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Nasi Ulam Ayam Pong Teh Petai Kicap Manis Ayam Buah Keluak Nyonya Chap Chye Kueh Pei Ti
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Level4 2017-05-15
Located at the second, one could not help but stared at the colorful decorated restaurant. The restaurant was beautifully decorated with various traditional cutlery all over the place, that one was afraid to use them for dining. This Mothers' Day weekend the restaurant would be having a special The Peranakan Set Menu of Yesteryears (S$200++ / 4pax) which consisted of the following dishes :Sup Bakwan Kepiting Rich broth of crabmeat/pork/prawn balls with bamboo shoot The meatball was juicy but one could not really taste the crabmeat and prawn in it.or Itek TimTender duck steamed with kiam chye and sour plumsAlthough there was the distinct salted mustard's taste, the soup was not too salty and the duck was quite tender.Nasi UlamA spectacular dish of rice with raw herbs, vegetables, minced fish and salted fish.The dish was served at room temperature, as it was considered a salad kind of dish.The dish was presented in a heart shape, to show the love to mother. Crunchy and savoury that one could not taste the salted fish in it.Sambal Pisang JantungBanana blossoms were used in this dish. To eat this dish, just scoop the mixture with the Bitternut cracker. The spicy, savoury and tangy taste of the mixture, balanced the bitterness of the cracker. It was a party in the mouth.Telur Goreng ChinchalokSavoury homestyle omelette with chinchalok melakaIt was a simple dish, pan fried omelette served with fermented shrimp sauce. But it tasted very appetizing. Babi AsamBraised Pork Cheeks in a Tangy Tamarind SauceThe meat was tender which soaked up the flavours rather well. Although it was asam dish, it was not too sourish.Ayam Buah KeluahA true blue peranakan dish. Stewed with chicken from great grandma's recipe.Buah Keluah is a poisonous fruit which can be made edible by correct methods of cooking. To eat it, one had to use the tiny spoon to scoop out the mashed filling which packed in the nut. It was buttery in taste without any bitterness. The chicken which served with it was quite tender too.Udang Masak NenasThe prawns were cooked in curry with pineapple. The gravy was tangy and slightly spicy. The prawns were fat and juicy.Bittergourd Asam BusokThe dish was a rare find. There was none of the usual bitterness while retaining the distinct bitter gourd's taste and shape. The dish was served with you tiao ( deep fried dough) which one could tear it into pieces to soak up the gravy. Dessert was supposed to be Apom Bokwa Pisang but was not available. Instead we had Kueh Dadar. The skin was thin and soft, while inside was packed with juicy coconut filling. continue reading
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