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The Manhattan FISH MARKET specializes in American style seafood offers a wide variety of lip-smacking products ranging from Fish N Chips to Garlic Butter Mussels and the Manhattan Seafood Platter that’s perfect for all seafood lovers. continue reading
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Level4 2015-03-07
I was kinda craving for fish & chips that, so we chose Manhattan Fish Market for lunch. Moreover, I've never tried their fish & chips before (wanted to compare to Fish & Co also muahaha).Iced Water - $0.50It was lemon water, which I'm not a fan of ewhhh...Gummy Bear - $5.50It's a drink made of Curacao and tropical fruit mix. I recall it tasted like handsoap and it made me appreciate my lemon water more haha.Creamy Mushroom Penne - $13.95sauteed fresh button mushrooms coated with creamy sauce and topped with parmesan cheeseDidn't really like this as it was too creamy.Feeesh 'n Cheese - $12.95hand-battered dory fillets drizzled with garlic herb sauce, complemented with cheesy chips and side saladUpon the first slice of the fish, I got the first impression that MFM's fish was slightly less oily than Fish & Co. Instead of giving one long fillet of fish, they gave us 2 medium-sized ones, and that made the portion looked bigger than Fish & Co's (I'm not sure either it's a eyetrick or real haha). The meat was soft and well-marinated. The fries was covered abundantly with cheese sauce. Holy molly, look at that fatty cheese sauce! My only gripe was that the garlic sauce on top of the fish more looked like it's spilled rather than poured. They need to be more generous on pouring the garlic sauce coz it's seriously yummy!Grilled Glory Dory (regular) - $12.95grilled dory fillet with garlic herb rice and veggiesBf complained that the rice was served cold. It was indeed a bit cold when I tried, but it tasted pretty good with a distinct hint of herb. The fish wasn't so much different from mine, just that it was grilled while mine was deep-fried. I noticed that even regular portion wasn't big enough (definitely not enough for a guy's tummy).Overall, I was satisfied with the dish and not so much on the drink. Tbh, MFM's fish & chips is more value for money compared to Fish & Co, these two brands are quite identical in taste and quality (I don't get why people say MFM's fish & chips sucks). However, I must say that Fish & Co excels more in variety (they have fish & chips with various flavors from around the world like Singapore, Japan, Italy, etc.), while MFM only has classic fish & chips with choice of original or cheese fries. But after all, it comes to personal preference. Both MFM and Fish & Co have their own loyal customers and promotional strategies to win over public attention.For more reviews, kindly visit http://ariellacahya.blogspot.com continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-17
Fun and comfy atmosphere, I had a warm casual dining experience at The Manhattan Fish Market. It was known to catch freshest ocean seafood, their ingredients and recipes were up to standards. Offered a variety of American style culinary, Menu was attractive and extensive. Energetic staffs were well-trained, all of them served customers with sincere and cheerful heart.Opted for luxury set, it came along with fizzy iced lemon tea. Refreshing especially during the summer day, the glass was chilling. Next, the soup of the day served up. I thought the soup was watery when I was stirring it, yet a rich spoonful spread after drinking. Delightful sourness, amount of Tomatoes dumped in was just nice. Portion was sufficient, fluffy buttered rice was hidden under the grilled fish. Decent combination, fish was firmly soft to bite. The price for the entire was $12.95, it sounded reasonable. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-14
It was crowded during lunch the weekday afternoon i went and waited for 15 minutes before getting a table.There was lunch time promotion and i ordered a cheesy fish and chips for about $10 and topped up $5+ for a soup of the day and iced lemon tea.The soup of the day was mushroom soup and it was served hot almost immediately upon ordering.However for my main dish i waited for at least 20 minutes before it came.The taste is good,the fish and chips was nicely battered and fried,and it wasnt too oily.I love dipping the cheese sauce to eat with my fish and fries.I would come back again another day during off peak hours to minimise waiting time. continue reading
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Level3 2014-01-05
It's hoilday time , time for some chit chat session with friends , as even though hoilday but still quite pack timing .Therefore meeting friends at Junction 8 for dinner . We went to The Manhattan Fish Market ordered set meal .Grilled Glory Dory for both of us it cost like $12.90 and with drinks too as there is a promotion going on .therefore it is super worthy they should have such promotion often .the portion is just nice not too much and not too little. The taste of the fish and the rice is very nice and delicious and also from the photos you can see it is place in a very nice way. continue reading
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Level2 2013-08-31
The fish n chips served at Manhattan Fish Market is a nice dish in terms of portion and value-for-money. Nowadays, they are having lunch 1-for-1 deals. Plus, if you have NDP coupons to use, it makes for a decent-priced meal to have amidst a positively-buzzing environment. The fries dipped in tartar sauce complements the fried fish well. Mind you, you may not be able to finish the whole dish, so it is always sensible to order a relaxing drink to go along and take your time to digest. continue reading
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