Presenting... The Beast - Southern Kitchen & Bourbon Bar. A slice of the dirty south in Singapore. You can almost imagine yourself sitting on your porch swing, glass of Sweet Tea in hand, with cosy interior elements such as our rusted oil drums, farm house lighting, and salvaged wood counter-tops making you feel right at home. The bar boasts one of the largest variety bourbons in the country, and has an extensive selection of American craft beers, and bourbon and rye specialty cocktails. Paying homage to the Southern tradition of moonshining, we make our own Southern comfort and have a barrel-aging program showcasing a rotating selection of classic cocktails. The Beast. A place to gather with friends, sip on some bourbon, and be treated to some classic southern cooking and hospitality. So come on down, ya'll! continue reading
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Review (6)
Level4 2015-03-16
We had heard about The Beast, a restaurant/bar specialising in southern cuisine (of which soul food is a subset of) and was drawn by the Amex tie up to offer set meals at a relatively reasonable price.It was pouring the day we went and parking was a pain. What made it worse was that we were confined to sitting at the bar area, with reused oil cylinders as tables, loud music for accompaniment and dim lighting. Really uncomfortable. And to think we had made reservations about a week in advance. The place must be popular. Oh wait. I saw a couple of walk ins waiting at the bar area for a bit and getting a table upstairs. But I digress.Roasted Tomato Soup - Served with a side of crisp toast sporting a gooey, cheesy filling that had me wanting for more, the tomato soup came across as lightly tart with a dash of fleeting spiciness in every mouthful. A great start to the food!Chicken With Waffles - Apparently one of the very well received dishes at The Beast, the chicken with waffles was a mixed bag for me. First the positive. The buttermilk fried chicken was juicy and bursting with flavour beneath the beautifully crunchy skin. However the flavour was good for only the initial few mouthfuls and progressively muted down. But it was still a pretty good piece of chicken I must say. The downside to this dish was the waffle, which was crisp (almost to the extent of being hard though) but had an unpleasant sourish taste to it. And the watery bourbon maple syrup served alongside couldn't quite cover that up.Chocolate Ice Cream - Decent way to end off; A nice big scoop of off the shelf chocolate ice cream topped with nuts and drizzled with chocolate sauce.$30++ ($35.31 nett) per pax honestly isn't much in today's dining scene but I seriously think the restaurant needs to do something about the waffles, pronto. Service alternated between friendly but confused and outright unfriendly, depending on who we approached. Will I be back? Considering that the chicken and waffles couldn't quite match up to the real deal and our overall experience was less than positive, the answer, unfortunately, is a no.See all my pictures at http://www.timelessfacade.com/2015/03/the-beast-seriously-overrated.html continue reading
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Level4 2015-03-08
The Beast aim to serve classic Southern American cooking, with an extensive selection of craft beers and cocktails. They have indoor and outdoor seating at the ground floor, but it can be pretty squeezy, suitable for drinks and bites. Up to the 2nd storey, The Beast is able to accommodate more diners, but only indoor, and also the place where proper benches and tables are provided for the purpose of mains.Love the interior design, creating the countryside ambiance with a tint of yellow lighting. Imagining yourself traveling through time and landed yourself in a cowboy environment and having a beer?The Beast provides two types of dining menus, where dinner and bar menu are available from Mondays to Saturdays, while brunch menu only on Sundays.Southern Sweet Tea ($7.00) and Freshly Squeezed Lemonade ($7.00). Southern Sweet Tea gives off a balanced sweet and refreshing taste on a hot weather, while the squeezed lemonade can be slightly too sour.Cajun Fries ($8.00). Changing my taste from the usual truffle to Cajun fries, I have to admit I love Cajun fries more, where the sweet taste and little of spiciness invades my taste buds.The Big Biscuit ($22.00). It consists of buttermilk biscuit, fried chicken, candied bacon, sunny side up, pimento cheese and sausage gravy. Candied bacon seems to be coated with a layer of honey, and overall tasted like the Chinese barbecued pork during the Chinese New Year but a little crispier, and fried chicken patty is juicy and tender.Mac & Cheese Burger ($22.00). Basically a burger when buns are made of mac and cheese being fried, beef patty, bacon jam, barbecue sauce, lettuce, tomato and sweet potato fries. The "buns" are quite tasteless, and would be best to eat with the beef patty and sauce. Beef patty seems to be homemade which crumbles when cut but spills out the juice when bite.Food wise, The Beast is actually more popular for their The Beast Burger which I believed costs around $125. While this is only available in the dinner menu, it consists of 1.6 pounds of beef patty, 1 pound of pulled pork, and 1 pound of buttermilk fried chicken. Looks intriguing, and I would definitely hop back to The Beast to challenge their The Beast Burger, but also not a bad idea to indulge myself back there with their other mains.For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2015/03/the-beast.html continue reading
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Level4 2015-02-09
You can't miss this! Coming along Victoria St.The Beast is a pretty small shop, with a long perimeter which they use to expand their seating area. So don't expect to be seated in an air-conditioned cafe.The interior only has bar top seating.Here's their sunday brunch menu.1. Bacon Maple Donut $5I was really looking forward to this, even though this sounded so sinful. It arrived on a plate with strawberries, which were quite sour. The bacon on the top, being drenched in maple syrup tasted like bak kwa. I quite liked it. But as you bite into the donut, this is where the disappointment hits you.It felt like I was biting into a very hard piece of cardboard. It was so hard, this donut was fried for too long and it just wasn't nice. This was quite saddening, as I had high hopes for this.2. Fried Chicken and Waffle $20Having tried other chicken and waffles offering in Singapore, everyone told me to try this one out as it was the most authentic? Having lived in the US for a few years. Nothing about this strikes me as authentic. Where's the coleslaw? Okay, at least the syrup is still here with the chicken! The waffle looked so pale, when it first arrived I had thought of asking them to heat it in the waffle iron longer? The waffle looked so white!The chicken was crispy and succulent. We had a choice between thigh and breast meat. We went for the thigh which was their more popular choice. The waffle was too light and airy, it felt like you were biting into air pocket. It was not crispy at all. Another total disappointment. This is by far the worst waffle I had every had.I felt like I had wasted my time coming here, there's way better options in Bukit Ho Swee and Dhoby Ghaut! continue reading
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Level2 2015-01-26
The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and the same goes for The Beast.The Beast, Southern Kitchen and Bourbon Bar is a dimly lit, 2 storey restaurant located along Jalan Klapa. I got there during opening time on a Saturday but only managed to snag myself bar seats because most of the tables have been reserved. First tell tale sign how popular this place has become.The wide variety of bourbon and whisky is a welcoming sight indeed for the thirsty. I decided on Mama June’s Sweet Tea. I would have expected it to be at least a tad similar to sweet lemon tea but its a rather bland (or diluted) mix of Redemption High Rye Bourbon and House-made Honey Sweet Tea. The beer is good, as expected of draught beer. Crisp and refreshing.Drinks aside, the food was much better. In fact so good it made me forget about ‘em crappy drinks.The pulled pork sliders were the first to arrive at the table and sure as hell didn’t disappoint. The pulled pork was juicy, tender and the crispy, fresh slaw gave the whole thing a welcoming texture. Gone in 60 seconds.Next came the The Jack and the Beast Stalk. Give me these battered, fried green beans over truffle fries any day. I would share my fries any day but I’ll need to think twice about these. Its addictive. The batter is airy and lightly fried and finally coated with their ‘secret seasoning’. I occasionally still crave for these.. thats how good I think it is.The Southern Fried Chicken is good but not memorable though. Exactly what you would expect of fried chicken, very tender and juicy, probably due to its purported 24 hr brine. I also realise they left out our house-made buttermilk biscuits too. =(The Bacon Waffle Sundae for me, is the highlight of the entire meal. You get a choice of ice-cream between Fig & Honey or Vanilla Bean. We picked the Fig & Honey. Crispy, fluffy waffles with candied bacon, pecan brittle and drizzled with butter scotch. Its like a celebration on a plate. I would definitely order this again.Overall, I had a good meal there. The prices are perhaps on the steep side but as a treat, I’ve already mentally worked out my next trip to The Beast. I’m all game to try their Chicken & Waffles ($20) with bourbon maple butter sauce. Also, I’m going to gather some fellow gluttons and go for their Beast Burger ($125), the mother of all burgers.  continue reading
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Level3 2014-11-11
The burpple tastmakers community gathered and feast at The Beast, a Southern Kitchen & Bourbon bar situated at Jalan Klapa. One of the bar bites, Freshly-baked cornbread ($6), serve with maple syrup. I was taken away by this homemade cornbread, it looks firm and dry but I was clearly deceived. We also had Bacon Mac & Cheese ($9). It was overall rather decent but it would be good if more cheese is added. That amount served didn't satisfy a Mac n' Cheese lover myself. Best pair with beer: Jack & The Beast Stalk ($12) - deep fried green beans with secret seasoning. It's tasty and addictive.Moving on to the mains, one of them you can expect is Chicken & Waffles ($20). Buttermilk fried chicken served on top of crispy waffle drizzled with a bourbon maple butter sauce. Highly recommended. Introducing The Beast Burger ($125). The mother of all burgers: 1.6 pound of juicy beef patty, 1 pound of slow cooked pulled pork, 1 pound of southern buttermilk fried chicken and a good serving of slaw, lettuce and tomato. Wedged between a custom-made 9 inch bun, served with a bucket of fries. Take the beast challenge!Desserts we had, Bourbon Pecan Pie ($12), Bacon Maple Glazed Donut ($5) and Peach Crumble ($12). We ended off with Bacon Maple Glazed Donut ($5). Do note that this is only available on the brunch menu. Quite a filling dessert I must say, with a mini whole donut. I like the combination of bacon and maple syrup, a balance of sweet and savour. A mouthful of super sweet goodness.For full review: http://jacqsowhat.blogspot.sg/2014/11/the-beast-jalan-klapa-singapore.html continue reading
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