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Tamaya Dining bar serves a wide range of original Japanese 'Izakaya' menu items and also has a wide range of Japanese sake, shochu and wines to complement your food. continue reading
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Charcoal Grilled Claypot Rice
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Level4 2013-12-21
We were quite "lost" with the varieties in the menu, but it did help with the english subtitles, but I though more pictures in the menu would be more helpful. Anyway, after like a very very long time, we finally decided on the items to order to share among us. Gals mah, just cant make up our minds! HohoButa Shoga Yaki - $12(Marinated Teriyaki Ginger Pork Loin)This was a nice dish, which should go well with rice... Haha. But the best had yet to come...California Maki $10This was an order made by my fren. Me ain't fan of california maki but serving was really huge with avocado & springy roe! A good substitute if you dun wan to order any rice/noodles dish...Nigiri Mori -$10One of my favorite -> Sashimi!!! Dun ask me how to differentiate them, coz other them salmon, I dunno which is which... But if my memory works well, there should be yellowtail, mackerel, tuna etc in the platter.To me, as long as the fishes were fresh, they were all taste sweet & good!Wagyu Steak - $22( Beef cube steak with Japanese sauce)This was the best, unanimously agreed by the whole gang. The steak were nicely diced such that it did not end up being overcooked, yet small enough to place the whole cube in 1 mouth. It was important because, this would prevent the meat juice from oozing out. A must try indeed!To view photo and read more, please visit http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg/2009/03/tamaya-dining.html continue reading
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