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Garden Slug Mixed Grill Zesty Beef Salad
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I have been coming here for years. From the time I was an undergraduate, to my first job, and my bf and I even had our first date here! (: I've brought my family here numerous times, both local and from overseas. This place holds so many memories for me! Above everything else, the best thing is we can bring Rocco our baby chihuahua to eat with us! (:The food always brings a warmth to my heart. Good portions, beverages always creative, and the menu changes from time to time. They also have weekly and daily specials. No two visits are ever the same, which is why I keep coming back!It's hard for me to describe the taste of the food, except that I love it and sometimes -you can ask my bf- I actually have dreams about the food hahaaa! All I can say is that they have mastered the art of producing home-cooked tasting food, without all the commercialized taste. Even the premises feels like someone's home. That someone being my grandpa. While some of my friends call it "run-down" (rude!!) , I rather say it's "derelict chic".I had the pleasure of speaking to (I think) one of the owners last weekend and learned they are soon celebrating their 9th anniversary. Wahh, I commend their resilience! The Garden Slug is what I call a first-wave cafe, before all the hipster places sprouted up. And to be able to survive this long - they must be doing something right! Most places close down within a year of opening.I also love the witty banter on their social media like twitter and facebook. They sometimes run little competitions and giveaways. In the years I've been following, I've actually won two contests! The Garden Slug constantly evolves and I am not only stoked but also honoured to be able to witness this evolution. Times are a little hard for all retail these days, not just with world market but also haze!!! I just hope my favourite chillax place will continue to stay strong through these trying times.  continue reading
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Level3 2014-06-30
The garden slug is highly raved to be a hidden gem in the east by bloggers and online reviews. Out of curiosity, we decided to check them out during the weekend. It may seems inaccessible as it's not walk-able from any MRT, the nearest would probably be Bedok station. The menu is pretty extensive, from pasta, burgers, steaks and even all day breakfast dishes.We had, Wasuga Chicken Wings which was kinda disappointing. TGS Mixed Grill Platter inclusive of ribeye steak strips, lamb loin chops, bratwurst sausage, mash potato and greens was good! We had a few kinds of pasta as well. Desserts was decent, we had tiramisu - nothing to rave about.Overall, the quality of the food were average - some were good, some weren't worth the cost. If you're looking for a place to satisfy your steak craving without spending a bomb, this would be an ideal place to chill over meat For full review: http://jacqsowhat.blogspot.sg/2014/06/the-garden-slug-lorong-l-telok-kurau.html continue reading
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Level3 2013-10-13
After visiting the pet shop next door, we had to get some dinner, and we thought, this might be a good place to get some grub! Looking back, it was a great decision to get our dinner at this place! the ambience was really great, even though it might have been slightly dark. Besides that, the ribs was really fall-of-the-bone tender and had me licking my fingers and wanting more and more even though i was quite full!! continue reading
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Level3 2013-09-14
Garden Slug is located at quite an inconvenient location, restaurant wasn't too crowded when we reached on a Sunday afternoon. Ordered the recommended All Day Big Breakfast, and yes, it's really big with all the food items. The sauteed mushrooms is really good, very juicy and tasty. I also like the scrambled egg, not too dry and very delicious. Other than that, the other items were quite ordinary like in other brunch restaurants. Didn't really like the bread as it was quite hard. My friend had the other recommended item, the ugly salmon cakes. It's mainly mashed potato with salmon bits and onion bits inside. My friend didn't enjoy it as she's not a fan of onions and the menu didn't state that there was onions inside. Despite so, the mashed potato tasted good with the salmon bits. All in all, it's an ordinary brunch restaurant. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-03
Ugly Salmon Cakes ($14.90): I say they were too hard on themselves. Though molded by hand, these well-seasoned cakes aren’t all that ugly, are they? Packed with a mixture of parsley, black pepper, garlic, onion and smoked salmon, this starter really had the night going, but only when it’s piping hot. Because that is the only time when the ingredients are still alive. The starter is best shared by three persons, thanks to its heavy base and big portion, you might not be able to fully enjoy your main course otherwise.Truffle-some Shrooms Pesto Pasta ($23.50): Who can refuse some linguine heavily infused with truffle? It is for sure not truffle-some, but rather truffle-a-lot, if you take it literally. The hefty $23.50 is well-worth its every single cent. I confirm that it is the first truffle pasta I’ve had that absolutely satisfies my palate. Further to its excellent truffle + mushrooms combination, it is also certified a Vegetarian dish.Ribeye Steak ($23.90): Done medium-rare as per requested, the Ribeye Steak was a direct bull’s eye for me. Not only was it (a) perfectly executed to my preferred doneness, (b) its homemade brown sauce was exactly what I’d like for my steaks – the hint of saltiness to spice the meat up, but not over the top to mask the taste of steak. I also love the fact that (c) there were parts where tendons were involved for me to enjoyably chew on, but most others where it was just easy meat to sink my teeth in and swallow. The steak is so good it’s a crime not to have it whilst there. It’s as if the some at least 250g of steak isn’t filling enough, a huge chunk of mashed potatoes is served as side as well. Maybe the greens are more welcomed here, to counter those carbohydrates.DIY Amaretti Cookie Sundae ($10.50): Vanilla bean gelato, warm chocolate syrup and home-baked gluten-free almond-flavored biscuit. You are in for a treat if you love them all. Note that it says DIY. With each ingredient placed separately, you have the liberty to mix and match however you like. I say, since the portions of everything are so huge in The Garden Slug, you are better off sharing this plate with your dining companion.The Village Tiramisu ($6): Though a pretty piece, it fell short for me. I thought their rendition of the Tiramisu had an overly creamy texture, and was quite severely lacking in the amount of cocoa / coffee. I thought since people had order a Tiramisu, they would be prepared for an overpowering flavor. I would have raided my friend’s dessert plate if not that mine was better. On 18 June 2011, the full strength (20 persons) of The Garden Slug had their restaurant closed on that very day (a busy Saturday, mind you) to attend PinkDot 2011 in person. PinkDot is a local movement for everyone who supports the belief that everyone deserves the freedom to love. And The Garden Slug team has been a loyal supporter of it since the movement started out.Not only is the dining place a gay-friendly place, it is also a pet-friendly one. And oh, GST & Service Charge-friendly as well (all prices are nett). continue reading
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