and came with 2 sides. Pork was rather fatty lending an unctuous essence to the dish overall. The tangy sauce gave a perfect marriage to the dish. Sides like grilled assorted vegetables include red bell pepper, squash, carrot and cucumber.Grilled to the perfect done-ness according to our preference, this juicy slab of Medium Well Done Angus Beef Ribeye left us with a satisfying meal. We had the plate polished clean even though the former main course was served first. The charred checked surface and its glistering layer under the light were simply irresistible. With juices yielding to knife's cut, it gave a ever-so-satisfying to cut into. Focusing into the middle cut, meat was pinkish without being bloody. I like it best when it was paired with the savoury Red-Wine Flavoured brown mushroom sauce. Thinking about it, it seems like another trip down to S & D is right on my list.With a limited timing session due to that the table was reserved, though we still managed to enjoy our dinner and finished them up just in time, it was such a waste that we could not try out the Italian Desserts. Therefore, it is recommended to do reservations first to avoid disappointment. In my case, we had queued about 30 minutes before getting a seat for 4 pax. Food quality as well as services are definitely up to standard. However if you need some place to chit chat, S & D may not be appropriate as you may need to raise your voice against other tables and with a time limitation, its really hard. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-25
Supply & Demand is a Modern Italian Trattorias & Pizza Restaurant located in Orchard Gateway. Their very first outlet was actually at Esplanade there! Which i did not know about it and always thought that Orchard Gateway was their first! I’m filled with anticipation in trying this place out after hearing raving reviews about their food especially the pizza.Though it’s a italian restaurant, besides serving pizza and pasta, they serve brunch on weekends and they have a list of southeast delicacy such as Thai Inspired Curry, Vietnamese Stir Fry dishes, Fusion of italian pasta with Asian flavor and more. Very extensive menu filled with appetizer, salad, mains, drinks and desserts and prices ranging from $20-$30 odds for their mains.Hazelnut Latte ($7): Somehow it tasted more chocolatey than it should be lacking the taste of caffeine.Al Vino Bianco in White Wine with Seafood Full Plate ($23): Spaghetti with mixed seafood in garlic infused with white wine sauce. Spaghetti was cooked just right for the bite and the broth was flavorful. It’s a lil sour and sweet and the white wine was blended well into the broth. Seafood were fresh and not overcooked. The full plate is in fact not too much but just nice a meal for a person while the tasting plate is much smaller and it’s not really worth it to me.Regular 9″ Parma Ham & Provinciale ($21): We are greedy but we have finite stomach space! So we decided to pay additional $3 to have 2 flavors for our pizza. Half of the side is topped with parma ham, rucola salad and parmesan cheese while the other half is filled with chicken chunks and a soft egg set in the center. Plentiful of fresh and chunky ingredients was topped on the crispy thin crust pizza and baked to perfection. Personally, I preferred the Provinciale to Parma Ham, as i tasted better Parma Ham before elsewhere like the one in Bella Pizza. Somehow the Parma Ham just lack the lustre. On the other hand, the soft egg in Provinciale does magic and enhances the flavor of pizza.Overall, it’s a good place for group gathering but service may be a little slow, kind of hard to catch the attention of their waiters and waitress.http://poohlovesfood.wordpress.com/2014/12/25/supply-demand/ for full review with pics. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-18
Love parma ham? Love thin crust pizza? Then.. this is the pizza for you!! I absolutely adore the combination of rocket leaves and parma ham. They go so well together! The parma ham has a lightly salted flavour and has a smooth texture. So yummy. The crust of the pizza is also crisp and addictive. Their iced mocha is also lovely, with a rich chocolatey taste and caffeine kick. Be sure to make reservations or be prepared to wait like I did! continue reading
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What are the odds of me going back to a cafe so soon, within a couple of weeks, to eat again? I mean, out of so many others out there? Well yes I did, to try other interesting things on the menu.I ordered an appetizer of Handmade Spicy Satay Skewers (SGD$12.00) simply because I thought it interesting to see traditional local streetfood fusioned into an Italian bistro restaurant. Grilled to a smoky deliciousness with marinated, tender chicken cubes, these piping hot meat-on-sticks were actually served on a mini stove. It was really adorable (oh dear, should have taken a shot of this stove).Then I had a Shrimp and Avocado Salad (SGD$16.00) - look at the buttery soft and generous portions of avocado slices! Nothing beats a melt-in-your-mouth, smooth type of vegetables combined with bouncy, sweet fresh shrimps to make one's day a refreshing, happier one. The best part is that this salad uses Thai-inspired spicy citrus dressing and Thai vinaigrette, so this is not your average shrimp + avocado salad.*Sidney's Beef Pepperoni Pizza (usual price SGD$18.00), consisting of beef pepperoni, oregano, mozarella and tomato sauce. The crust is thin and crispy, the first bite already eliciting feelings of immense satisfaction. The overall getup of the toppings was pretty standard, really, nothing that stood out immensely, but it tasted good as a homely, wholesome, comfort food.Overall, this is still a nice place for nice food. The service leaves lots of room for improvement though.For full review and more photos, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/10/dinner-at-demand-supply-orchard-gateway.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)