The Audacious Cakery offers you cupcakes, cakes, tarts and macarons that are both delicious & beautiful. Order their sandwiches with a cup of coffee or tea if you want something more filling. continue reading
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Chocolate Soufflé Lemon Meriange Tarts
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Level4 2014-03-17
Audacious Cakery was the third stop in my cafe hopping mission that day, so we were already half full. I think this is one of the more popular cafes in Everton, other than The Provision Shop, cos these two cafes were full when we went. We had to wait a while for a seat outside. There are lots of youngsters, the vibe is different in this cafe, I guess it appeals more to the young!I like the neat and attractive display of their cakes and cupcakes. It just whets your appetite looking at them! I like the friendly and good service in the cafe too. The drinks menu was quite limited though, for a non coffee drinker. Was feeling very thirsty and wanted a ice drink, but other than hot TWG tea and some bottled tea that didnt really attracted me, there was no selection of ice drinks.We only could try one item as we were too full! Got the black sesame cupcake ($3.50) in the end. At first bite, we loved it. It was rich and full of black sesame, just like eating the real black sesame dessert. But for me, I gradually got a bit sick of it, cupcake texture was nice though, just that I think the black sesame didnt really blend into the cupcake.Would love to come back again when Im not so full to try out the other flavours of cupcakes and perhaps their cakes!  continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-16
As I was around Everton Park area, which is practically filled with countless bakeries and cafes, I was walking pass this bakery and decided to pop in to have a look! I decided on taking away the Lemon Meringue Tart, which looked so good on the display counter. The lady over the counter is friendly and noted me to warm the tart for about 20 seconds before serving. I find that the lemon is too strong, but the meringue is delightful and the the tart base is good! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
For more details, please visit http://foodesteem.blogspot.sg/2014/02/the-audacious-cakery.htmlDespite the name, they do not serve "sweet tooth-ers" only, but also targeting another group of people for the usual meals.Zen ($8.80) which says aromatic yuzu and fromage blanc with citrus center on a jaconde sponge. Strawberry Shortcake ($6.80) made with fluffy white sponge, layered with succulent strawberries and luscious vanilla cream.If you are not sour-taker, Zen might be a skip then. It is pretty sour, but still manageable as compared to those sour-coated sweets?Matcha ($3.50) which is matcha Italian meringue buttercream served on a full-bodied matcha cake made with green tea from Japan. Chocolate Cream Cheese which is made of Valrhona chocolate with cream cheese sprinkle and Valrhona chocolate shavings. Lemon Raspberry ($4.00) which is lemon Italian meringue buttercream made with homemade raspberry jam core on a vanilla buttermilk cake sprinkled with raspberry croquelin.I love their cupcakes, generally. I love it because their cake is firm and doesn't drop bits and pieces as you bite. Furthermore, its comes with a little sticky feeling in your mouth which makes it easier to chew Lemon Meringue ($5.80), a luscious tangy lemon tart made with French churned butter on a biscuit base. Foret Noir ($9.80) consisting of Valrhona dark chocolate mousse, Kirsh soaked cherries and Kirsh cream on a dark Valrhona chocolate genoise.I love their Foret Noir. It is expensive if compared with the other cakes, but worth the price! Need not necessary be an alcoholic drinker, as the taste can be pretty mild. In fact, its the cherries that are being soaked, so you can skip that if you prefer.Earl Grey Creme Brulee ($6.80). Taste of TWG gentlemen earl grey tea leaves, and topped with a contrasting layer of hard caramel. It was an interesting taste for me initially, but subsequent feedings makes me feel weird with the tea taste. A plate of macarons We have the Lemon, Peanut, and Salted Caramel flavors, each costing $2.50. The macaron shells are not airy, where I tried before macaron shell with "empty spots" making it seems like eating crispy biscuit?Finally, Irish Cream Alcoholic ($4.50). It is a Guinness stout cupcake with whiskey ganache filling and Baileys Irish cream cheese frosting. For more details, please visit http://foodesteem.blogspot.sg/2014/02/the-audacious-cakery.html continue reading
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Level3 2014-01-17
For the full review and more photos, please visit http://makanarts.com/2014/01/12/the-audacious-cakery-block-2-everton-park/After having my coffee at Cozy Corner Coffee, I went to The Audacious Cakery. Opened a year ago, they specialise in not only cakes and tarts, but also cupcakes, macaroons and certain savory bakes.The Chocolate Souffle Tart ($6.80) is initially shown to be off the shelves but luckily they still had a few left in the kitchen (goes to show how famous these tarts are). Have it warmed up. It also comes with a layer of nuts on top. The chocolate tastes rich and even more with every bite. It is invigorating to have especially since it complements well with the souffle.You can see how the chocolate is oozing out of the souffle!If you are around Everton Park, consider coming to this place for its good selection of great tasting bakes! continue reading
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I have read alot of positive reviews about this new bakery and decided to check it out.The Audacious Cakery (TAC) located themselves at Everton, which I like the quaint environment. It is not easily spotted from the main road, but managed to find them with the help of the virtual googlemap (http://goo.gl/maps/9HEB7); stumbled on it when I was planning my trip there.TAC chose a shabby chic theme for their shop design. I like the soft and clean line interior design with distressed furniture and finishing to match. When I entered the shop, I was greeted by this friendly young man who requested me politely to wait a minute before he can serve me as he was attending to other customers. It works well for me as I was spoilt for choice with the selections of cakes, cupcakes and macarons – all beautifully crafted; it feels like I was in an art gallery.The young man seeing that I had trouble selecting the pastries, assisted by “walking” me through each item. In the end, I bought six cakes and six cupcakes; the macarons were all reserved CakesForet Noir (Black Forest) – Gentlemen’s (my) favourite. This is how a black forest cake should be executed – right balance of dark chocolate, kirsh vanilla cream and kirsh soaked cherriesMonet – Lady’s (my wife) favourite. This is one of the most complex cakes I ever tasted. A bite gives three flavours playing in my mouth. The bitterness from the Brut, the sweetness from the orange and the sourness from the red currants and raspberry compote.Exotique – Gentlemen’s second favourite! Indeed it is an exotic cake – Asian flavour in French pastry form. Do not be put off by the coconut mousse, there is a reason the chef added it to the flavour pairing.Strawberry Shortcake – Another well executed cake. Luscious strawberries, light vanilla cream and light sponge.Zacharie – Another well balanced cake with the mango passionfruit compote to play down the heaviness of cream cheese and the ginger biscuit base gives the spice to the third dimension of flavour.Faith – I like the balanced flavour of the green tea; not too over-powering that leaves either a bitter after taste or powdery feel.CupcakesThink the cupcakes have been overshadowed by the cakes and macarons. The cupcakes by TAC are the best I have tasted! This should be how cupcakes should be made – the right buttercream to cake ratio, light (and not overly sweet) buttercream and moist cake base.Gentlemen’s favourite of is the Black Sesame cupcake while Lady’s favourite is the Lemon Raspberry.TAC shall be my place to go whenever I need a dessert fix. They have hit all the right notes – pastries should look good to the eyes and taste equally good when eaten. I hope they continue to produce more well executed cakes like Tiramisu and Carrot Cake. continue reading
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