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SweetSpot offers whimsical sweet treats, artisan breads and cups of fragrant espresso. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Chocolate Cherry Alúre Orange & Thyme Yuzu Kiss Chocolate-Thyme Mousse
Review (22)
There is great joy in giving and receiving, especially during Christmas! I was really blessed to receive the SweetSpot Hamper from Marina Bay Sands. If you're wondering what would make the perfect romantic gift for someone you love dearly, this hamper will definitely wow your other half! Here's a word of caution though: the hamper felt like it weighed 3 kilograms or more and it's definitely not something you would enjoy carrying while shopping! Thankfully, it's so much more convenient if you are driving (or being driven)! Read till the end to find out about the ongoing promotions (valid till 1 January 2015).SweetSpot Hamper — SGD$185.00Chocolate Pralines and NutsThese designs are specially crafted for Marina Bay Sands, as you can tell from the iconic logo. Regrettably, the chocolates turned rather hard after being placed in the refrigerator. On hindsight, I believe these chocolates were made to withstand melting even in Singapore's hot and humid conditions, so there is no need to keep them in the fridge! Be delighted by an assortment of dark chocolate, milk or white chocolate and pure chocolate.Chocolate-covered NutsThese are extremely addictive! Compared to other chocolate brands I have previously sampled (including those from Switzerland and France), this certainly stands out with its crunchy and slightly powdery texture, It was also not overly sweet. I had this to tide me over the exams and I finished the entire box in a week. Surprisingly, I didn't fall sick!Handmade Chocolate Raspberry Jam with nutsThick and gooey, this huge jar of handmade jam only lasts two months after opening. The texture of the nuts comes out strongly in the jam, and this makes your bread feel more like biscuits because it is so crunchy! I couldn't detect much chocolate though; the raspberry taste was so strong, I felt like I was eating the fruit itself. Refrigeration is required even before opening, to prevent it from spoiling. Piper-Heidsieck ChampagneClassic Piper-Heidsieck ChampagneMy family is saving this bottle for Christmas! Having previously fallen in love with Piper-Heidsieck at an event, I can guarantee it's the sort of champagne you can have many rounds of without ever feeling sick of the taste.Hot Chocolate MixOh my gosh — what a rarefied taste of chocolate this is! The Hot Chocolate Mix features coarser-grain chocolate powder that appears somewhat lumpy, but it dissolves smoothly in hot water. It is only after sipping (or gulping) this wonderful drink that I realised I haven't actually tasted a genuine cup of hot chocolate before! Forget about those chocolate drinks that taste no different from Milo or Ovaltine, and get the real deal.Divine Macarons — S$2.70/pc, S$14/box of 6, S$25/box of 12Isn't it amazing that you can derive such pleasure in a delicate assortment of Wild Raspberry, Chocolate Mint, Strawberry Basil, Passion Fruit, Salted Caramel, and Dark Chocolate macarons? Presented in a magnetic box, these beautiful babies are evenly baked and melt readily in your mouth. I especially love them straight from the refrigerator - chilled, sweet heaven in your mouth.You can also get a smaller SweetSpot three-tier gift box which consists of 12 pieces of macarons and 12 pieces of chocolate pralines and nuts. You can check out the price at http://www.littletinysun.com/2014/12/sweetspot-hamper-from-marina-bay-sands.htmlSands Rewards LifeStyle members receive 20% discount.Citibank card members receive 15% discount.Hotel guests receive 10% discount. continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-23
Located in a small corner of Marina Bay Sands Hotel, this non-descript, simple-looking deli cafe actually concealed the best pastries. We attacked the counter filled with wide array of pastries on display the moment we entered, and grabbed a seat to share the various delectable cakes we'd selected.The above two were our very favorites, and were highly recommended by various friends and reviews as well. First, the Dark Chocolate Orange cake - the pastry itself was moist and buttery soft, sandwiched with dreamy chocolate mousse, and filled the mouth with aroma of dark chocolate and tangy fragrance of orange - hitting the right spots in all manners indeed.Then we had the Raspberry Earl Grey cake - another wonderful creation of sour-sweetness infused with rich tea flavor - a lovely fusion of fruits and the slightly ashy tinge of Earl Grey. Simply divine, had our senses dancing with delight.I had a tea too - oh, don't be fooled by its tacky paper-cup appearance - SweetSpot serves TWG teabags, in very limited flavors though.For more detailed information and photos, do visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/01/tea-at-sweet-spot-bakery-and-cafe-mbs.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-19
One of the F&B in Marina Bay Sand, SweetSpot which is located at the hotel lobby Tower 3, offers delicious and petty looking desserts. This Christmas it offers a variety of Christmas goodies such as Exotic Fruit Yule Log and Panettone. One of the delights is SweetSpot Signature Christmas Tree which costs $58 and weighs 1kg each. It is actually walnut and almond pieces covered with chocolate, topped with sugar and M & M. It tastes nutty and not too sweet. Even Mom likes it. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-10
Everytime I passby sweetspot bakery, I always wanted to order their cakes. This week was my Father birthday. Hence I had decided to order a strawberry birthday cake.The strawberry cake appearance looked grand and mouth salivating. There were a few pieces of gold foil which can be eaten though I was not sure whether it was real gold.On top of the cake was many fresh strawberries, some were sweet, some were quite sourish.The cake was vanila sponge cake. It was soft, moist and fluffy with a thick layer of vanila mousse in between. The mousse texture goes well with the fluffy cake. continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-20
Taking away dessert after dinner, I received quite pleasant comments from pastry lovers for SweetSpot. It was a good chance for us to check out the standards this time.We bought five cupcakes in total. They were tiny but very delicated and tasty.They looked gorgeous right? Personally, I like the strawberries cupcake most. Juicy and fresh berries yet the overall was not too sweet.However, a thing you must know that they have no seat for their customers, so expect to stand and lean on these designer stands inside the cafe. continue reading
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