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Mee Goreng Roti Prata
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Level4 2014-12-11
I often see good business at this roti prata place and decide to come here to have a bite before lesson. I find myself sitting at a empty table with nobody coming over to serve me. In the end, I help myself to a menu at the next table. The menu is huge with lots of variety of roti prata. From the simple plain roti prata at $0.60 to fancy fruit roti prata to bomb roti prata to pizza prata. There is also mutton soup, fried maggie mee, fried rice and Biriyani dishes. It is quite awhile before I finally catch the attention of a server to place my order. After serving the food, the server gives me a bill which one has to go to the cashier for payment.Chicken Cheese MURTABAK ($6 /small)The serving is in average size although I have ordered a small one. It is served with a small dish of curry. The prata is very crispy, filled with shredded chicken and meltd cheese inside. It kind of reminding me of a super thin skin curry puff. The roti prata has a rather deep fried texture with its super crispy feel. Some may feel that it is quite jelat eating this.Teh Cino ($1.50/ Iced)It is the local version of tea latte. One can see the layers of milk and tea separated. The milk part actually tastes quite sweet, while the tea is unsweeted. So when mixed together, it actually tastes quite nice and refreshing.Overall the food is not bad, but one has to take it easy for its slow service. For such a big place, there is only 1 person taking order and another serving the food. So don't be surprised if one cannot find a clean table. continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-22
After a trip with friends to USS, we decided to end our day with a supper at the famous prata shop at thomson. We ordered several version of the prata with include the crispy prata, cheese prata and the horlick dinosaur and the teh cino drink. For their crispy prata, the size is a bit small as compared to the normal pain prata. Texture wise is quite crispy on the edge and a little less crispy on the middle. As for the cheese prata, it is quite a good combination and the cheese flavour blend very well with the prata. Their curry sauce come in 2 different version, one of which I think it the normal prata curry. The second sauce which has a color that is slightly towards red was quite addictive, not very sure what sauce is it but it is a little too salty for me.  Apart from this 2 prata, this shop also offer more than 8 different flavours of the prata. Lastly, the teh cino drink is very refreshing, I think it is a blend of the tea together with some kind of milk which I personally quite like the taste of it. Price wise is very reasonable and the food quality is good as well !!  continue reading
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I used to visit here more often when the bestie *Feith was still here in Singapore, because she stayed nearby. Anyway, they serve good prata (a wide variety of them!), as well as other traditional Southern Indian dishes, and are opened 24 hours a day.So, here we were again, for some cheap and good Indian food, since we were in the vicinity after a seminar.We started with a Plain (original) Prata (SGD$0.90) that came with a small plate of curry. Then we also shared a Mushroom Cheese Prata - a thick prata made with slices of button mushroom and plenty of cheese. It was very tasty at first few bites - with and without infusion of curry, but gradually it got colder and the mess of cheese became rather unappetising.We also had a Banana Prata - a sweet, lovely dessert with real banana slices amongst the crepe-like skin of the roti prata. I enjoyed this - would have been perfect with some hot fudge or chocolate sauce!We also had a plate of Maggi Goreng (fried maggi noodle) with some vegetables and eggs. I enjoy maggi goreng usually because the way these Indian restaurants fried it, the texture was springy and flavor was awesome; hence I got hooked. The last time I had this dish here (about 2-3 years back), I had thought it fantastic, as had The Beau and friends with us then.Tonight, however, the noodle was soggy and limp, and the maggi goreng itself was sweet as though it had been fried in tomato sauce only. It was very disappointing.We both also had Lime Juice - something citrusy to cleanse the palate and balance the heavy flavors of our meal.For full review, please visit: http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/11/dinner-at-roti-prata-house-thomson-road.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-06-18
This prata place is very accessible from my school (just a short bus ride away). It opens 24/7, so if you have sudden craving of roti prata at midnight, you know where to go.Egg Cheese Prata - $2.50 (above) and Butter Prata - $2.80 (bottom). Typical crispy roti prata with butter, egg and cheese. The egg cheese prata was super delish, just imagine egg and cheese are blended together and melt in your mouth. Mmmmph...Ice Cream Prata - $4. Not your ordinary prata! The Roti Prata House tried to bring prata to the next level by serving it with ice cream. Crispy prata served with vanilla chocolate chips ice cream, topped with dollop of whipped cream, drizzled with strawberry and chocolate syrup - what could you ask for more? You may not see the ice cream in the pic above, since the ice cream is actually rolled inside the prata. Suitable for sweet-sucker like me.Do take note that during the times when the crowd traffic is high, the service can be very slow and disorganized (even calling the waiter for service can be a serious issue). Thankfully, when I was there, the service was fine. As I sat down, the waiter came right away to give the menu. It also didn't take long for my order to be served - in around 5 minutes my prata had arrived on my table. continue reading
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Level4 2014-05-22
There is much hype about this place so our expectations we're heighten too.We ordered Nasi Goreng Chicken Masala and the Bawang Telor Prata. Truth be told, both were at best ok only. We found the fried rice and Prata to be super oily. The flavour is there but can't help but feel that the food is kinda mass-produced but little love leh.In fact, the whole Coffeeshop seemed to be super oily! The floor was greasy and so were the cutlery. After the meal, I can't help but feel greasy myself too.We're not likely to return. continue reading
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