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The newly-opened The Halia at Raffles Hotel is an urban, casual-chic sibling of the award-winning The Halia at Singapore Botanic Gardens. The menu offers contemporary European fare with Asian touches, featuring unique creations such as the Singapore-style Chilli Crab Spaghettini. Another highlight at The Halia at Raffles Hotel is the alfresco bar, which showcases a portfolio of hand-crafted, artisanal products from around the world. continue reading
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Kindly note that the Halia Restaurant does not accept reservations on weekends and public holidays from 1000 - 1700.
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Celeriac Lasagna Halia Chilli Crab Spaghettini Sous Vide Baharat Chicken Leg Sticky Toffee Pudding
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Full review - http://midas400.blogspot.com/2015/12/birthday-lunch-at-halia-raffles-hotel.htmlHalia, a well known fine dining establishment in the F&B scene, with numerous accolades in it's name, was the venue of choice for our Nov sistas birthday celebration. I've heard only good words for this restaurant, so it's high time we give this place a try.The Raffles Hotel's branch has the same garden theme as its big sister at the Botanic gardens, with added colonial vibes. Planted foliage matched with colonial style black and white theme decor, and tall classic French windows giving the interior natural lighting during the day. Check out the centerpiece, a carved wooden table made from a 150yrs old tree.Interesting table setting with cutlery housed in an old school tin container and ice water served in a wine/beer bottle. The menu here showcased modern European dishes with Asian influences.We ordered a main course each and two appetizers for sharing.For drinks, I had the Ginger Jive $12++, a concoction of fresh ginger, fruits and wild honey. I love its refreshing fruity taste with subtle hints of ginger kick. Some of my friends had their signature Halia Infusion $10++, a ginger drink served with wild honey (hot/cold). The ginger taste was more prominent for this beverage as compared to my mocktail.Appetizers were served shortly after we placed orders. Crispy salt & chilli squid $15++ served with piquant mayo and ginger & spring onion lime dip, and Potato fries $8++ served with piquant mayo and truffle aioli dip. Both were delish and addictive to munch on.The main courses did not take long to be served but alas, they keyed in the wrong order for two of our dishes. The apologetic staff explained the error to us, and quickly served up another set of appetizers (on the house) for us to kill time (another 15mins wait) while they prepare the dishes. Good service recovery from the restaurant!My Halibut en Papillote $44++, baked fish fillet wrapped in parchment paper with mirin broth and veggies, served with sushi rice and wakame. This was a fabulous dish, fish was succulent and well infused with flavors. The rice topped with seaweed and cucumbers has a nice contrast of textures too. Thumbs up.My friend's Slow Cooked Canadian Pork Loin $33++, was amazingly tender despite its 2" thickness. We suspect it has been sous vide for long hours before pan frying to achieve the nice browning on its exterior. Another excellent dish.Steak & Eggs $30++, with extra Bacon top up at $4++, served with grilled tomatoes, poached eggs & spinach on toast, and buttery Béarnaise sauce. The steak's doneness was just right, retaining its moist and juicy texture, wonderfully executed.To end the enjoyable lunch on a sweet note, complimentary dessert was served. Crème Brûlée with Rum & Raisins ice cream, and a Happy Birthday message. This simple looking dish tasted much better than its looks, we were not disappointed.Halia definitely lived up to its reputation as one of the best restaurants in town. Magnificent food, incredible service, coupled with lovely ambiance, a great choice for that special occasion you are planning to celebrate. Prices could be a little on the steep side but it is well worth the money spent. We utilized two The Entertainer App 1 for 1 Mains vouchers and waived about $60++ off the bill, a good deal indeed.Halia also has an Al fresco bar just outside the restaurant. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-13
Located on Level One of the iconic Raffles Hotel, Halia Restaurant features a strong east-meets-west vibes, in both decoration and their menu. This distinctive restaurant is set in a location easy to spot, and done in a casual chic style of both cultures.The ambience was comfortable, urban chic and a little vintage, making the place almost romantic looking. Anyway, we prowled the menu and debated between various fusion items such as Halia Chilli Crab and Javanese Spiced Lamb Rump , but in the end we didn't order any of these two.We started with a Deep Fried Salt & Chilli Squid (SGD$15.00) - delicious, succulent squid done in dainty pieces, lightly flavored so that the natural sweetness of squid was still detectable. It was lovely, and we were surprised to see it served in a cute dimsum tray.For mains, *Charliez chose the Confit Duck Leg (SGD$34.00) - complete with duck fat potatoes, Brussels sprouts, parsnip puree and cinnamon gravy. The skin was kind of crispy, but the meat could have been more tender. The parsnip puree had an acquired taste that requires getting used to, as well.I had the Lightly-Cured Salmon Fillet (SGD$31.00) - with dried tomato, roast capsicum and basil leaves. I loved my dish. The slices of salmon skin around the plate were salted, and crispy. The salmon fillet itself was soft and tender on top, and the inside was lightly cooked so that the texture held the juicy bounce of sashimi's.For full review and more photographs, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/12/dinner-at-halia-raffles-hotel.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-13
For pictures and full review, pls visit:http://madamechewy.com/2014/01/12/halia-afternoon-tea/Looking for a convenient place to savor a quiet afternoon tea amongst nature? Feeling overwhelmed by the scale and speed of city life? Halia located at the iconic Raffles Hotel is the perfect choice. Nibble on sweet and savory morsels, sip on fragrant Gryphon Tea while enjoying company of friends or a book in this classy establishment. While I would have loved to visit Halia at Singapore Botanic Gardens, my schedule was too packed for me to travel so far. Hence the next appropriate choice was the centrally located branch at Raffles Hotel. Cuisine served here is contemporary European fare with Asian touches, but we didn’t get to sample any as we came just for the afternoon tea service.Upon entering the restaurant, a large tree right in the middle of a wooden carved table wowed me. Décor screams colonial charm while huge window panes allowed plenty of natural light through. Cheerful vibes, friendly service and good food, what more can I ask for? Afternoon tea here is like a garden party, minus the humidity and heat (air-conditioned), glaring sun on the skin and bugs!Afternoon tea service is available on weekends and public holidays from 3-5.30pm. It comes as a fixed, non-refillable set, priced at $38 per person per set, which includes a drink. Because K and I weren’t hungry and had dinner appointments in the evening, we ordered one set to share but topped up an additional pot of tea.Beverage selection is extensive; choose from signature Halia infusion, coffee, black teas, green teas or herbal and fruit infusions. We had Peach Nectar Rooibosh and Turkish Apple. The additional pot of tea was $8 extra.There were some hits and misses with the food, but they were generally satisfactory. Good mix of sweet and savory treats too, I must add. Some savories had a touch of luxe, notably the Foie Gras mousse, with rosemary, flaky pastry and red onion jam. Sweet offerings were common; I felt that more thought was put into the savories, which incorporated unique ingredients.Top Tier: -Irish smoked salmon, blini, crème fraiche, caviar. Loved how the tangy and nutty flavors of the crème frachie toned down the smoked salmon’s fishy taste. -Grilled Halloumi, smoked avocado, cherry tomato -Blue cheese, apricot chutney pickled celery, honey walnut -Foie Gras mousse, rosemary, flaky puff pastry, red onion jam. Absolutely gorgeous buttery and flaky pastry. -Savory mini muffin was too dry -Chicken finger sandwich -Freshly baked sconeBottom Tier: -Jam and clotted cream -Flourless orange cake with chocolate ganache -Macarons -Apple rhubarb crumble which was way too sour -Lemon meringue tart with chocolate -Lemon sponge cakeWe had a pleasant afternoon tea experience, plus the peaceful and quiet ambiance is perfect for long conversations. Hope to check out Halia at Singapore Botanic Gardens soon continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-05
See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2013/12/05/good-mansard-champagne-dinner-halia-at-raffles-hotel-on-2dec2013/i have this group of friends who are always in the know when it comes to the finest wine dinner in town.we got ourselves a table for 10 at the mansard champagne dinner at halia @ raffles hotel on 2.12.2013. halia looked to occupy the previous seah deli space, with a open bar area at the pavilion outside. the acoustic was very poor as 1 of my “expert” friends noticed right away, and we had to “shout” at each other to be heard as the place was full & echoes were flying off all the hard surfaces – walls & glass windows. the din was like fish market – very happening…haha. this the second time my wife & i joined the wine dinners. the last one at fordham & grand was one of the best dinners i had. i looked at the halia mansard dinner menu & it looked great too. the concept was communal dining so the courses came in platters for sharing for 2pax. i had been to halia @ botanic gardens once, perhaps twice, likely more than 5 years ago. the experience was good, perhaps not compelling. i did remember it served 1 of the best lamb racks then. but halia standard should be fine. the oyster gratin was a good, tasty, competent dish. most of us would prefer freshly shucked oysters or sashimi but if you had to have it baked, this was good. the spicy prawn salad was 1 of my favourites. very refreshing. love especially the sharp spiciness that added the kick to the dish. prawns & salad were fine but nothing special.the foie gras risotto with apples & duck leg rillette was great too, the duck imparting some flavours to the risotto, which was nicely done al dente. this was perhaps a finer preparation than that served at jamie’s italian & alfresco gusto but taste-wise i preferred the latter 2 which were creamier & more hearty & intense. certainly it was not the best risotto experience i had. :-) a few friends did not like the al dente texture. 1 quipped that it was duck porridge..haha. before getting on the main, we had a very nice lime sorbet palate cleanser.the ahi tuna loin was another competent dish (maguro not quite my favourite sashimi as it is plain in taste, not so sweet like hamachi or kajiki or aji). these were very lightly seared. the japanese aburi (torched) sashimi preparation would be better. the capsicum & white beans garnishing was good & complement the fish rather well. overall i liked the dish though i had better ahi tuna loin in california & seared maguro in japanese restaurants. the dish did not win many votes among my companions though, 1 was shaking his head. next was the sous vide wagyu rump. i thought it was rump as most restaurants served this cheaper cut in course meals & confirmed with the server that it was so. it was strange that after sous vide (slow vacuum low temp cooking) the beef was still slightly tough & not tender enough, something not usually associated with the tender consistency if anaemic colour that sous vide produced. it was still not a bad dish for a rump cut, perhaps fine preparation & kind of average taste. the dessert was fabulous, especially the white chocolate. the caramel honeycomb had an interesting & pleasant after taste. some of us thought of it as “terng chan po piah” the vanishing food with a honeycomb wrapped in po piah skin. many of my friends, having been schooled in (or just “spoilt” by) many good wine dinners, didn’t think the food was great. it was ok though for my wife & i. i guess everything is relative & depends on the point of reference. perhaps many other wine dinner were better & this would not rank high. but i didn’t see much difference between this (comparing over all the courses) & what one could get at oso, otto, absinthe or forlino at S$88 even w/o the champagne, so to me dinner was quite good, & especially fun & enjoyable with the company, though the food at fordham & grand i had last was much better. continue reading
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Level3 2013-10-03
The Halia Group who first started the award-winning Halia restaurant at the Botanic Gardens 11 years ago is back again with its second outlet- The Halia at Raffles Hotel. Located at the now defunct space of Seah Street Deli, against the historic colonial settings of Singapore most iconic hotel, The Halia at Raffles Hotel serves up a contemporary European menu with a touch of Asian influence. Working with the concept of 'small plates' and 'big plates' instead of the usual 'appetizers' and 'mains', dining here at The Halia is all about casual and flexible fun as you create your own degustation menu and enjoy it with friends.The 100-seater restaurant is airy, spacious and adorned with natural foliage, paying tribute to its flagship. An ancient old tree takes centre stage with a wooden carved table which will make excellent conversation fodder for whoever is dining there. Others can relish in the lush flora and black/white motif tiled floors of this cosy space as you sit in your cushioned chairs, waiting for the food to arrive.The perfect marriage of the East and West, this MUST TRY small plate of Oriental Pulled Duck $18 is most riveting. The duck confit (classically French), had been marinated overnight, allowing all those duck meat to bask in the juices while the very Japanese Soba noodles gently tossed in sesame oil proved to be an elegant compliment. Overall, a simple yet dynamic dish that had much love from me.Not the healthiest of salads but certainly one of the most indulgent, this Foie Gras Salad $23 was a beautiful medley of textures and flavours. From the infusion of sickly sweet apricot chutney and blueberries to that buttery texture of the foie gras and a nice crunch from the candied ginger pecans, everything was pulled together quite harmoniously and effortlessly.The Javanese Spice Maori Lakes Rack of Lamb $47 served with eggplant puree and red pepper relish was a crowd pleaser with its sweet tender meat and charcoal- roasted till crisp exterior.Prepared Sous Vide, this Baharat Chicken Leg $28 was quite the charmer with its Middle-Eastern Baharat spice marinate, enlivened by the butternut squash puree and coriander red pepper salsa surrounding it. The plus factor was probably the deboning of the chicken leg, serving it fillet style and making it extremely convenient to eat.The Donald Russell Angus Tenderloin 200g for $60 features a grass fed 21 days dry aged beef from Ireland prepared impeccably and served Medium Rare. It was almost impossible to fault the pink toned and incredibly tender meat that had succulence and an authentic charred flavour.The ultimate pairing in dessert, this Chocolate and Orange Custard $10 brings an uncomplicated end to a meal. I simply could not get enough of the top layer of chopped almonds and shortbread crumbs that was so addictive to munch on while the velvety smooth chocolate mousse laced with Grand Marnier was simply brimming with exuberance. Here's one dessert I would not mind drinking to.My favourite dessert of all was the delightfully refreshing Ginger Nougat Parfait $10. This Halia signature won me over with its ingenious use of spices in a homemade nutty nougat and pairing of caramelized pineapples which drew a positively unique and pleasantly sweet outcome.The working crowd will be pleased to know that the al fresco bar here at Halia Raffles Hotel features a bevy of hand-crafted, artisanal beverage products from all around the world and a cocktail menu with a wide array of special concoctions, making it a charming and laid back watering hole to drop by for Happy Hour.Do note that Halia at Raffles Hotel also has pocket-friendly pre-theatre menus at $25++ for 2 courses and $33++ for 3 courses from 5.30pm to 7pm daily so dont miss out on those! continue reading
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