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SushiAirways invites you to a unique gastronomic adventure, on board Singapore’s first aeroplane-themed restaurant. continue reading
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Level4 2015-01-20
One has to ascend a short flight of metal steps to the tiny restaurant on level 2, made to look like the steps of an aircraft. In fact, the themed restaurant is made to give diners a very real in-flight experience - from its seats to windows to "boarding pass" upon arriving to "flight manual" which is the menu, and the waitresses whose uniforms resemble flight hostesses' one as well.The food came, and we had our Premium Assorted Sushi Platter (SGD$58.00) - consisting of a range of sushi with salmon, prawn, Toro (tuna belly), Uni (sea urchin), omelet, salmon roe etc. The seafood was fresh and the rice was cooked to the right texture - grainy but not hard nor mushy. We enjoyed these sushi very much.Next, we had the Sashimi Moriawese (SGD$58.00) - comprising of 3 slices of 6 different types of seasonal fish. Here we had Salmon, Sword fish, Tuna, etc. The sashimi was very fresh, and we were pleaesd with the thickness of each slice - taut, crisp and bouncy in their freshness.Then we shared the Lobster Mango Roll (SGD$30.00) , a long roll of goodness all swirled into one - omelet with sushi ginger, thick sliced cucumber, fresh mango, lobster salad and bonito flavored rice. The flavored rice had a gentle-but-distinctive fragrance to it, and the mango was sweet. The lobster was springy and sweet in its freshness, a delight for sure.For full review and more photographs, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/01/dinner-at-sushi-airways-bugis.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-13
The restaurant is located at the second level of a shophouse in Kampung Glam. The restaurant is quite small with about 6 tables and counter seats. But it is uniquely decorated like the interior of an airplane. The serving staffs are dressed like air crews. We served green tea upon arrival (a choice of hot or cold version).As for the Restaurant Week menu ($35++/pax) : We start with chawamushi which is served in a mini glass (more like a shot glass). The steam egg is topped with fish roe. In the steam egg, there is mushrooms. Tastes quite smooth and flavourful.It is followed by sashimi which is served in a bowl of crushed ice. The sashimi pieces are sliced quite thickly.Next, we have mini Anagodon (eel rice bowl). The grilled eel is quite juicy and soft, but the rice served with it is a bit dry and hard.For main :we have Miso Grilled Lamb Rack which is quite juicy and tender. Quite an unexpected dish to find in a Japanese restaurant.Another dish is Nitsuke Fish which is actually braised fish. The fish is quite meaty and flavourful. The braised white carrot is very soft and fully soaked up the flavours. One letdown point is number of fish scales I find while eating this dish.We are also served complimentary drinks too. So sweet.We end the meal with a bowl of matcha ice cream, which is quite smooth in taste but lacking in depth of the green tea flavour. On top of the set meal, we also have Soft Shell Crab Maki ($22) which is quite chucky with the freshly deep fried soft shell crab and taste quite unique with the spicy sauce. But feels that it is a bit expensive for just 4 pieces of maki.Overall it is quite a unique place, but the price is a bit high than expected. But then again it is not easy to produce such good meal with such a small kitchen. continue reading
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In December 2012, a plane missed it's designated landing strip in Changi Airport Singapore. It was reported the plane that was piloted by Chef E.C. Wong, had managed to land safely in Kampung Glam area and luckily no one was hurt. As the plane was carrying fresh seafood and ingredients from Japan, the pilot has no choice but to open up a sushi bar from that point onwards and continue to serve the freshest ingredients flew in four times a week from Japan. As according to its name, the restaurant is designed based on the 1930s aeroplane stereotype. The kitchen, tables and sushi bar are made of shiny metal that are found in the galley of aeroplane. The restaurant can probably only seat less then 40 person. So to make sure you get a seat, you might want to call to make reservations during the peak period. Airways Garden Salad ($15) which is fresh garden salad with wafu dressing. The salad is light, refreshing, yummyy and delicious. The dressing simply binds the ingredients which include avocado, tamago and tomato. A good way to open up your appetite. For mains, we recommend their Mango Roll ($30) first – avocado, mango and flying fish roe. Each ingredients are generously prepare and served. You will notice the freshness of the mango to balance the slightly fiery fish roe. The sushi rice are mixed with other fresh flavourful vegetables, to create a unique flavour to the mango roll. Uniquely fresh. Sushi airways version of California Roll ($15), is the inside out version, where the rice is on the outer part of the roll and covered generously with flying fish roe. Using just white sushi rice, it simple and nice. The chef just let the ingredients speak for itself. For people who like some fizz in their drink, try their Passion Fruit Soda Smoothies ($6). Not sure where the smoothies come from, it is more like a Passion Fruit Soda Fizz. It is more on the sweet side, I actually have to dilute it further with some ice water. To cleanse your palate after the meal, a complementary beancurd pudding will be served. Nice balance of texture and sweetness. We boarded the plane on one Saturday afternoon, after the lunch crowds and there are only 4 tables occupied. The service is good, but the food took quite a while to come to the table, especially their rolls. As only Chef Wong and his assistant are preparing the food for the whole plane, the captain seek your understanding. Overall, Sushi Airways food represent a creative, unique and fresh. Each dish prepared individually by Chef Wong and his co pilot, so you can expect the high and consistent standard. The price is reasonable, if you compare the quality of the food that you received. I'm looking forward to my next visit to try out their other fresh air flown ingredients. Bon Voyage!!!For the full review and photos, check out the link below:http://www.chubbybotakkoala.com/2013/07/sushi-airways-sushi-plane-has-landed.html continue reading
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For details, please visit http://foodesteem.blogspot.com/2013/07/sushiairways.htmlHad my birthday celebration at SushiAirways, and it was a great one! Courteous service, great food, nice theme Had California maki roll for $15, Kani mentai cheese for $30, Grilled fugu (pufferfish) for $16, and Kurobuta katsu for $ $15.90. Prices are a little steep, but definitely worth it!Rice is specially marinated, and fish roe are juicy. Try popping one roe in your mouth, and you will know what I meant What I like about their service was they specially went out of their way to get a simple cake, knowing reservation was for my birthday, and their desserts only consists of ice creams. Nice cake, as it wasn't just a pick'n'go attitude For details, please visit http://foodesteem.blogspot.com/2013/07/sushiairways.html continue reading
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Sushi airways is located on the 2nd floor of one corner shop in Baghdad street. Never expect a Japanese cuisine around this area, so wondering if is nice. Did some research from their website and read some reviews and think is worth a try. As I'm looking forward to meet the "air stewardess" and experience something different as well. I did not make any reservation, although I know this place has limited seats. So me an friends walked in around 8pm and we were just lucky enough to have 3 counter seats. So we can actually see clearly how the chef prepare our food.We ordered few dishes for sharing.1. Salmon tataki $15- something like a salad with salmon sashimi topped with fresh leaves,lettuce and refreshing sauce. A good appetizer to start with your meal.2. Mango roll $30-the mango roll was huge in size compared to normal size, came in 8 pieces. The stuffing was the rolled egg, topped with big slice of mango and lobster. Nothing special, and a little pricey.3. Sashimi small size $58- there were 6 different type of sashimi and came in 3 pieces each. There were salmon( very thick slice), yellowtail, tuna,scallop, prawns, and fish egg (first time trying, very special and was good, like eating oyster)-the sashimi was incredibly fresh, every bite melt in your mouth.4. Grilled fugu $16-not many Japanese offer this dish, so why not ordering here since they have it!-very chewy and niceWe only ordered hot green tea at $3 for each pax.Guess what, we were offered free desserts after our meal although just a tiny glass, but it was so sweet of them!Service was good, food was good. There's even 10% discount for UOB card holder. continue reading
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