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We are a gastro-cafe serving up contemporary progressive café nosh and speciality coffee. continue reading
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THE POPULUS Scramble Pulled Pork Grain Bowl ‘Bounty of the Sea’ Mixed Grains Bowl ‘Heirloom Rendang’ Donburi ‘Black Forest’ Sundae Jamaican Rum Bananas & Dark Chocolate Sundae
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You got to nail this popular cafe, Populus Coffee & Food Co, along 146 Neil Road! It gets real crowded on weekends and the waiting time easily gets up to 30mins as there’s limited seating capacity. Strongly advisable to make a reservation before dropping by! A very vintage and classique storefront with retro prints flooring, opening its door to a chic and bustling coffeehouse brimming with vibrancy. A gastronomical cafe dishing out contemporary brunch signatures and specialty coffee.The Populus Scramble ($18). I really love their signature silky soft creamy scrambled egg with a hint of cheesiness against the crispy flaky toasted croissant. The best combination you would ever ask for and definitely one of the best scrambled egg i have tasted before! Streaks of bacon adding a torch of savoriness to this brunch item.Heirloom Rendang Donburi (Limited Edition; $20). This will be a perfect marriage of japanese and malay cuisine. Homemade heirloom recipe rendang, peranankan archar, daikon, carrot & zuke pickles and seasoned japanese rice. A usually light japanese dish spiced up with appetizing archar and heavier tasting tender rendang. It's a refreshing pairing to the eaters.Seafood Linguine ($25). Linguine braised in seafood bisque?! Can you imagine how flavorful it actually is? Ingenious replacement of usually white wine base to something more umami in flavor enhancing and bringing the whole taste of sea to a next level. With the abundance use of real succulent solid ingredients is what makes the dish worth every cents of penny you paid for.All in all, it’s a place filled with arousing interest and alluring you to give it’s remaining delicacies a try.https://poohlovesfood.wordpress.com/2016/05/08/populus-coffee-food-co/ continue reading
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Level4 2016-01-11
The cafe was opened not long ago along this popular stretch filled with lots of other cafes. Located in the middle of a row of shophouses. The place was narrow and long. The place was packed with a long wait list. But lucky for me there was the counter seat which nobody wanted, so I took that.Water was served when I was showed to my table.Spring Pancake & Fried Chicken ($21)spring onion & corn pancake, crispy succlent fried chicken fillets, hint of cumin, house special ranch dressingThis dish required an estimated waiting of 20 minutes, which I waited quite long for it.It looked quite sinfully with lots of sauce on the fried chicken. However I am quite disappointed to find a pool of oil on top of the pancake, after removing the chicken. The fried chicken was not crispy. In fact it was soft and doughy. The pancake was not bad with pieces of corn in it, although would prefer it to be crispy. The dressing tasted creamy rich with hints of lemony and spicy taste.Coconut, lemon & lime smoothie ($7)This milky drink was rich and thick with a minty taste.Overall the food was not bad. The place was very crowded. With long queue outside, it would be best to make reservation before coming here. Since it was very crowded, the place was quite noisy too. Topped with the background music, it was giving me a headache. continue reading
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Level2 2016-01-06
Went ahead on first day of 2016! Was quite pack when we reach at 12.30pm but we are lucky to grab a seat in a short while. The service was prompt and friendly.Spring pancake and fried chicken was quite unique. A interesting combination that actually goes well! Just that the portion of the chicken is a tad too small.Buckwheat pancake did not fair as well as the ricotta hotcake from curious palatte and paddy hill but i definitely prefered this over the other 2! The pancake is more of a dense type, like a bun as comapred to the ricotta hotcake which is more fluffier. Topped with bluberries, strawberries and cornflake crumbs which makes it more unresistable! The portion was good for sharing but i may not want to share on the next visit, just eat it as a MAIN!  continue reading
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Level4 2016-01-03
The Populus Coffee & Food Co. has to be one of the most popular (heh heh, excellent divination in its name) around the town area these days. From the team behind Department of Caffeine, this cafe adopts a more bright, airy and clean look.The moment we stepped into The Populus, we were told we had to wait for a table.. and subsequently, they put our names on a waiting list. Well, this was to be expected – it’s a Sunday afternoon after all, and the last weekend before most folks head back to work and school. Ten minutes were all they needed before they shuffled us into the homely, cozy interior. We ordered their coffees (mocha for me, the usual, at SGD6) and their famous Buckwheat Pancakes (SGD20).The mocha feels like a strangely thin version of DOC’s, which didn’t really hit the spot as much as I would like it to be, though it’s still good. Because come ‘on, I like DOC very very much.Their Buckwheat Pancakes were quite expensive given its size. The texture of the pancakes felt more like cake than pancake, soft and more dense than fluffy. The rest of it can’t really go wrong – the berry compote, passionfruit curd, cornflakes, and maple syrup. Even though it was satisfying, I can’t help but feel it wasn’t that value-for-money.Note: They have revised their menu since their soft launch and upped the prices of most items. continue reading
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This is a relatively new cafe, having been opened early last month. But they've gotten off to a good start, with a full house on a weekday lunch! The cafe has a geometric theme-cum-industrial chic design. It gives a very clean yet welcoming feel that makes one feel good upon stepping in. One can tell that they focus a lot on quality, because the service crew's uniform are the long-sleeved, white-collared kind, and it does make them look smart and professional (service is good too). Even their napkins are the thick and super high quality ones!Buckwheat Pancakes ($18): This is the reason why I visited this cafe. The pancake is very, very visually appealing! As per the description, this is really a soft, fluffy pancakes made of buckwheat flour, topped with berry compote, passionfruit curd, crunchy cornflakes and a slab of butter. Thyme-infused maple syrup is served at the side.As you can see here, the pancake still has pockets of air in them, hence its lightness and fluffiness! It was a little unusual on my first mouth, because I've not tried anything made of buckwheat flour before. On its own the pancake will taste plain, but with the assortment of toppings, the whole dish came together very well. I love the berry compote and passionfruit curd! Both weren't too sour, just a slight tang to balance the sweet berries. For a pancake lover I could finish this, but I suggest to you guys to share it haha! The price tag is also high for a dish like this, but it's worth a try! (:I will return to try other items, like the highly raved scrambled eggs croissant and their sundaes! Do come early though, as it gets very crowded especially weekends.To find out where else to get these pretty pancakes/hotcakes in Singapore, do visit my blog: For the full review and more photos, head over to http://toroamtheworld.blogspot.com/2015/12/where-to-find-hotcakes-in.html continue reading
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