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Blending local and British cafe culture, and giving modern twists to great classic comfort foods from around the world, The Study is the new go-to social bistro that is part brainchild of Michelin Star Chef Jason Atherton with an unpretentious environment, and serving familiar yet new, clever food options. continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-02
Quiet weekend brunch - a luxury you might say? Especially given the popular brunch culture now, it's almost hard or impossible to enjoy a meal without first having to queue even at the oddest hours. We were thus pleasantly surprised by this hidden gem in the vibrant estate of Keong Saik, hosting a cosy space for some relaxing weekend brunch time.A catchy name that always gets a double take when it comes up in food talk, The Study was previously known as Keong Saik Snacks, with a revamp of its menu to include a different and wider variety of offerings. Serving good ol' British classics, it's part brainchild of Michelin Star Chef Jason Atherton, offering comfort food in an unpretentious setting.Foie Gras Iberico Scotch Eggs ($17++)with pickled beetroot, capers, honey mustard dressingGreeted with a vibrance of colours bound to cheer up any meal, this was a good combination of textures from the soft wobbly yolk to the crisp outer layer paired with the crunch of pickled beetroot.The Big English ($19++)Three eggs, three slices of bacon, two cumberland sausages, grilled tomatoes, beans, toast, potato onion hash, sautéed mushroomA sumptuous serving packed within, it was classic goodness done right. Fit to its name, it was indeed a very filling portion with interesting addition of potato onion hash and perfectly toasted bread to go with anything in this combination!Coconut & Ricotta Pancakes ($19++)with mango and mint salsa, lime creme fraicheA fan of anything coconut-based, this was a must-order when I first saw it on the menu. I liked how the coconut fragrance came through strongly in every mouthful of the fluffy pancakes, well paired with the ricotta, lightly sweetened by the mango cubes.Fried Salt and Pepper Squid ($17++)with green chili, coriander and garlic mayoAn addictive starter that was well-marinated, I loved the chewiness of the baby squids that were crisp and good on its own. Pity that this was only available on its ala carte menu, that's served only when brunch isn't available.Warm Vanilla Rice Pudding ($14++)with mango sorbet, mint and mango dressingA comforting warm bowl of creamy rice, it is one to be shared especially after a sumptuous meal like we had. With a strong mango flavour, I liked how it wasn't too sweet and the rice helped to add another dimension of texture to the dish.Doughnuts ($15++)with cinnamon sugar and caramel creamIf there's one thing that will bring me back to The Study, this would be it. I was never a fan of cream, but this was so light and fluffy that the first dip is a vicious cycle leading to an addictive pairing that drew me back repeatedly. An unassuming duo of cinnamon doughnuts, dipped into the caramel cream, a perfect sweet ending to any meal!It's almost easy to miss it if you're not on the lookout, it's simply opposite Potato Head Folk, with a dark-tinted entrance to the cosy space. We loved the laid-back ambience that felt very homely and welcoming, with attentive service staff who'd been very prompt in responding to our requests and refilling of drinks. A comfortable space perfect for cosy gatherings, savour a relaxing meal within while the world passes by.Complementing its studious counterpart, The Library, next door with the not-so-secretive speakeasy bar, it was interesting to see how the two were connected via an unassuming door and if you're there dining on a Friday/ Saturday evening, be pleasantly surprised by the unveiling of the secret hideout!For original review, please refer to http://www.makeyourcaloriescount.com/2014/11/the-study-singapore.html continue reading
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Level2 2013-11-03
This little gem is buried in the hipster street of Chinatown.Opened by a michelin-starred chef, Jason Atherton, the place serves his renditions of snacks, which I must say are executed quite well.The tuna tartare was interesting in that you could flavour it to your own palate. The tuna was fresh and the dressing quite refreshing, but overall very unremarkable.The grilled ribeye was a simple piece of meat, done well. We imagined the duck fat chips to be really crisp and tasty, but they turned out to be not much more than regular potato wedges.We were much more impressed by the Seared Scallops and Pork Cheek. The restaurant had run out of pork cheek and replaced it with pork belly. The soft, sweet scallops were complemented well by the salty and crisp pork, and helped by the apple and hazelnuts. The combination was rather interesting.As for desserts, we ordered the lemon tart and the pistachio cake. Both were good, but nothing to shout about. The lemon tart was probably the better of the two. KSS does its chantilly cream very well, and you get this light, almost ethereal cream that goes down a treat. continue reading
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Level2 2013-09-11
Keong Saik Snacks is the brainchild of the man behind Pollen and Esquina restaurants - Chef Jason Atherton, a Michelin-Star Chef. Created to emulate the British cafe culture, the small space makes use of much raw and organic materials and features an open kitchen. Menu changes occasionally, similar to Pollen. Seared scallop. Crispy pig cheek. Apple. Hazelnuts. ($28) – Perfect in portion for ladies, everything on this plate was bite-sized. The scallops were very fresh and seared to the right timing, they were tender with a chew. The fried pig cheeks were unexpected as I had the Chinese-style of preparing crispy roasted pork in mind but instead, the meat was crusted with bread crumbs before landing in hot oil. There were not fats in the cheeks, and the meat tore very easily. The apple compote and hazelnuts however were not very helpful in elevating the flavours of the meat and seafood.For full review and more photos, please visit visit:http://foodiepink.wordpress.com/2013/07/08/keong-saik-snacks-keong-saik-road/Enjoy continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-05
Feeling slightly inebriated from this restaurant and bar launch (it was all drinks and few finger foods!), I walked to the nearest restaurant which seemed good. Thank god I saw Keong Saik Snacks. I've been to this place before, since it was recommended by my friend but I didnt enjoy it that much. For my second time, I tried the Beef Pepper Sliders ($21). OMG! It was soo good! the beef patty was slightly raw but it was meaty, thick, and full of flavour. It was served with french fries and mayonnaise. I will definitely come back specifically for this dish again! continue reading
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