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The Manhattan FISH MARKET specializes in American style seafood offers a wide variety of lip-smacking products ranging from Fish N Chips to Garlic Butter Mussels and the Manhattan Seafood Platter that’s perfect for all seafood lovers. continue reading
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Level3 2014-11-20
Got a voucher to try out the new dishes. So I tried this. Cod fish and chips. Something different from the usual fish and chips. At first I wonder if fried cod taste good. Actually it's quite yummy and the batter is very crispy. I like the mustard honey sauce from Manhanttan Fish best  It go very well with this dish. Have to request as this dish comes with the usual tartar sauce. continue reading
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Level3 2013-11-02
Manhattan Fish Market is having lunch promotion, 2 set lunch at $19.90! It includes 2 mains and 2 soups. This offer is valid for Spicy Baked Fish, Spicy Seafood Sea-esta, Savory Seafood Sea-esta, Grilled Glory Dory, Spicy Tuna Spaghetti, Chicken of Liberty, Spicy Seafood Olio and Feeesh ‘n Cheeese. I ordered my all-time favorite from Manhattan Fish Market, fish and chips with added cheese (Feeesh ‘n Cheeese)! The batter is very crispy and the fish inside is moist and soft. The tar tar sauce and cheese complements perfectly with the fish and chips. The soup of the day is tomato soup. It is a little creamy and smooth, unlike minestrone soup. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-15
Manhattan Fish Market was running some coupon promotion recently and we decided to utilise these coupons as we were around the vicinity and contemplating what to have for dinner. 1-for-1 Grilled Dory with Rice ($12.95++)The dory was soft and juicy and goes well with the light butter rice. I particularly love the accompanying Thai-inspired sauce which was zesty and mildly spicy. A simple, affordable yet tasty treat to fill our tummies! We topped up with a bowl of seafood bisque which we felt was quite tasty and creamy. Manhattan Flaming Prawns ($19.95++)This was a visually entertaining dish which could be improved upon with fresher ingredients. The prawns were not very fresh, resulting in a limp texture. The good thing was that the sweet aftertaste of the mayo glacing managed to mask the shortcomings. Overall, still a passable dish! continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-06
A week ago, I was invited to a media dinner at The Manhattan FISH MARKET outlet at Marina Square as they had just newly renovated.Citrus Mint $5.50The taste was very refreshing because of the mint and it complemented well with the faint sourness of the lemons. This is a nice drink to start off a meal.Starter:Garlic Herb Mussels $7.95Mussels tasted fresh and were well cooked. There was no "smelly" seafood smell or bits of sand in it.Spicy Baked Fish $15.95Do not belittle the appearance of this dish. This was one of my favourite dishes that night! I totally dig their spicy sauce. It tasted somewhat like tomyum, sour yet spicy at the same time. I also ate the rice with the gravy and it was so good.Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter $37.95I love fried food and seafood so this definitely suits my palate. I did not know they serve oysters in this platter too! What a pleasant surprise. If you are craving for seafood, you know what to get in Manhattan FISH MARKET. In this platter, there are 4 types of seafood. Even though they were deep fried, they still managed to retain their seafood taste. The calamaris were easy to chew and swallow. I really hate eating calamaris which make my jaws hurt due to their toughness so I am glad that those calamaris served here has passed the test (of my tastebuds).The prawns were so great in demand that they served us an additional plate of their signature flaming prawns and chips because everyone wanted more teehee!creamy and cheesy bed of toppings, drizzled generously over the prawns. Check out their home-made sauces which makes their dishes even more yummy.!Dipping Sauces · Cajun Honey Mustard · Spicy Seafood Dip · Smoky Chipotle SauceIf you'd like additional dipping sauce, it is available at $1.50 each. My favourite has got to be the spicy seafood dip which is used in their Spicy Baked Fish dish. I also dipped the fries in them!Sizzling Brownie with Ice-cream $9.90Good for sharing, it is the perfect harmony of elements. Enjoy this warm sizzling brownie, topped with smooth vanilla ice-cream in sweet caramel sauce and nuts.The server poured in the sweet caramel sauce and nuts (after) onto our dessert and the moment the sauce came into contact with the pan, it made sizzling sounds which in turn made us all very excited. We certainly could not wait to tuck in!It was still sizzling when I took the picture! I am not a fan of caramel but thankfully, the caramel taste was not overwhelming. The chocolate brownie was quite warm and it went well with the lighter flavour and coldness of the vanilla ice-cream. It was a sweet and delightful ending to the meal.For a complete review, visit http://rachelays.blogspot.sg/2013/08/manhattan-fish-market-marina-square.html continue reading
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Level3 2013-03-27
Went with friends to marina square and decided to go manhattan fish for dinner. Had to wait for awhile before we had seats due to the dinner crowd. I had ordered the fish baked rice, being a fan of baked rice. The portion was quite large. The taste was cheesy but really nice and went well with the fish. However, the staff took very long to bring us our food as we waited nearly for 40 minutes at our seats before the staff brought us our food. My friends had to wait even longer. There wasn't alot of people then and I am guessing that they were probably understaffed. Nevertheless, it was a good gathering place for friends and family and the seats were comfy. continue reading
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