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Texas Chicken serves serves freshly prepared, high quality, flavorful chicken both Original and Spicier Spicy and tenders with classic sides and hand-made from scratch biscuits. They marinate each piece in their secret family recipe and the chicken is cooked to a unique, crunchy, golden perfection. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-26
I guess most people go to Texas Chicken to eat their fried chicken and most people do not know their burgers are cheap and tasty.Usually I liked to order this Mesquite BBQ Burger and it just cost $2! But when you order this Mesquite BBQ Burger, you need to wait for a while for the kitchen to prepare.The Mesquite BBQ Burger though looked messy in the meat, it actually tasted very good. The Burger tasted very moist because the chicken meat was marinated with their special BBQ sauce. The sauce tasted somewhat spicy and sweet.No other fastfood budget burgers can match the tastiness at $2. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-22
It seems like we have more choices to choose from especially for fastfood restaurants. And this is gonna be my first time having Texas Chicken for lunch and hoping it will taste just as good. I came for their wrap instead of their chicken because of sore throat. The set meal that comes with fries, drink and Tex Wrap costs $6.80 and you can also use Nets Flashpay for payment instead of cash.FriesI guess other than Long John Silver's fries being in my favourite list for so long, Texas's fries is 2nd in line. The fries are almost the same as LJS in terms of taste and size. It is crispy and has that crunchy sound with every bite. It is not salty too. I guess during the frying process, it brings out the taste of the potato. We have to compliment on the oil they used too in order to have that taste. I can't finish it after my wrap so get it pack and takeaway. Reduce food wastage. Play our part.Tex WrapI'm not sure if it is just me but whenever I had wraps, it seems like roti prata taste to me. I guess their wraps are pre-made and basically just toss lightly with every order. Anyway it tastes good although it loses out to KFC's wraps (which doesn't seems to be in their menu anymore). The ingredients are quite frugal, just chicken strip, lettuces, tomato cubes and mayonnaise. It is an enjoyment too as the chicken strip is crispy and soft in texture. continue reading
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Level3 2013-07-14
Texas chicken doesn't deliver to my area So I take-away a set meal to try out. The meal consist of original chickens, 1 piece of biscuit, mashed potato and a soft drink. The chicken is not oily, I can't find any oil in it. Thumbs up! The skin is not crispy type, you have to dip on the chilli sauce to improve the taste. I liked their mashed potato, it is very smooth. The biscuit was nice too! continue reading
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A wide variety of choices that we can choose from the menu, both drinks, food, and meals!I've never eaten Texas Chicken before, and having eaten chicken from KFC, Popeyes' and self-declaring myself a fan of chicken, my expectations were highly raised when I visit Texas Chicken. Armed with only a coupon of ONLY $12.90, my lady friend and I decided to order a set meal that contained the following.Chicken TendersStrips of chicken within the crispy outer-shell that didn't taste at all like chicken. My friend lamented that it felt like we were eating prawns, though we weren't sure why that was so, perhaps they were using some prawn cornflour or stuff like that. They gave us three pieces of it and it was a great complement to the whole meal.Biscuit BreadThis was unlike Popeyes' or any other biscuit bread, I didn't get sick of it because it's not dry or overly biscuit-y. Spicy Crispy ChickenExtremely delicious, we gobbled the meat up right to its' bones!ColeslawExtremely fresh and not thick in mayonnaise~ the lettuce, carrot and all felt like it was freshly cut in the restaurant, though i felt it was quite sweet at the bottom of it.Whipped PotatoThe gravy was thick and in abundance to accompany the potato, and there was a slight hint of peppery taste that tasted so gooooood on my tongue!While ordering the food, the counter crew cleaned his glasses right in front of me and didn't bother to acknowledge our presence, which was kind of awkward for both my friend and I because we didn't know if we should start ordering or wait for him to finish whatever he was doing. continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-08
The ever-increasing outlets of Texas Chicken in SG...I simply had to try it for myself. Ah, alas, it lost to Popeye's in terms of flavour and texture, and is probably on par with KFC (KFC has tastier batter but the size of its chicken pieces are inconsistent throughout its outlets). The Texas Chicken was less oily than KFC though, hence might taste drier, but this could be easily remedied with chilli sauce. The mashed potato was ordinary, definitely nothing like that of Popeye's. I took 1 mouth, and left the rest unconsumed. No point consuming unworthy calories! The only redeeming food in Texas Chicken is its biscuit. The buttery taste was significant and certainly beat that of Popeye's, which was mostly tasteless and dry to me. So, my ranking of Fried Chicken Fast Food for now (pending Wendy's):1. Popeye's2. KFC3. Texas ChickenTotal Cost: About $25 for 4 pax (2 chicken meals + 2 snacker meals) continue reading
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