Located in the Grandstand (formally Turf City), The Ascot is a British 'Gastrogrub'. Serving light snacks, Indian curries and comfort food, as well as a selection of beers, ales and other beverages. Weekend brunch and Sunday roasts will be in the pipeline. Board games, live sports and music will be provided as entertainment too. continue reading
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We found the food quality esp the roast beef and Guinness pie good but it would have been really pricey without the palate promotion that gave us 33% off. More food pics and details at http://www.eatprayflying.com/new-restaurant-review-the-ascot-grandstand/Try the Roast Beef – weekend only special. Meat was well done but it’s the sauce that made the dish special. Potatoes were well cooked with sweet flavour but not overdone till it’s soggy. Yorkshire pudding on the side made it extremely British. continue reading
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For more reviews, visit my blog at www.ms-skinnyfat.comThe Ascot is a boy's kinda place. Hearty portions of English comfort food, a host of alcoholic beverages to choose from, comfy couches and most importantly soccer couches and big plasma screens for catching up with your mates over matches.While the boys help themselves to impressive imported beer selection, ladies could go giggly on the ciders. And you can't go with Brother's Toffee Apple cider, it is no doubt my favorite. If you have a sweet tooth, this is the drink for you.We started with the Smoked tomato soup ($8). It went extremely well with the porous and crusty bread served. The soup was creamy without the heaviness of the cream, and also really smokey and lightly spiced. It was great tasting when hot but i found that the smokiness of the soup reminded me of BBQ sauce and that was very apparent when the soup was cold.If you like blue cheese, then you gotta have the Strawberry Spinach Salad with crumbled blue cheese, pistachios, bacon and avocado ($18). The raspberry vinaigrette dressing was rather refreshing, especially when paired with the strawberries. I love my cheeses really strong so this blue was mild for me. The other starter that you can't miss is the Cold Cut Platter ($18). 3 types of cold cut- Salami, Proscuitto and Ham, served with silver onions, gherkins, scotch eggs and homemade bread. I loved the gooey egg yolk of the soft cooked egg that was wrapped in sausage meat and deep fried. I would suggest a more well flavored sausage as this was on the bland side. I was fully expecting the meal to continue on the high note that the starters had set, but the mains at The Ascot paled in comparison.The Sunday Roast ($28/$32) served with Yorkshire Puddings, and free-flow sautéed vegetables, potatoes and Tzatziki salad, was bland and mediocre. Nothing great to shout about. The Bangers and Mash ($20) were equally ordinary. We couldn't tell the difference between the veal, Cumberland pork, garlic and thyme sausages. I dont care how authentic Bubbles and Squeak are, the oily taste of fried vegetable is just extremely unsexy. Play it safe with the truffled mash i say.The Chicken Tikka Masala($18) was the English style northern indian curry. The chicken was marinated in yoghurt and spices and then cooked in a creamy tomato curry which wasn't spicy nor overly rich. I prefer the authentic Northern Indian style of course. If you want something more substantial than the starters, then go for the Ascot Burger served with Fries. In our humble opinion, this was the better tasting main dish at Ascot. The burger patty was well flavored but overall burger it's a little drier than what I would like it to be. The best part of this dish was the fries. Double fried for the crispy exterior and they still maintained that substantial filled interior. Yums. Go for the beer and burger special. It's only $25 with a pint of Stella Artois.Skip desserts. Really. Unless you're into stale and oily batter coated Mars Bars that aren't fully melted. Or oily bread crumbles in the Bread Pudding. Trust me they are not worth your calories. Anyhow, stick with the starters at The Ascot. We were very satisfied with them. The burger and beer combination should do fine too. The others dishes are really just average. continue reading
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Level3 2013-06-28
Decided to give The Ascot a try even though the store front of the restaurant looks a little dodgy.We tried their strawberry salad and it was good. Strong strawberry fragrant and the spinach was rich. It was refreshing to the taste buds. Also tried their bunch of bangers and it had a variety of sausages. I can't remember the variety of the sausages but it was good. The fried mars bars was not too rich and gelat. It can be quite addictive. continue reading
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Level3 2013-05-17
Something special about The Ascot - it is not just a place to have your drinks and chill but also a good place for you to have your dinner too! Tried their a bunch of bangles which is served with bubbles and squeak. The sausages tasted good and I like their bubbles and squeak too. Do order their dessert too! I'll recommend their bread pudding because it is definitely one of the best I have tried. Sweetness is just nice and the bread used is special too. Lastly, have a bottle of their specially imported apple cider to end your day. continue reading
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For full review and photos: http://gninethree.com/2013/05/10/the-ascot-british-gastrogrub-the-grandstandThe moniker 'gastrogrub' is not uncommon in England. This portmanteau of gastronomy and grub was after all, first coined in London. The Ascot, opened by owner Sylvester Fedor Thang, was his attempt to recreate the fond pub memories he enjoyed with his mates back when he was studying in the UK.Serving up distinctly British comfort foods of Bangers and Mash, Fish and Chips, Curries, Shepherd's Pie and the Sunday Roast (available only on Sundays of course), with a comprehensive alcoholic menu of imported beers and beverages from England and Europe, this place is the next best thing you will get without hopping on a 13 hour plane ride.A rustic Cold Cut Platter $18 that will be excellent with a guzzle of beer, this one features 3 types of cold cuts with silver onions, gherkins, scotch egg and homemade bread. The highlight of course, has to be that freshly made scotch egg with a gorgeous sunny-yellow yolk still runny despite being deep fried. A nice change to the usual ways eggs are prepared, this one comes wrapped in sausage meat and breadcrumbs for a contrast of textures and bite. It is a little British delicacy done right.I would not usually condone paying so much for a plate of salad but in the case of this Strawberry Spinach Salad $18 which produces a kaleidoscope of flavors that is undeniably compelling, it is probably justified. The first thing that hits you is probably the sweet tang of the raspberry vinaigrette dressing that lends a fruity burst with every bite. Next would be the crumbled blue cheese with its characteristic sharp and and salty flavor which cuts through the sweetness and is surprisingly not as foul-smelling as blue cheeses usually are. My favorite part has to be the generous sprinkle of whole pistachio nuts.A Bunch of Bangers $20 , another memorable dish, pays tribute to the quintessentially British dish of Bangers and Mash and put its own twist to it by adding Bubble and Squeak (stir-fried 'leftover' vegetables, The Ascot uses ) instead of regular mashed potatoes. Made up of three types of broiled and coiled sausages (Pork, Veal, Garlic and Thyme) and bathed in onion gravy, this one definitely has my vote because it was just so good and comforting! Can totally imagine a group of friends chilling over some bottles of beer and this plate of Bangers. Oh YUM!All desserts here are homemade so be patient as the kitchen will take up to 15 min to prepare them! But trust me, the wait will definitely be worth it! Expect the classics of Bread & Butter Pudding $9 and Apple Crumble $10 or even go all out and indulge in the Deep-Fried Mars Bars $8 that will leave you with sticky gooey caramel teeth but make you feel so satisfied (probably guilty afterward).The Ascot's Bread & Butter Pudding, made from brioche, was served warm and delivered a delightful end to the meal with those bursts of blueberries and accompanying Vanilla ice-cream. Truly memorable. continue reading
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