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Tasconi's Pizza, originated from Brunei that are specialise in the home made authentic Italian pizza, for you to indulge in and enjoy. continue reading
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For the full review, click / copy the link below:http://www.chubbybotakkoala.com/2015/06/tasconis-pizza.htmlTasconi's Pizza ('Tasconi') is a franchised pizzeria originated from Brunei. Yup, your eyes did not deceived you. BRUNEI!!. This Halal certified pizzeria uses digital ovens imported from Italy, and developed its owned tried and tested recipes since 1994. Understanding the different taste in each countries, Tasconi allowed their franchisee to tweak and introduced additional flavours to suit the locals. First branch of Tasconi in Singapore has opened in East Village Simpang Bedok. The décor is simple, like any other takeaway pizza outlets with limited seats for dine in. In conjunction with upcoming Ramadhan period, Tasconi's Pizza Singapore is introducing two additional flavours for the festive season. Gourmet Pizza Satay and Gourmet Pizza Rendang. Tasconi served Pan Style Pizza, with crunchy crust, Tasconi recipe tomato base sauce and topped with generous toppings and well covered with the mozzarella. When you bite into the Satay Pizza, you will first taste the combination of peanut sauce with melted mozzarella. Following that, the tender beef meat with the usual aromatic seasoning for satay such as turmeric, coriander and lemongrass. The ingredients on the pizza are so well spread so you get the meat in each bite. The Rendang Pizza has came with colourful red and green capsicum to differentiate the dish. The beef chunks are lean and tender, with strong flavours of spice that surrounds your mouth instant. LD & I find that it can be better if it has a bit of rendang gravy. Meanwhile, we also tried the time tested dishes in Tasconi's such as their Mexican Wings ($7.40 for 4 pcs) and Shepherd's Pie ($7.90). Tasconi uses fresh chicken wings instead of frozen resulting in a tender succulent chicken wings. While the skin of the wings are well seasoned, it does not really absorb into the meat. Maybe the seasoning time can be extended to ensure it absorb well into the meat. A combination of mash potatoes with cheese are just comfort food to me. Using beef instead of lamb, created the bolognaise sauce feel. The crispy cheese on top was just a bonus. A good alternative dish other than pizza. If you are dining in Tasconi, don't forget to try their homemade Iced Lemon Blueberry Tea. This refreshing drink are made in house everyday and only available for dine in customers only. The pricing for the pizza dishes are $18.80 for Regular (10”), $23.80 for Large (12”) and $28.80 for X-Large (14”). In summary, the entrance of Tasconi's Pizza to Singapore market provide an alternative option compare to the rest of big player in the market. I certainly enjoy the flavours that they introduce for this Ramadhan period and from what I tasted Tasconi has all the ingredients to be successful in Singapore. Cheers!! Thank you very much to Tasconi's Pizza team for the food tasting invitation. continue reading
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Well, good news for the halal patrons - Tasconi Pizza is halal certified. They had been in Singapore before, but made an exit, and are now expertly brought back to life by the magic hands of Madam Laila. The unique Italian recipes combined with Bruneian taste, has brought about an innovation that casts pizzas into a new light.We loved these Homemade Ice Lemon Tea with Blueberries, so refreshing and delicious!We started with some large, juicy Mexican Wings(SGD$7.90), grilled to a beautiful golden tone. The wings were surprisingly succulent to the bite, and well marinated with a flavour that is very similar to rendang taste (spicy, with unique spices and hints of coconut milk). Madam Laila proudly informs that they use fresh chicken and not frozen chicken for this dish - now we understand why the soft, juicy chicken was so tender!Following that, we had the Shepherd's Pie (SGD$6.50) filled with tender minced beef within a thick coating of melted cheese and potato fillings. The top layer of the toasted cheese was delicious with hints of crisp, and the flavour was good - rich but not too creamy. I thought the entire pie was too soft in texture though, but the sticky coat of cheese was lovely to tuck between the teeth.It was time for pizzas - the moment that we were waiting for! The Satay Pizza graced the table first. This was a beef pizza, resplendent with the aorma of satay's peanut sauce, every bite was a sumptuous flavours burst. It was so unique, and the beef chunks were succulent, so it made this pizza immensely enjoyable.The Rendang Pizza was the final deliverance - studded richly with beef and green pepper slivers, packed with an intense rendang flavour. The beef was still very tender despite the heat from the oven.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/06/invited-tasting-dinner-at-tasconis.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)