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Tanuki delights in the raw pleasures of food and drink. Specializing in Japanese-inspired dishes along with oysters, sashimi, martinis and classic cocktails amidst one of Asia's most vibrant streets. <br><br>They are also known for their $1 oyster deals daily from 5 PM - 8 PM. continue reading
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Level4 2017-12-29
http://www.umakemehungry.com/2017/12/tanuki-raw.htmlI have been reading Tanuki Raw somewhere and it kinds of remind me of Donburi with onsen egg. (Their marketing advertisement has been good to give me such good impression). We was looking at Minions Cafe in Orchard Central and it wasn't appealing to us and by chance we decided to dine in Tanuki Raw instead. Tanuki Raw is modernly furnished in an industrial interior tempered by eye-catching furniture.and has 80 seats spread across an outdoor balcony overlooking Orchard Road.It was fun sitting at the bar side observing how the tenders mix and prepare variety of drinks. As for our glasses of Water Melon Yuzu. Fresh watermelon juice were already prepared before hand and kept in the fridge. They just have to mix portion of it with yuzu and served them on the "rocks". While Tanuki Raw is having a house promotion for happy hour daily from 5-8pm, we get to order Oysters at $2 each, limited to 6 pcs per glass of drink. The fresh raw oysters they served were brought in from Canada, France and Japan.  Besides having that, we ordered a plate of 5 slices salmon that falls under the happy hour promotion too. It was great having Sashimi again with Wasabi and Soy Sauce! For bites, seeing Sweet Potato Fries excites me. These thick-cut sweet potato fries were deep fried with Tanuki Raw's spice mix, truffle oil and served with truffle aioli in an aluminium tin. One of the recommended rolls on the Menu is none other than the Golden Kani Maki with deep fried house seasoned soft shell crab, fresh snow crab, cucumber and crispy mozzarella all in a roll. Divided into portion of 4, these delicious rolls were topped with toasted seaweed and drizzled with generous amount of golden salted duck egg hollandaise sauce.  Well, we just did not have enough of salmon and here comes the seared salmon roll topped with Mentaiko sauce over some crispy mozzarella cheese, seasoned flakes and Tanuki's Oko Sauce! Yums!  It was my first time there and would not be my last. Simply love the environment. Best of all, if you are having gathering with friends who are vegetarians, there are food for them too. Hope to be back soon. continue reading
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Level4 2016-04-24
Recently the casual Japanese restaurant has reopened at the shopping centre. It is now located at level 4, with a bigger dine in area. Similar to its previous location, it has both indoor and outdoor dine in area.As the restaurant was crowded, I decided to ask for outdoor dine in area, which was still has quite a number of tables as most felt that it was quite hot to dine outdoor. Compared to indoor, I felt outdoor was better as indoor was filled with cooking smell. Sitting in outdoor, one also can enjoy the great view of the busy Orchard Road.While looking through the menu, I was served iced water. A bit disappointed as the water was not refilled. Maybe sitting outdoor was not so good after all, as it was difficult to get the attention of the staffs.Although it was weekend, the restaurant offered lunch menu. Just add $2++ to the main dish to make it a lunch set. I decided to have a Premium Set by topping $5++. The set included miso soup, green salad, and coffee or "Back to work" beverage.Foie Gras Truffle Yakiniku ($19.90++)pan-seared foie gras, US black angus short rib, onsen egg, truffle soy, black garlic brown butter over Tanuki's signature mixed riceThe foie gras was quite buttery and melt in the mouth. The beef was quite tender and moist. The mixed rice was tasty on its own.Miso SoupThe soup was filled with chunky pieces of tofu and seaweed. The soup tasted light and flavourful.Green SaladThe salad was lightly tossed with ginger soyu dressing. Light and crunchy.Shio Smooth (a la carte $5++)fresh shiso, matcha green tea, lemon, blended with iceIt was my choice of "Back to work" beverage. It was light and refreshing in taste. Just the right to have during such a hot day.Overall the food was not bad. But the service needed to be improved as it was quite difficult to get the attraction of the staffs. continue reading
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The wife and I were in Orchard Road running some errands on a Saturday late morning and decided to do lunch in the area. A quick search online for Donburi led us to the relatively new Japanese bar & restaurant, Tanuki Raw, started by the same guy who started the relatively successful Standing Sushi Bar, Howard Lo.Located on the 2nd floor of Orchard Central, Tanuki offers rather closely packed tables amidst an industrial setting. Think cement screed floor, exposed ceiling and halogen lights; not my kind of style. Thankfully there wasn't a crowd when we dropped by.Bara Chirashi Don - Cubes of reasonably fresh scallop, sea bream, tuna, swordfish, salmon, striped jack salmon roe and tamago served on rice with Tanuki's signature sauce; lacking in bite as the cubes were cut too small while the signature sauce came across as mildly salty with a hint of ginger. Overall a decent bowl of chirashi don but in comparison to that of Hana Hana's, a more expensive (~ $3 more) but less tasty version. In short, if you want value for money chirashi dons, stick with Hana Hana.Truffle Yakiniku Don - Apparently Tanuki's pièce de résistance and the highly raved about dish (on social media at least), the truffle yakiniku don looked promising at the onset. Black angus short rib slices pan seared till medium that came across as tender with a slight hint of beefiness and topped with a creamy onsen egg. However the truffle soya sauce was way too salty for my liking (had to drink lots of water!) and I only tasted weak, random flashes of truffle oil (no fragrance to speak of). The presence of a rather distinct taste of ginger didn't quite do it for me as well (not a fan of ginger to be honest). All in all, still a decent but rather small serving of yakiniku don.There is an option to top up $2++ for a set lunch which includes a bowl of salad, miso soup and hot tea. The both of us went with this and chalked up a total bill of ~ $40; not too expensive but less than satisfied (ironic that Lady M a few shops down provided that satisfaction instead). Service was okay but I doubt I'll be returning anytime soon.See all my pictures at http://www.timelessfacade.com/2015/11/tanuki-raw-decent-yakiniku-don-in-heart.html continue reading
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Level3 2015-11-13
Situated at Orchard Central. The shop is really not hard to find. They often set lunches which is very convienent for excutives like us. They used brown rice instead of white so is more healthy. Thick pieces of salmon makes it more value for money. Comes with a bowl of soup and drink. continue reading
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Address:181 Orchard Road#02-03 Orchard CentralSingapore 238896Nearest MRT Station:Somerset MRT Station What they are famous for:Aburi Sushi, Sashimi Don, Truffle Yakiniku Don, Alcoholic Beverages Opening hours:11:30 AM - 10:30 PM daily11:30 AM - 3 PM Lunch Sets daily5 PM - 8 PM Happy Hour dailyLast order of food at 9:45 PM anddrinks at 10:15 PMAtmosphere: 8/10Price: 7/10Food: 6/10Service: 6/10 Lunch Specials Interior Menu Lunch Menu Beverage MenuWe had: Salmon Skin - $5(Fried salmon skin with garlic lime chili sauce)A pretty unique dish! I loved how they added the Singapore flavor to this by adding the garlic lime chili sauce. It was pretty addictive too! Garlic Fries - $7(Golden fries tossed with Garlic)The fries were overcooked and we couldn't taste the Garlic in it. We did though, find a handful of diced garlic at the bottom of the basket. So no, definitely would not order this again. Lunch sets that comes with Salad, Miso Soup and Green tea at an additional $2I think they used wasabi vinaigrette dressing for the salad! Wasn't really my kinda thing but if you love wasabi, then why not give it a try! $2 is pretty reasonable for these add-ons! Salmon Don - $12 (Lunch promo)(Fresh sliced salmon, lightly seared aburi, plump ikura served with their housemade spicy mayo and yakiniku sauce) I didn't know that Tanuki Raw was opened by the same owner behind Standing Sushi Bar till the very day I visited it. Well, I have never liked the salmon at SSB because I have always felt that it lacked freshness. Decided to skip this thought and still give Tanuki Raw Bar a try but..... I was disappointed. I've had my fair share of good salmon sashimi in 22 years of my life and this was nowhere near. Oh anyway, all their Donburis are served with Onigiri rice!Chirashi Don - $17.80 (Lunch promo)(A mix of seasonal and staple sashimi including scallop, sea bream, tuna, swordfish, salmon, striped jack and salmon roe, seasoned with our signature sauce served with tamago on sushi rice)Oh the to-die-for Chirashi Don! To be fair, I didn't try this, but to me, paying $17.80 for this might have been a little pricey, if say the standard of their sashimi was similar to that of the Salmon Don. The ones at Sushi Tei costs only $9.90 with equal portions of Sashimi. There's also an option for Bara Chirashi Don and the sashimi comes in cubes! Truffle Yakiniku Don - $14.80 (Lunch promo)(Break the runny yolk of the onsen tomago egg over the black angus short rib that has been pan seared with a dollop of truffle soy sauce) Probably their only saving grace! I savored this bowl on my own but the truffle got a little too gelat for me towards the end. Still, $14.80 for this is pretty affordable! I would prolly stick to their cooked Donburis next time if I ever do visit them again! This was served with Onigiri rice as well! Would have preferred the fragrant Japanese rice instead!Atmosphere:The restaurant had a modern take on the traditional Japanese restaurant with bar counters, dimmed lights and an open kitchen. They even have an outdoor seating!Service:Service was pretty slow that day, and the fries were the last to be served (And they were overcooked). It was a unconventional when we got our Donburis first before we got our salad and miso soup when they were supposed to be the appetizers.Hope this helped!Toodles! continue reading
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