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<BR><BR> Inspired by the food and culture discovered during travels to the New York, The Cafe Cartel created a range of big-on-value food, drinks and desserts along with the philosophy in taking time out to recharge from the continual buzz of the urban lifestyle. Today, the American-Italian café has grown into a chain of restaurants across the island. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
St Louise Pork Ribs Kangaroo Baked Apple Pan-fried Macaroni
Review (23)
The St Louis pork ribs here are decent and pretty value for money. At $11.20 and $15.60, you can get a small or a regular portion that's pretty filling depending on your appetite. The BBQ sauce is tangy and sweet so be prepared to get your fingers dirty! I found the cream sauce of the mushroom and ham pasta too watered down so that made it a letdown. However I love the Mississippi Mudpie as the chocolate cake was warm, fudge-y and moist, and the it's combination with vanilla Ice cream made it heavenly. The hygiene standard of this place is suspect though. I always get cloudy water glasses and stained cutlery which always spoils the dining experience. continue reading
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Went over to cafe cartel recently for lunch.The promotion they have. But one very important thing not shown here, is that Passion card has 15% discount, 5% more than this! So grab your passion card before you go! Good thing was I have a passion card ;)The restaurant was generally huge and spacious, good for gatherings. Perhaps make a reservation first to ensure your group has enough seats to sit together! Their desserts were very nice, especially their cheesecake. First up!Coffee!Taste a little bitter so it's good to add some sugar and creamQuite a small but delicate cup of coffee Looks generously topped with ham slices and mushroom! I thought the single egg yolk on the peak of the spaghetti was cute haha. Okay, for the waffle, it's topped with generous amount of banana. It was then drizzled with caramel sauce which added really sweet (in a good way) taste for the waffle. The ice cream was by default vanilla flavour. There was cream on it too. One not-so-good thing about the waffle is that its texture is a little mushy. I guess this will be the most appetizing dish amongst the rest. The meat was really juicy and tender! Good one!Comes with ribs, sausages and chicken chop. I would say that's quite a few varieties in a plate! It may looks little here, and in fact this dish was meant for 2 pax to share. I guess it's fine if a person can finish everything in this plate, because the meat were generally smaller in size. Nonetheless, my brother told me the meat taste good. I've always been a fan of mushroom sauce. So if the sauce is alright, nothing can go wrong here. The portion looks a little small but the chicken chop is again very tender. And the mushroom sauce complimented it well! Their happy hour (9pm) where all snacks and desserts are going at half price would be very worth your visit. Haha! Their service was fast, and like i've said, the place is big which is why it's very good for gatherings. Hui Yan- Read the full review here! http://chiamhuiy.blogspot.com/2013/01/cafe-cartel-review.html continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-30
I happened to pass by café cartel and decided to head in for dinner. i flipped open the menu and was spoilt for choice. I decided to order their hot pasta. They have two kinds of pastas, one is the normal kind the other which I ordered is served on hot plate. I ordered the Tender Chicken with Bacon and Cheese pasta. it was really delicious, however when they served it, it was splattering like mad. I had to lean back or else the sauce would stained my shirt. As a whole, it was really delicious. The cheese melted due to the heat. the sauce was flavoured quite well. The portion was really large. continue reading
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Level4 2012-06-15
Do you know that Cafe cartel also offers breakfast in their menu? It is always good to start the day with a hearty breakfast. After going through the menu, I decide to go for a simple breakfast set then came with 2 eggs, hashbrowns, sausages and beacons. I called this the typical Amercian breakfast. Enjoying the hearty breakfast while sipping a cup of fragrantly brewed coffee definitely kickstarts my engine for the day. continue reading
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Level4 2012-06-05
Was at Plaza Singapura to run some errands and decided to drop by Cafe Cartel for a quick and simple western lunch. As it was a Friday, we had two choices to choose from the set lunch menu, and i ordered the Grilled fish fillet with fruit cocktail and honey mustard sauce!The set meal came with a garlic bread (which was a little hard for my liking), generous serving of mushroom soup and drinks of your choice. The fish fillet itself was rather flat, and thus not as juicy as it could have been. The fruit salad and sauce was rather interesting when paired with the fish. However, the fries were dreadful, would prefer macdonald's fries anytime. The salad, was nothing special, just a bunch of greens tossed together with a tiny bit of vinaigrette. Overall, it was pretty average, but at $10 for the entire meal, what more can i ask for? continue reading
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