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Review (4)
Level2 2015-09-04
The Hangar is a Aussie styled cafe with an industry concept interior design that specialize in coffees, sandwiches and salads. Situated at the far end of Arab Street making it a perfect hang out venue away from all the crowd. A nice cozy cafe to catch up with your friends while enjoying the good coffees and food that are served in The Hangar.The shredded chickens were tender, the curry get absorbed into the shredded chickens quickly making it more delicious. The Organic Buckwheat Soba were cooked perfectly maintaining the chewy texture. The curry was quite mild yet rich, good to go for people who cannot take too spicy food. Not forgetting about those who love a extra kick of spiciness, they had thoughtful topped a extra spoon of chili paste for you.You will never go wrong with Norwegian Smoked Salmon. All of us enjoy the velvety and creamy scrambled eggs that goes along with the Norwegian Smoked Salmon. The homemde Dill Aioli perfectly accompaniment the whole dish.The plate was over populated with the bacon, pork sausage, sauteed mushroom, saute cherry tomatoes, sunny side up, sour bread and the spicy bake beans. The sunny side up reflected my mum style of golden brown egg brim. The pork sausage was very juicy and tender. Instead of the usual sweet ketchup bake beans, the hint of spiciness make the bake beans extra appetizing.For full review check out : http://www.elgenahearts.com/brunch-at-the-hangar/ continue reading
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Read the full review at http://herpenandfork.blogspot.sg/2015/01/the-hangar-review-for-well-made-sarnies.htmlIt's hard to find good sandwiches around. No not those that are made with 2 slices of white bread from the supermarket. A good sandwich, or a sarnie (as the Aussies call it), typically consists of artisanal bread, like rye or sourdough, with a flavourful filling. The Hangar has received fairly positive reviews, and pictures of the food looked tantalising on Instagram, so I had to make my way there. We got to meet the owner, who had previously worked at Sarnies and he explained that the cafe's concept was modelled upon the ones in Melbourne.Located on Arab Street, the place is some distance away from Bugis MRT, but still reachable by foot. It looks just like any other nondescript cafe from the outside, with a fairly spacious interior. The tables aren't cramped together, but if I have to comment, it seems to be a littleee cluttered near to the kitchen.Otherwise, it makes for a good place for a catch-up over coffee and food. From the menu, all-day breakfast mains are available, but the sandwiches are the recommended dishes to have. They have the usual hand-pulled coffees too, but what's interesting is that they offer the upsize option here. For just $1/$2, you can upsize your cup to a medium/large cup, which makes it worthwhile for sharing between 2.The Hangar Menu - BrunchThe Hangar Menu - Sandwiches and SaladsDrinks MenuUpsized Large Mocha ($7.50)Our Mocha had a nice balance between the chocolatey and nutty tones. My friend even commented that it was one of the best she ever had.Lemongrass Steak ($12)Recommended by the cafe, and also our clear preferred choice. The beef was done nicely to a medium rare and every bite was very enjoyable. The lemongrass brought a refreshing taste to the steak. The beef slices were sandwiched between 2 piececs of toasted sourdough/rye. Very good. You definitely won't go very much wrong by ordering this.At $12 for most of their sandwiches, The Hangar really is a good place for sandwich lovers(like me) with their well-made sarnies. The coffees pulled here are more than decent. If there's a place I would drop by again for their sandwiches, it would be here. continue reading
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It is never enough when it comes to having good stuff enough, isn't it? I am referring to The Hangar, a relatively new kid-on-the-block at Kampong Glam neighbourhood. Pav who was previously a co-owner of Sarnies at Telok Ayer, is the brain child of The Hangar situated along Arab Street.Grubs served here are mainly mouth-watering sarnies and salads, while coffee and craft beers as beverages.What sets The Hangar apart are their assortment and unique sandwiches. On top of that, there are also occasional surprises off their menu such as the Sheikh's delight ($18): a slow-cooked lamb shoulder spiced stew, which I ordered.True to Pav's words, the lamb meat was succulent and fully embodied with spices (not forgetting the mild gaminess).Sandwiches are served on Sourdough with a thin layer of Wasabi Mayo to give that extra "kick". Having said that, for someone who refrains wasabi at all cost, I actually thought it complimented the sandwich really well.Coffee ($5) pulled with Raging Elephant Blend was full-bodied, earthy and has mango tropical notes.I was informed that he will introduce Vietnamese beans as well. Looking forward to it on my next visit to this laid back industrial themed cafe!More pics and thoughts at http://lepakwithyaops.com/the-hangar-institution-of-coffee-sarnies-salads-at-arab-street continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-26
So I chanced upon this place after seeing danielfoodiary visit this on instagram. So I got some deal.com.sg vouchers and got 4 other friends to check it out.Here is the store front, it's at the edge of Arab street, I walked about 5 minutes from Bugis MRT Exit D (Downtown line)Here is the bar and front counter, sadly all those sandwiches up on the chalkboard were not available for dinner. I was so looking forward to trying the fully sick sandwich. I guess I have to come back here during lunch time then!So here is their 2 page dinner menu. It is not a lot of items, but it is good, as you don't have to waste too much time picking items. As a group of 5 we decided to pick a bunch of appetizers1. Cracker Squid ($13)The squid was okay, the batter could be crispier, the tartar sauce was okay. The dish looked presentable, but it just didn't taste as good as I had hoped it to be.2. Squid Taco, Pulled Pork Taco, Fish Taco ($8 each)For the pulled pork, that was apparently cooked for 12 hours, it tastes not too bad. Generally pulled pork is very sweet and this wasn't too sweet. I only wish the taco was the crispy corn kind, rather than the flat bread kind. This had me missing my Doritos Tacos for 99 cents in the US!3. Lotus Root Croquettes ($12)I decided to order this as I found this to be interesting, instead of one lotus root, it was all mashed up and shredded up. Pretty much like a mashed sweet potato breaded and fried. I found it a bit strange. The cilantro dip was not too bad, I liked the spices and it added some flavour to the sweetness of the lotus root.4. Truffle Hot Chips ($8)Pretty decent truffle chips, you could definitely smell and taste the truffle oil. My friends even commented that it might be better than Habitat's truffle fries! A pretty good compliment if I might say so myself. They are generous with the fries for just $8 nett. 5 of us each had a good share of it!Main Courses :1. Steak Out ($18)I saw a comment on facebook that their steak was juicy and tender and decided to give it a try. We ordered it Medium and it did come Medium! Hurray! for cooks who know what they are doing! The steak was indeed juicy, tender and not dry! I enjoyed it thoroughly. I would definitely order it again if I was here for dinner.2. Pork Yakitori ($15)For $15, I think this dish is overpriced, unlike the japanese yakitori, this did not taste like it had the yakitori sauce/teriyaki sauce on it. It reminded me of the halal kebabs, not sure why. The potato salad on the side though, was amazing! It tasted like a egg/carrot/potato salad? I am not exactly sure what ingredients went into it, but it was more amazing than the yakitori itself. The yakitori was okay, it was juicy, tender, it was abit hard getting the meat off the stick, but at least the meat wasn't dry.Desserts :1. Brownie ($6)Apparently one of their best sellers, this brownie looked very humble, but once you dig your dessert spoon into it, you realize that it is very dense. Unlike most brownies that you would eat and feel gerlat, "heaty", or feel like you're about to get a sore throat the next morning. This brownie gives you that same sensation but not to that extreme. I feel that it would be well paired up with the SegaFreddo, but not at $10 more.2. SegaFreddo ($10) - Brandy Hazelnut GelatoThe cheerful waitress recommended us to try this Brandy infused, hazelnut gelato. There were indeed alot of whole hazelnuts in this Gelato, but I could hardly taste the Brandy. Even though the waiter who served it to us, asked us to eat it with caution, as if we would be completely tipsy from eating the dessert. It was a nice dessert, but definitely not worth $10. We spent a total of $125 for 5 people, with the deal vouchers. It was a worthy dining experience. The shop itself seats at very most 15 pax, I hope they would consider serving the sandwiches during dinner, as I believe it would attract more customers.The service was good and throughout the 2 hours that we were there, the nice Indian lady asked us several times if we needed service, water top up, or any food recommendations as she knew that we were looking for ways to spend the $125. continue reading
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