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The Cheese Ark gathers rare cheese that are on the brink of being phased out by time and evolution. They aim to share rare and unique cheeses with the world by supporting authentic cheesemakers who age cheese and herd animals the traditional way. Offering artisan cheeses and cheese platters, The Cheese Ark exposes diners to lesser-known cheeses. continue reading
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Review (4)
Level4 2014-12-25
I spent quite a while in The Cheese Ark waiting for the meticulous work to be done. The lady in charge took much care preparing the cheese for everyone, and even plating them on this cool charcoal-black platform. Well, by "cool" I meant that it's chilled to maintain the optimum taste of the cheese.Enjoying cheese definitely requires an acquired taste, not everyone likes it but those who do, will love it. For me? I thought I won't like it, but surprisingly, the cheese presented to us is slanted towards the less strongly flavoured ones and I really appreciate them when pairing them with the figs. I can tell it is of high quality but my palate is not finely attuned to them as I am not very much exposed to cheese.  continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-05
Thanks to my good friend who had brought me to this restaurant to taste their signature Omakase Ultimate Burger, which really has impressed me, both its huge portion and its flavourful taste.Restaurant is very spacious and quiet, great place to have a good chat with your loves one. For their fries, is dry and not too oily, with little peppery spiciness in it. Burger bun is very soft and moist, very easy to chew. Love the juicy beef meat patty which is tender and tasty. The added sliced mushrooms very soft and chewy, blend in well with the burger. For less than $20 per meal, is quite value for money. Waitress here are also friendly too. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-29
Sampling tableThere are lots of cheese available for sampling here, and every kind tastes very different from each other.Other than those on the sampling table, the service staff also brought out many different cheese, and cut out sampling portions for everybody to try.What is interesting is that the same cheese, subjected to different ageing process or duration, tastes very distinct from each other, so it's not only about the extent of the smell, but about an entirely different character.In the end, I walked away from a 4-year old Gouda and Capriflocon.Capriflocon - 100% raw goat's milk.This is a creamy cheese and needs to be refrigerated. At the first bite, it feels like eating an entire goat, complete with its skin. It's like smelling an entire goat farm and having the same taste at the back of the throat - not kidding! It was rather overwhelming, but once you get past the first bite, the rest of it was less pungent and infact rather enjoyable.4 year old Gouda - 100% silage free cow milk"Not all Gouda are the same. Only when it is made in the ancient method can a Gouda be aged for this long. Only revived from extinction in 2003, only 2 producers in the world of The Netherlands make this today. Production is very small."This gouda cheese breaks apart easily due to the effects of the ageing process - and that's how it is. I break off a small chunk each time and nibble on it as a snack. It has a very sharp and strong pleasant pungence, but is an acquired taste. I took it together with white wine and it was one of the best experience ever!Overall the cheese were all rather delicious - I'm a cheese lover. continue reading
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Level1 2013-06-30
Disappointing experience. Attracted by the neon sign "rare cheeses" andcasually walked in. Tried to browse but only a few named varieties on the table. Chillers are unlabeled as well. When I asked for a product listing, they didn't have one. The names, one staff said , are difficult to pronounce. i enquire whether these are local or imported cheese and was told the latter. One asked me if I was looking for anything in particular, so I told them I was hoping to find cazu marzu but I got blank stares.Back home, i checked on the Internet and realize they were promoting obsure, artisanal cheeses from around the world. Maybe they are trying to save soon to be extinct cheese making techniques,as is claimed on one website feature. continue reading
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