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Signature Dishes
Glazed Duck Don With Onsen Egg Tamago Bara-Chirashi Tokyo-Inspired GyuDon Oishi Salmon-Belly Teriyaki Don Norwegian Sake-Belly Sashimi Ikura Potato Salad
Review (4)
Level4 2017-04-18
The outlet took over the space formerly occupied by Sushiro. Compared to Sushiro, there was no queue here during lunch hour. Menu was limited to a single sheet. Sides of the day was just 2 choices. Only cash payment was accepted here. No GST or service charge. Water was chargeable here. If you ordered green tea, help yourself to the hot and cold version at the counter. Place order at the cashier. Free sitting. Plenty of empty seats. There was just 3 couples of customers besides me.Tokyo Gyuniku Don ($12)Tender slices of beef on top of plain rice, with an Onsen egg in the centre. Mixed it up, the dish actually tasted not bad although I wished that better quality could be used here. continue reading
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Level4 2017-02-06
I have decided to come back from being dormant by sharing about one of the best bang for the buck in terms of chirashii in Singapore.It's $12.95 for the basic Chirashii don that comes with enough salmon and tuna that probably will satisfy your craving for a while.The premium chirashii comes with the raw sweet prawns and a mountainful of rice. Honestly speaking, I feel that 2 ppl can probably share this and be full. However, as the premium chirashi is double the price of the normal chirashi, I would recommend for each party to order a basic chirashi each as there might be a better proportion of fish to rice then.More pictures and food reviews can be found at https://www.tumblr.com/blog/aikuceeats continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2016-05-09
Original review on http://www.nahmj.com/2016/05/09/sushiro-thomson-plaza-fame-cheap-chirashi-don-singapore/Sushiro at Thomson Plaza has waves of raving by many food blogers cum instagrammers about its Cheap Chirashi Don. But that’s certainly not all. I checked it out with some like-minded individuals for a lunch meal over a weekend. In fact, I visited Sushiro twice in total before coming up with this post.The space is some sort of a kiosk with only 12 seats. As such, with the very limited seats available at Sushiro, expect a queue. The design at this restaurant, from the interior design to the staff uniform brought out the Japanese style in it.The main selling point at Sushiro is their cheap Bara-chirashi Don ($12.80) topped with generous amount of sashimi and seafood. There are salmon, octopus, roe, prawn and tuna. It was fresh and tasty.There are other Seafood on Sushi Rice bowl at Sushiro too. There are 9 other sushi rice bowl with 3 premium Don among the list.At Sushiro, they offered 4 Donburi. We tried only Unagi Don ($15.80). We thought it was good but didn’t impress. The 3 other Donburi are Salmon Teriyaki Don ($9.80), Salmon Mentaiyaki Don ($12.80) and Tamago Mentaiyaki Don ($8.80)If diner prefer lesser rice, one could opt for Sushi instead. Sushiro provided 5 Sushi Nigiri Set for selection. Salmon Sushi Nigiri Set, 6 pcs ($9.80), 5 Kinds of Sushi ($8.80), 5 Kinds of Torched Sushi ($8.80), 5 Kinds of Torched Mentai Sushi ($9.80) and lastly a luxury option, the Omakase Sushi, 7 pcs ($28.80). Should diners prefer an ala carte selection of Sushi Nigiri, 14 types are available ranging from $2.80 to $5.80 per piece.Sashimi is also aviable at Sushiro with selection of Sake – Salmon ($4.80), Maguro – Tuna ($5.80), Chu-toro – Bluefin Fatty Tuna ($14.80), O-toro – Bluefin Fattiest Tuna ($25.80) , Mekajiki – Swordfish Belly ($6.80) and Ikura – Salmon Roe ($9.80). Alternative, one could go for the Sashimi Set.Appetizer such as Chawanmushi ($2.80), Ikura Chawanmushi ($5.80), Edamame ($2.80), Unagi Kabayaki ($25.80), House-brew Soup ($2.80). Lastly the hot favourite, Hotate Mentaiyaki ($4.80). It is a baked scallop with mentaiko and cheese. It is such as rich but tasty dish.There are a few off the menu dishes too. We tried the Japanese Style glazed duck with onsen egg on rice ($14.80) which is a popular dish among Sushiro diners. Personally, I quite like it though my 2 other dinning partners weren’t impressed with it. One felt the tourched duck didn’t bring out the char flavour, while the other who is a chef felt they might have purchased the duck and it wasn’t made by Sushiro.The other off the menu dishes are Teriyaki Chicken Don on sticks ($12.80), Chicken Katsu Don with onsen egg on rice ($10.80), Japanese Tori Katsu with egg and onions on rice ($12.80), Hamachi Teriyaki ($13.80) and Hamachi Mentai ($16.80).Lastly, diners could choose to complete your lunch with the Shiro Miso Soup and Salad by adding $3. If one would like to have sashimi on top of the soup and salad, could add $5.More reviews on http://www.nahmj.com/ continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)